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We are so excited to bring back three year olds to CAC in 2021-22!

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At CAC, we believe all our students have the potential to become leaders.
CAC offers an American International education in a rich diverse community where students challenge themselves, discover their passions,
and become global citizens of the world. At CAC, every student is remarkable.



This year we are celebrating 75 years in our beautiful host country. Join us in celebrating by reading, sharing and enjoying our #CACstories. Our stories reflect a vast history that has given many alumni around the world a lifetime of stories to be inspired by!

Abdullah Shamsi, CAC Senior, Speaks at UN IDP Observance

Every year the United Nations commemorates the International Day of Peace and this year is no different. CAC Senior, Abdullah Shamsi has been chosen by the United Nations Department of Global Communications to be one of eight youth speakers at the UN International Day of Peace. In light of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the conference was held virtually, where the...

ES Nests

In light of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak globally, schools around the world spent a great deal of time meeting, planning, brainstorming and looking for the safest means available to reopen schools. It has been  a hard decision for  schools, and parents alike, to decide whether it would be best to continue with E-learning or to go back to the much needed and anticipated...

Rising to the Challenge

The 2019-2020 school year has been nothing short of exceptional. The year 2020 started off with a big storm that hit Cairo, Egypt. The storm was so severe that it caused a great deal of road closures, and excess traffic. Accordingly, the Egyptian government urged everyone to stay home. It was during that storm that the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, began to appear in Egypt, and...



A partial list of where CAC students were recently admitted




1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt


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