CAC positively contributes to the community through a rigorous and authentic educational program.
CAC’s classrooms, programs, curriculum, and teachers promote and deliver a rigorous and authentic educational program that leads students explicitly and implicitly to activism and pursuit of positive contributions to their community, while encouraging them to excel to their highest level of achievement. Students engage in real-world, project-based learning experiences that afford them the opportunity to learn how to use their knowledge and skills to make a positive difference in their school, neighborhood, country and/or world. Learning at CAC is engaging because students know it matters; it is exciting because students know they are making a difference; it is fun because it happens collectively, cooperatively, and collaboratively.

•    Goal 1.1 Students consistently embody CAC Core Values inside and outside of the classroom.
•    Goal 1.2 CAC students identify problems and needs, and develop, test, and implement solutions.
•    Goal 1.3 All students are being challenged to grow in a variety of ways.
•    Goal 1.4 All students engage in meaningful community service.
•    Goal 1.5 CAC’s curriculum is fully documented.
•    Goal 1.6 CAC values all positive forms of learning and achievement.

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