High School Online Program of Studies


Dear Students and Parents,

It is a pleasure to present to you the Program of Studies for 2021-2022. This program contains information to assist students in planning a high school program that meets individual needs and goals. Please be aware that the listing of a course description does not guarantee that the course will be offered in the 2021-2022 master schedule, nor that a course will fit into a student’s schedule. Courses will be scheduled on the basis of student interest, sufficient enrollment, and the most effective use of teachers’ time. Typically, a minimum of six students must be enrolled in a course in order for that course to be offered. In low enrollment courses, students may be required to sign a document that waives the ability to drop the course. In addition, the School reserves the right to cancel any course for administrative reasons.


Each student’s course selections will be reviewed and approved by parents and counselors. IB course selections are also approved by the IB Coordinator to ensure those selected are appropriate and meet both personal and program criteria. Careful initial selection of courses by students and parents is very important; it is extremely difficult to change or rearrange individual programs after the master schedule is set.

Students who have questions regarding course selection should see their counselor.