- Yasmine Nazmy’09: Yasmine not only visited CAC recently, but came to talk to our students at CAC about how to make nutritious food that is healthy, tasty, and fun. Yasmine is a French-Egyptian food lover and creator of unique healthy recipes. With a background in arts and environmental engineering, she founded a restaurant in 2014 with a friend: The Vegan Kitchen. It was Egypt’s first vegan and organic restaurant, serving delicious food free of sugar and gluten. A year later, she expanded her horizons and started the catering service Earthly Delights, following the same trend of healthy plant-based cuisine. Shortly after, she founded KAJU, a line of raw vegan products such as ice cream and cheese. Her creations can be ordered online; her aim was to make healthy natural food accessible to people all over the country. Over the years, she has offered numerous cooking workshops across the capital, and also helped people transition to a plant-based diet and lose weight. So what made an environmental engineer turn into a chef?! With a very strong passion for recycling and saving the planet, Yasmine always tried to minimize her use of plastic and eat foods that are local, seasonal, and organic. Soon after graduating from university, she noticed the connection between food choices and environmental issues. That’s when she turned vegan! Having experienced digestive troubles since childhood, it took her about three years to adjust to a diet that kept her belly flat and her appetite fully satisfied! Her kitchen turned into a lab, where she experimented with different types of flours, sweeteners, vegan substitutes,...etc. Yasmine is the author of the award winning book “Happy Belly”-Over 100 plant based recipes without dairy, gluten, sugar, yeast or tofu.

- Pierson Family (alumni faculty): After 18 years, the Pierson family came to visit us at CAC and updated us with what they have been up to over the years.
“We had an absolutely wonderful return visit to Egypt after 18 years of being away. It was made even more memorable to be able to return to CAC and get a personal tour of the campus. My, how the campus has changed! A little bit about us: My husband Kelly started off his overseas career at CAC as a P.E. teacher and baseball and girls softball coach. He then moved into grade 6 Language Arts and then grade 5. I started as the Middle School Principal's Secretary and then moved into the Health office as the receptionist. I was the Assistant girls' softball coach with Kelly as well.
Kelly,  our 2 year old daughter Kaylee and I left Egypt in 1999 and moved to Muscat, Oman where Kelly taught grade 5 and I was the Registrar. Our second daughter Rylynn was born there in Muscat. We then moved to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools in 2002 and have been here since. Kelly has taught grade 9 Language Arts, grade 6 Social Studies and is now teaching grade 7 Social Studies and he has coached basketball and golf. I started off as a Kindergarten teacher's assistant and have now been the Registrar for the past 6 years. We will be retiring from SAES this summer and will move back to Bend, Oregon.
Our daughter Kaylee is currently a Junior studying Environmental sustainability at Sewanee, University of the South in Tennessee and Rylynn is a senior at Asheville boarding school in Asheville, North Carolina. We are excited to be reconnected with CAC through the directory and look forward to keeping in touch with the successes of CAC”.

- Danna Liu/Nashat'96: Danna visited CAC during Christmas with her kids to meet Santa at CAC. We caught up with her latest news - “I graduated undergrad from Swarthmore and then did a brief stint in the Silicon Valley. Afterwards I got my masters from Kings College London and was recruited by KPMG in LA and BlackRock in NYC. I worked for a few years as a CDO modeller in structured finance, and then opened an organic beauty company called Kaia House. I’ve since refocused on raising my two kids- Shems (1.5 years old) and Gigi (5 years old) with my husband Sean, in the NYC area, as well as started a charity for displaced kids called "Kids in Transit”.

- Cassandra (Cassie) Gaynor (Ulsh) ‘06:  While visiting CAC this year, Cassie updated us with what she has been up to since graduation. Cassie even met her alum husband at CAC and told us during her tour about how they met back in the day! - “Since leaving CAC, I married my CAC 5th grade sweetheart.  We have 3 children and live in Annapolis, Maryland.  I work in Washington D.C. as a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case manager at the NAVSEA International Fleet Support Program Office. I still LOVE swimming and have taught 2 of the 3 kids how to swim.  Our youngest will learn this summer! “

- Dalia Kamar’13: Dalia was invited back to CAC as a role model for girls in this year’s CAC Girls Get Strong event. Dalia has been a rising entrepreneur at the age of 22, manages RiseUp Summit (the top entrepreneurship event in the Middle East and North Africa), and has been featured in international and national news features. http://www.startupsceneme.com/BehindTheStartup/22-Questions-with-Riseup-s-22-Year-Old-New-Manager-Dalia-Kamar
She established and led the Marketing Department at RiseUp from 2015-17 as a university student, where she created the core brand identity, rebranded the company and strategically positioned it as it scaled from an event built by volunteers, to the globally recognized gateway to the MENA Startup Ecosystem. Dalia is the youngest event product manager in the region and was recognized among the "25 Under 25" youth of Egypt in 2017. She led a team of more than 30 people and 200+ volunteers during RiseUp17, which gathered over 5000 attendees from 42 countries and generated 70 million impressions on social media. Dalia is a proud CAC'13 alumna and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the American University in Cairo'16.   

