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The school is located on an eleven-acres campus.  Instruction takes place in multiple buildings as well as outdoor spaces including two playing fields, playgrounds, an all-weather track, a heated swimming pool, and a multipurpose basketball/volleyball court. The school has an air quality monitoring system, which monitors the air quality on an hourly basis. Students are asked to stay indoors or play outdoors accordingly.


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ES learning spaces are spacious, light, airy, and filled with examples of work that they aspire to do. Classrooms are fully equipped with state of the art equipment as well as home-like furniture so the students have the best space and environment to learn, play,  build relationships with one another and have fun! Each classroom has a maximum capacity of 18 - 20 students. 

We have our own Elementary School Library in this building as well, where classes and reading activities are held on a daily basis. We also have these very cozy and inviting reading spots for the students to encourage them to come in and do some reading. 

Another amazing learning space is the MAD Lab. MAD stands for Make and Design. These classrooms are fully equipped with the necessary tools for our students’ learning and growth, where our ES students shoot a daily “News section” in this lab every morning.

In addition, we have a beautiful Seating / outdoor area where students can enjoy the sun and play outside. We also have a beautiful Wellness Garden so the students can read, play, eat and enjoy their breaks together. We strongly believe that the environment in which the learning happens, has a significant impact on a child’s learning. 


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The Middle School building has been home to our MS students for years and years. Our spacious MS classrooms are especially designed to accommodate our “Wellness” ideology for our MS students. While technologically ready with the needed equipment for the best teaching experience, the classroom’s main purpose remains the same; making the students feel at home so that they can develop their personalities at this very critical age in the child's development. 

In addition we have our Design and Technology lab in the MS building, with very good resources and equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters. 

Below, we have the Art room which boasts a beautiful display of our students’ artwork. Often the teacher will play music during class to encourage the students to become more comfortable and to be inspired to create wonderful art pieces.In addition our MS building has an auditorium, which is mainly used for gatherings and school - related events.


Our HS building, which is currently undergoing renovations, also features state of the art Science and Technology and Design Labs, for our High-School students to provide them with the optimal learning environment and resources. 


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If you or you child went to CAC or know someone who did, you are probably aware of the importance that Athletics have in our CAC philosophy. We have an impressive building so that our eagles have the proper space and environment to practice all kinds of sports. The building has 1 weight room, an ES gym, and an MS /HS gym, along with a basement gym. In addition there is a PE classroom, a Dance / Fitness Studio, and a heated all-year swimming pool. 


CAC has recently renovated its theatre, to accommodate up to 550 people. In this theatre, our plays are performed, using advanced props, and equipment. We host lots of fun activities in this theatre, as well as seminars and workshops. 






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