Parents & students should be aware of the following policies regarding the school's curricular requirements and guardianship of students:

  • Cairo American College is a private, secular American school.  All students must satisfy the curricular requirements as outlined in the school's policies.  These include participation in health courses (which include sex education), mixed physical education classes with a swimming component and other specific graduation requirements for secondary school students.
  • • Students admitted to Cairo American College must reside with their parents.  Guardianships, in lieu of residing with parents, must have prior approval of the school.
  • • On a space available basis Cairo American College welcomes students wishing to study at CAC for one semester under the legal guardianship of an individual or family living in Egypt subject to guidelines developed by the Administration. Enrollment in the exchange program is limited to one semester.  If the student wishes to extend the period of study he/she would be treated as a regular admission on a retroactive basis. Exchange students will be required to pay the regular tuition for the semester of attendance plus application fees.

Approved: June 4, 1996
Revised: April 10, 2001, November 15, 2005