Cairo American College


August 21, 2019

Dear CAC Community,

On behalf of the CAC Board of Trustees, I would like to welcome new and returning community members to the 2019 -2020 academic school year. A heartfelt welcome to our 189 new students and 119 new families from a diverse background of 25 different nationalities and a warm welcome to the 16 new faculty members joining our school community. I am excited to welcome you all to our vibrant CAC family and look forward to speaking with you and getting to know you at our monthly open board meetings or any time on the CAC campus.

With a turbulent recent history, we are particularly thankful that we are bearing witness to a period of stability both inside and outside the walls of CAC. Egypt’s economic revival, political stability, and the global endorsement of a positive outlook for the coming years, gives the CAC board confidence in our efforts to map our path and long term plans for the future. Within the walls of CAC, we are encouraged this year by higher enrollment numbers, and lower turnover rates in all aspects of school life, such as, students, faculty, families, and administrators. These are all good indicators for greater stability and a more peaceful, and prosperous school year ahead.

We are particularly proud of our alumni who are the CAC ambassadors to the rest of the world. The 2019 graduating class received a total of $4.1 million in scholarships, 79% of graduating seniors were accepted to one of their top 3 university choices, and 6 of our full IB diploma students scored 40 or above on their IB exams. These results are to be celebrated and are our best numbers yet.

The CAC Board of Trustees has a strategic and long term focus. We are here to serve you by safeguarding the school’s Mission and securing the necessary resources to continue CAC’s tradition of excellence. While the daily operation of the school rests in the capable hands of our principals and administration team lead by the Head of School, the Board of Trustees has an eye towards the future. To pave this road, the board requires strong leadership, vision, planning, and teamwork. The board can only be successful with your support. Your interest and involvement are essential to the well-being of this school.

During this special year, the board looks forward to working with our new Head of School, Dr. Jared Harris in what promises to be an excellent school year ahead.  We have much to do and many important projects to complete under Jared’s capable leadership. Most notably, Phase III of the Master Plan and the high school renovation project continues to be a board priority.   In spite of the obstacles CAC has faced in the last few years with the high school renovation project, we believe that the project is now in capable hands with Hassan Allam and Sons as our contractor, COSMOS as our consultant and Eng. Adel ElShazly as our CAC Project Manager. We look forward to sharing with you progress on Phase III as the year commences.

The board works in a committee structure and holds monthly meetings which are open to the community. During our open board meetings, all members of the community are welcomed and encouraged to attend to listen to board deliberations, make inquiries, raise concerns or provide us with comments. Our first board meeting is on October 2nd at 6 pm. You are welcome to join us and your contribution is highly appreciated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank departing board members: Dalia Radwan, Wayne McDuffy, John Bruno, Ken Oldham and Andy Vaughn for their invaluable service in the past few years and welcome our new trustees: Community representatives: Ursula Hammerich and Marwan Ziwar; US Embassy Rep, Randall Budden; and Apache rep Mark Avery to our team.

CAC has been my home since I came to Cairo in 2004. I have 3 kids, two alumni of CAC who graduated in 2008 and 2019 and one currently a senior in High School. As a professor at the American University in Cairo, I am the AUC representative to the board. We have always been proud to be a part of this warm, resilient, and loving community. I have previously served as CAC board chair for 3 years and I’m honored to be elected into this role once again.  I look forward to getting to know each of you, and working with all of you for the service and good of CAC.

Maha ElShinnawy, CAC Board Chair

2019-2020 CAC Board Members: Mark Avery (Apache Rep), David Burgess (BP Rep), Randall Budden (US Embassy Rep), May Oweiss (Appointed Rep),  Tarek Zaghloul (Community Rep), Ursula Hammerich (Community Rep), Marwan Ziwar (Community Rep)



1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt

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