Summer Construction on Campus

Dear CAC Community:  Wishing our school community rest and relaxation over the  Summer Break.  Please be aware that there are substantial facility renovations going on over the entirety of CAC's campus over the break.  There will be closures, at times, to nearly all of the different campus areas, including the pool, courts, and playing fields.  Please stay clear of all active construction areas.  We apologize for the inconveniences, and thank you for the support.

HS Summer Assignments 2019

H.S. English Department -- Summer Reading 2019

Grade 11HL English​ - Please read ​Like Water for Chocolate​ by Laura Esquivel over the summer holidays.
Grade 11SL English​ - ​Please read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings​ by Maya Angelou over the summer holidays.
Grade 12HL ​- Please read ​The Awakening​ by Kate Chopin over the summer holidays

IB History 2 Summer Readings -- Mr. Lindstrom
Please check classroom on a regular basis for questions and comments.

Move to Global War, pp. 82-216

Due 23 June 2019
(SL/HL) Move to Global War, 2.1 The Impact of Fascism on Italian Foreign Policy, pp. 82-109
Questions and comments on classroom

Due 07 July 2019
(SL/HL) Move to Global War, 2.2 The Impact of Nazism on German Foreign Policy, pp. 110-128
Questions and comments on classroom

Due 21 July 2019
(SL/HL) Move to Global War, 2.3 Italian Expansion, pp. 129-154
J-stor Reading on the Spanish Civil War
Questions and comments on classroom

Due 4 August 2019
(SL/HL) Move to Global War, 2.4/2.5 German Expansion, pp. 155-191
Questions and comments on classroom

Due 18 August 2019
(SL/HL) Move to Global War, 2.6/2,7 International Response, pp. 192-231
Questions and comments on classroom


IB Biology 2 Summer Assignment (PDF)

IB HL Physics 2 Summer Assignment (PDF)

IB Chemistry 2 Summer Assignment (PDF)

ID Design Technology 2 Summer Assignment (PDF)

IB Diploma Candidates Extended Essay
Grade 11 students have worked hard this year to plan their Extended Essays and should now be in a position to write their first drafts during the summer vacation. I encourage them to designate some time to accomplishing this over the next few weeks so that they can focus on college applications and remaining IAs next semester. Their EE first draft is due on 1st September.  Expected work time is about eight hours.  
IB VIsual Arts
Yr 1 Art IB students:
Task: Read CAC Art IB handbook in preparation for IB Art ( about 30 mins)
All students have a hard copy
Yr 2 Art IB students: 
  1. Produce an artwork linked to theme (without SB evidence) optional for SL students
  2. Produce a draft comparative study ( this will be developed and sent to the IB later) 
        (About 4- 5hrs total)






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