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Board News
June 2022

Dear CAC Community,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I write to express my immense gratitude for your support and guidance during an exceptionally challenging and rewarding academic year. 
We feel privileged that you have granted us the opportunity to work with your exceptional children on a daily basis. Thank you for your valuable trust. Our goal is to help each child explore their talents and hone their abilities so they may reach their full potential in a fun and safe environment. 
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The School Board will be composed of a minimum of six (6) members and up to a maximum of twelve (12) members from the following categories:

    • Representatives of Organizations and Institutions;
    • Elected Representatives; and
    • Appointed Representatives

CAC Board Of Trustees

UrsulaHammerichJoined the Board in July 2019 as a community representative for a two-year term 2019-21 and was appointed for a third year 2021-22.  She has been an active member of the CAC community since she moved to Egypt in December 2015 with her husband, a physician.  She has two daughters, one attending CAC in grade 10 and the second daughter graduated from CAC in 2020.

With over 20 years of experience in international development as team leader, senior technical advisor and project coordinator, Ms. Hammerich lived and worked in Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria), Africa (Rwanda, Egypt) and Asia (India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Uzbekistan) predominantly in the non-for-profit sector with multilateral organizations, bilateral donor and relief agencies as well as (non)-government organizations.

She holds a Master degree in Business Administration from Westminster University in London/UK and a Master of Arts from the University of Cologne/Germany. Ms. Hammerich is experienced in strategic and project planning in various intercultural and cross-cultural settings (including HR and financial management, M&E and team building). She is passionate about excellence in education and academic innovation and has served on international school boards in South East and Central Asia in the past. 


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