Degla Dash

Dedicated to Mr. Mike Ross - former physical education teacher and coach of Cairo American College who passed away after a short battle with cancer on October 23, 1995. In appreciation for his wisdom and friendship to CAC and its community, all funds raised will be donated to The National Cancer Institute. If anyone would like to donate without taking part in the race, your donation is more than welcome.

Degla Dash Results

CAC offers one of the finest athletic programs among the international schools of the East Mediterranean and Europe, and has a long and outstanding history of competitive athletics. The CAC athletic program is highly respected for its many successes as well as the quality and character of its student-athletes. 

We have high expectations for our student-athletes, and we take great pride in their efforts and quest towards excellence. We strongly encourage good sportsmanship and a healthy and positive competitive spirit rooted in fair play and respect. We recognize the values student-athletes gain from participation in sport and want to provide them with the environment to grow and learn. 

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While CAC has been taking part in the ISST for over 40 years. In 2019-2020, CAC joins ISAA ( International Schools Athletics Association,) a new athletic sports league including 15 other international schools in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Varsity sports programs will remain the same and competition seasons will not vary.

ISAA – International School Athletics Association.


Finalized events for 2019-2020.

The International School Athletic Association, ISAA, will provide the following scheduled tournaments for the 14 member school’s varsity teams in the 2019-2020 school year. The 14 ISAA schools will send varsity teams to 13 events in the inaugural year, 2019-2020, with tournaments in London, Eindhoven, Geneva, Basel, and The Hague.

The following schools will be members of ISAA in 2019-2020.

ACS Cobham, London, UK. : 1800 students

ACS Egham, London, UK. EGH: 600 students

ACS Hillingdon, London, UK. HIL: 1000 students

Bonn International School, Bonn, Germany. BIS: 700 students

British School of Netherlands, The Hague, Netherlands. BSN: 2300 students

Cairo American College, Cairo, Egypt. CAC: 790 students

College du Leman, Switzerland. CDL: 1900 students

International School of Basel, Switzerland. ISB: 1400 students

International School Eindhoven, Netherlands. ISE: 800 students

International School of Geneva, Switzerland. GIS: 1100 students

Marymount International School, London, UK. MMI 250 students

Sotogrande International School, Andalucia, Spain. SIS: 900 students

TASIS The American School in England, London, UK. TAS: 650 students

Walworth Barbour American Int’l School, Tel Aviv, Israel. ASI: 600 students

ISAA Tournament Locations/Dates, 2019-2020:


Boys Soccer, November 8, 9 @ TAS- London.

Girls Soccer, November 8, 9 @ TAS- London.

Boys Volleyball, November 8, 9 @ EGH- London.

Girls Volleyball, November 8, 9 @ CDL- Geneva

Cross Country, November 8, 9 (race day November 9) @ HIL- London.


Boys Basketball, March 13, 14 @ BSN- The Hague.

Girls Basketball, March 13, 14 @ ISB- Basel.

Swimming, March 12, 13 @ BSN- The Hague.


Track, May 28, 29 @ HIL- London.

Softball, May 28, 29 @ TAS. – London.

Baseball, May 28, 29 @ TAS – London.

Tennis, May 28, 29 @ BSN- The Hague.

Golf, May 28, 29 @ MMI/EGH- London.



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