Rana Wahba‘16: While visiting CAC this year, we got the opportunity to ask Rana about her latest since graduation -  “My fondest memory is when I was the 37th CACMUN Secretary General. After CAC, I joined the American University in Cairo and studied Architectural Engineering for a while then discovered it was not my true passion. With that realisation, I decided to pursue what I really loved and changed my major to study both Political Science and History. I met an Egyptian Parliament representative through people I know, and that gave me the opportunity to closely see their work. I am currently awaiting an answer on a proposal that I, along with my partner, submitted to the Parliament to establish a youth committee under the council in charge of the advancements of the Egyptian 2030 Strategic Development Goals plan”.  

- May El Zein '04: May visited us at CAC at the end of February and told us what she has been up to since departing CAC. “After I graduated I studied psychology at AUC then I moved to Beirut for a few years. I worked and did some courses in the special education field. I would love to come to a reunion to see other friends and classmates I haven’t met for a loooong time! I am now in Cairo applying for a job either here or outside... it's great to bump into people or meet others and hear news and see what's new in Cairo. Looking forward to the reunion! ”

- Enrico Barbieri ’85:  Our former student from Italy came to visit CAC after all these years with his beautiful wife and shared his latest- “After spending seven wonderful years at CAC, in 1986 my family and I returned to Rome, Italy where I attended an Italian high school (which made me further realize how lucky I had been to attend CAC until then!). I eventually moved to New York where I got my undergrad in Business Administration and a few years later, my MBA from the University of Liverpool, UK. After a couple of years spent working in New York for Careerbuilder and in Rome for a UN agency, I joined a multinational chemical group, Zep Inc., where I have been working for the past 15 years and where I currently head the business development division for Europe, Middle East and Africa”.

- Dana Dinnawi ’91:  Dana and her husband are both CAC alumni, class of '91 as are her daughters Malak '15 and Nour '17. Her youngest, Youssef is currently in 4th grade. Dana is a holistic health coach and wellness coach, and editor and publisher of Empowered Wellness and Living Magazine. She currently came to CAC to provide a workshop titled “Filling Your Tank but Running on Empty:How certain foods may be at the core of your chronic fatigue”
She is passionate about showing strong, smart, independent women how to take back control of their lives . . . from what they eat and how they look, to what they do and how they feel.
She helps them break out of the cycle of yo-yo dieting so they can shed the last stubborn kilos, get rid of sugar cravings and learn how to eat for life so they can regain their energy and self-confidence to refocus on themselves and create a guilt-free lifestyle that fills them up daily.

- Ahmed Mofty’ 93: Ahmed is not only an alumnae, but also a current parent at CAC.  Ahmed graduated from Bryant College with a BsC in Business Administration. Over the years he has held various executive positions, from being the Managing Director of a major eye hospital, the founder and Board member of the NGO Eye Society of Egypt, the founder and Managing Director of Integrated Services For Technology Entrepreneurs (ISTE), and working with major international organizations in investment banking, capital markets, and financial analysis.  He also founded a wonderful agri lodge named Kom El-Dikka (www.facebook.com/komeldikkaagrilodge) which has been a wonderful trip destination for CAC community this year. He has also been an active sponsor and supporter of various CAC events.

- Otour Gressi ’96: Otour visited CAC with her daughter Joud this year to attend CAC musicals, theatre plays,  and participate in Girls Get Strong. She is currently a director at Misr International University and remains an athlete, a passion she developed while at CAC.

- Karim Shokair’ 89:  Karim is a professional photographer who just launched his gallery in Egypt and visited CAC to inspire students interested in photography. "After the demise of my dog and my mother's wisdom remembered nearly a decade later, I decided to pursue my passion.   In Jan. 2014 I went to Firenze and attended two semesters at an art school SACI, non-degree, to fine tune my photography by learning editing and B/W photography in the darkroom.  I was given the courage to share my images and have been super lucky since and now I have a wife, a child, and am just so damn lucky to have followed my heart. It is in thanks to Keno’s demise. Without that push, I would never have taken that leap of faith.
And with my partner’s priceless suggestion and encouragement, herself a PHD holder in Fine Arts, we recently managed to transform my old home to a workspace and then pushed it a little further and now we have an elegant and delightful exhibition space, Art Se7en.
Art Se7en is now a newly launched space that engages in the presentation of all forms of art, covering the mediums of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and mixed media; contemporary and traditional".

