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This year, in an effort to reduce the amount of paper and increase the efficiency and reliability of the trip selection process, parents will be filling out the WWW Trip Preference Form via Skyward, our student information system. Parents will receive an email with instructions.

A random number generator is used to place students in their highest priority WWW selection based on availability. Please remember that most WWW experiences are made up of students from all grade levels, and only 3-6 spaces may be available per each grade level. Late submissions will forfeit their place in the random selection process and will be considered last.


  • April 3:
    • Students and parents will be able to see the WWW website with details about each WWW experience.
    • Parents will receive an email with instructions for completing the WWW Trip Preference form through Skyward.
    • We will hold an optional information session for parents and students from 7:00-8:00 pm in room MS 115.
  • April 11, 4:00 pm: The Electronic WWW Trip Preference Form is due. (Forms completed after this time will receive the lowest priority for trip selections.)
  • April 18: Trip Verification forms will be emailed to students. Students should print the forms to be signed by both students and parents. Students may also request a hard copy in the HS Office.
  • April 22: Trip Verification Forms signed by students and parents are due in the High School Office. A copy of the photo page of the student’s passport(s) used for travel must be attached. Students turning in forms after this date or without passport copies risk losing their place on their preferred trips, though the student will be informed if the place is lost.)
  • May 20: Payments can be made to the school cashier or through wire transfer.
  • May 30: First payment (50%) is due. (Students paying after this date risk losing their place on their preferred trips, though the student will be informed if the place is lost.)
  • August 21: Final payment is due.



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