CAC cultivates diversity and interconnectedness in our Community.

CAC’s Mission and Policies enshrine the basic principle that CAC is a diverse community of learners. At CAC, we celebrate our diversity and recognize that it is a strength. We learn through an open-minded appreciation of differences. CAC students are true Global Citizens, comfortable with difference and within diversity, open to new points of view. Diversity is a core strength for CAC and an attractor to our prospective families. To promote a peaceful environment of mutual sharing with and learning from one another, CAC will organize events, courses, activities, and programs that promote interconnectedness among students, families, faculty, and staff.

•    Goal 3.1 CAC promotes discovery and appreciation of the rich culture and history of Cairo and Egypt.
•    Goal 3.2 CAC creates a complementary culture between home and school that reinforces the CAC Mission.
•    Goal 3.3 CAC enhances relationships in our community across cultural boundaries.

1 Midan Digla, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt | Phone: +2-02-27555555