- Khalid Khalil ’00: Khalid visited us at CAC at the beginning of the school year and even participated in this year's CAC National Honors Society Color Run event to raise funds for Assuit Burn Hospital victims. After his visit, we were thrilled to learn that Khalid was featured in Cairo 360 for his new restaurant Bistro No. 10 in Maadi.https://www.cairo360.com/article/restaurants/sandwiches-eco-building-the-endless-pursuit-for-perfection-khalid-khalil-alaa-sharshar-on-bistro-no-10/

- Aly Sirry ’84: At the beginning of the school year, we witnessed Aly Sirry’s ’84 art exhibition “Calm Chaos” was a true hit. While Aly’s day job is in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has pursed his amazing hobby in art and shown us true talent.  

- Taymour Sharawy ’14: Taymour visited us at CAC in February and invited CAC alumni and community to his debut exhibition showcasing a number of his first photographic works printed and published, "Drawing Parallels", a collective exploration of movement, every-day life, poverty, and societal decrepitness, in Egypt and abroad. With no specific series displayed, the exhibition's aim was to showcase his first works and denote the style his work has taken during the course of his first year exploring the art.
We learned that after spending three years at university in London, Taymour has taken a break from his studies to pursue work in the fields of art and entertainment. Upon his return to London after setting up his first photographic exhibition in Cairo in February, he plans to continue building his first UK-based company, Underground Events and Entertainment - the first step of what he hopes will eventually become a multinational arts and entertainment conglomerate.

- Hatem Tawfik ‘05: Upon visiting CAC this March, we caught up with Hatem and what he has been up to over the years. Hatem is the VP of Cairo Solar, a  successful renewable energy company https://youtu.be/Zc0Tb7EinoQ. After leaving CAC, Hatem received his B.A in Economics and an MBA with honors from McMaster University, Canada. Hatem has previously worked as a senior corporate analyst at the Commercial International Bank, Egypt in both the petrochemicals and construction & building materials sectors. He also participated in 2015 in a famous Shark Tank show called next Gen den (Dragon's Den) with an amazing app he created. Click here to view.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5JwnZBEAd8"

- Steve (Stephen) Kerr ‘88: After leaving CAC, Steve attended the University of Arizona. Steven later became a famous NBA Player and is currently Coach of the Golden State Warriors. In October 2017 the Kerr family endowed UCLA scholarship fund for Middle Eastern students whereby the endowment will underwrite the tuition of students from the MiddleEast to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in the humanities and/or social sciences at UCLA. Kerr has been recognized in the news around the world for his great sportsmanship, views, and giving back to others. Steve Kerr recently reflected on his team's experience in Washington D.C. taking kids to the National Museum of African American History and Culture https://usat.ly/2HUilJW. CAC alumni from his class remember how he used to shoot hoops at CAC back in the day. Steve is honored at our CAC Athletics Building. You can see his quote hung above the main entrance. https://twitter.com/SteveKerr?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

- Ben (Benjamin) Nerenhausen ’02: Ben made Top 25 Best Restaurants List in New Jersey.  https://njmonthly.com/articles/eat-drink/the-25-best-restaurants-of-2017/3/

Lara Zureikat ’90: Lara was featured in Architectural Digest for her talented work in landscape architecture.  https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/meet-the-designers-of-the-future

- Yahia Lababidi '91 : Yahia was invited to participate in the Texas Book Festival this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSTALhlYUN8&feature=youtu.be.


Expanding CAC’s Family:
CAC alumnus Oliver Wassily ’05  and his wife Monica Alber (CAC’S current IB/AP and High School Counseling Administrative Assistant) welcomed their first baby boy Chris Oliver Wassily on January 30 weighing 2.76 kg. Oliver’s mom is Eveleen’ Iskander CAC’s HR Executive Assistant and Subbing Coordinator. Chris is her first grandchild. Congratulations! Below is our first glimpse of baby Chris.






If you've visited the CAC campus recently, you've probably noticed that security and access to campus is more controlled than in the past. We strongly encourage all returning alumni to let the alumni office know the time and date of your visit if you do not carry an Alumni ID. This way, we can add you to the visitor log and security will expect you. We kindly ask that alumni send us a copy of their passports or Egyptian National IDs at least three days before their visit to ace@cacegypt.org.

Unannounced visits are, of course, still possible, but you will now have to go through a control process with security to access campus.

Thanks for your understanding, and please do come visit!

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