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Alternatively, find below our application requirements and downloadable forms.

All applicants to CAC must submit the following:

1) Completed Application for Admission (front and back), signed by parent or guardian and with one photograph of the applicant attached. 

2) Health Office Student Medical Examination Form, to be completed and signed by a physician within 8 months prior to the student's entry in school. 
Please note the required vaccinations on the medical form.  The vaccination records should be submitted at the time of the application.

3) Complete, official school records for the past two years (three years for students applying to Grade 12).  Records must be forwarded by the applicant's previous school(s) directly to CAC.  In the case that the records are not in English, an official English translation must also be submitted. Copies of standardized test results and educational/psychological evaluations should be submitted if available.

4) Confidential recommendation forms to be completed by the student's Teacher and Counselor/Principal. Elementary school (Grades PreK - 5) applicants must submit one from the current classroom teacher; Middle and High school applicants (Grades 6 - 12) must submit one from the Math teacher, one from the English or Social Studies teacher and one from the Counselor/Principal. These documents are school-to-school documents and must arrive at the CAC admissions office directly from either the teacher or the school.

5) A completed and signed release form authorizing CAC to request school records from previous schools

6) Copy of the applicant's passport.

Additionally, a completed and signed "PreK " or "KG Parent Questionnaire" must accompany applications for PreK Kindergarten.

An application fee of $350 must be paid to the cashier at the time of application for admission or re-admission.  This fee is non-refundable.

Applicants of Egyptian citizenship must provide the school with a letter signed and sealed by the Minister of Education authorizing the student's enrollment at CAC.

In addition to reviewing previous records, CAC often administers tests to applicants at all grade levels, to facilitate decisions regarding admission and placement. All of the above documents must be received before a testing appointment can be made.  In the case of students applying for August admission, the counselors are available 7-14 days prior to the opening of school. Families should plan their arrival date accordingly so that students will be ready to enter the first day of school. 



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Cairo, Egypt


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