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Grade 12 IB/AP Parent Information Evening - September 24, 2018

Grade 11 IB Parent Information Evening - October 29, 2018

Grade 10 IB Parent Information Evening - January 21, 2019

Grade 8/9 IB Parent Information Evening - February 4, 2019


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Grade 8 IB Parent Information Evening

Grade 10 IB Parent Information Evening - January 22, 2018

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Grade 12 IB Parent Information Evening - September 18, 2017

Grade 11 IB Parent Information Evening - November 14, 2016

Grade 8/9 IB Parent Information Evening - January 29, 2017

Grade 10 IB Parent Information Evening - February 15, 2017

Grade 8-11 Off Campus (Katameya) IB Parent Information Evening - February 20, 2017

  • IB Learner Profile Open or Close

    IB learners strive to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced, and reflective. More detail on this profile is available at the link:  IB Learner Profile

    learner profile en

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  • History of the IB at CAC Open or Close

     After a two-year long feasibility study compiled by representatives of the CAC community, the CAC Board of Directors voted unanimously in 1993 to join the world-wide collection of schools who offer the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization.

     The Diploma Programme is the first and original of the three programs now offered by the IBO and is offered by 2316 member schools in 138 countries (Source: May 2015 Statistical Bulletin). We belong to the Africa, Europe, and Middle East region of the IBO, which encompasses 32% of the schools. The IB Americas are the largest group of schools, more than the other regions combined.

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  • IB Courses at CAC Open or Close


    The list below gives subjects offered and is not definitive. For greater detail on each course and how to build an IB schedule, please see the Program of Studies (via the High School - Counseling link).

    Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

    English A: Literature (SL, HL)

    Arabic A: Language & Literature (SL, HL)

    Self Taught Language A: Literature (SL only)

    Group 2: Language Acquisition

    Arabic B (SL, HL)

    French B (SL, HL)

    Spanish B (SL, HL)

    ab initio Arabic, French, Spanish (SL only)

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  • Our IB Team Open or Close

    For the 2017-18 School Year

    IB Office

    IB Coordinator, Mr. Russ Kupperstein

    IB Admin Assistant, Monica Alber

    IB Librarian, Ms. Amy Coquillard


    GROUP 1: Studies in Language & Literature

    Literature - English

    Mr. Jonathan Bryans

    Mr. Doug Waldoch

    Mr. Alan White

    Ms. Ashley Gramolini

    Language & Literature - Arabic

    Mr. Emad El Shabrawy


    GROUP 2: Language Acquisition

    Mr. Emad El Shabrawy, Arabic B

    Mr. Jean Clauzet, French B and ab initio

    Mr. Antonio Pedrett, Spanish B and ab initio

    Mr. Mick Barens, Spanish ab initio

    Dr. Maya Williamson, French ab initio

    Mr. Ameer Ahmed, Arabic ab initio


    GROUP 3: Individuals & Societies

    Mr. Tony Knox, Economics

    Mr. Jeff Lindstrom, Economics and History

    Dr. Heba Farouk, History

    Ms. Linda Duggan, Economics


    GROUP 4: Experimental Sciences

    Mrs. Dorothy Knox, Biology

    Mr. James Morris, Design Technology

    Mr. Kris Steinberg, Biology

    Ms. Shanieka Johnson, Chemistry

    Mr. Joe Miller, Physics

    Mr. Russ Kupperstein, Biology


    GROUP 5: Mathematics

    Mr. Tony Rawlings, Mathematics HL

    Mr. Thomas Santowski, Mathematics HL and SL

    Mr. Brandon Zerr-Smith, Mathematics SL and Mathematical Studies SL

    Mr. Erik Dunham, Mathematics SL

    GROUP 6: The Arts

    Ms. Shannon Brinkley, Visual Arts

    Ms. Betty Pietak, Visual Arts

    Mr. Oliver Orion, Theatre



    Theory of Knowledge

    Ms. Linda Duggan

    Creativity, Activity, Service

    Mr. Russ Kupperstein

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  • Past IB Information Sessions at CAC Open or Close
  • IB Exam Schedule Open or Close

    This link includes all IB exams being undertaken at CAC in the May 2018 examination session. The folder includes the IB and AP exam timetables, registration forms, procedures for appropriate materials and behavior during exams, etc. Any AP/IB exam conflicts are resolved by the student taking the AP exam during the AP Late-Testing Session.

    May 2018 Exam Materials Folder: Timetables, Procedures, Registration Forms, etc.

    If you have questions, please contact Mr. Russ Kupperstein.


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  • Mock Exams Open or Close

    Mock exams is a reference made to the Semester 1 Exams taken during December of grade 12. These examinations are currently 2 hours in length and are cumulative in nature, encompassing the curriculum taught through grades 11 and 12. Mock exams act both as preparation for the May exam session as well as a reliable piece of data used in predicting a student's final IB grade.

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  • Requesting an IB Transcript Open or Close

    Recent graduates can make the request through the IB Coordinator until the results of results in July.  Once results are released (and for prior years' results), use the following link to request an official IB transcript be sent to university. To request a transcript you must have your personal code and PIN. Contact the IB Coordinator or Secretary if you have lost this information:  Alumni Requests for Transcript

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    What if my IB results are not what I needed for university or I feel an error has been made? 

    You have the option to submit a signed permission form and pay the fee for an IB Enquiry Upon Result (EUR). This is a re-mark of externally assessed material for an individual candidate. However, the re-marking does not include multiple-choice components of an examination in a group 4 subject or components for which a mark has been carried over from a previous session. A re-mark cannot be requested for individual components. Based on a re-mark, an IB grade can be raised, left unchanged, OR lowered. You can submit an EUR for any or all of your IB subjects.

    Before you decide to request an EUR… wait until component results are released in mid-July, then consult with your teacher and/or the IB Coordinator about how close you may be to a higher mark.

    If you decide to submit an EUR… complete, sign, and return the required permission form available on below and pay the fee (125USD per subject for May 2017) to the CAC Cashier. Once the signed permission form and proof of payment are received (scanning is fine), the EUR will be submitted for you. It may take up to three weeks for the EUR to be completed and CAC to be notified of the result of the re-mark.

    OPTION #2 – Retakes. These are more complicated and costly than an EUR and are only likely to be a serious option for you if you have not earned the full IB Diploma and are required to have it for university. Retakes can be undertaken in any IB school willing to administer them, and IB schools can set parameters on what they will and won’t do for retakes. At CAC, for example, we only do retakes for examinations—not Internal Assessments or the Extended Essay.

    The final IB deadline for an EUR is September 15th. If you wish to request an EUR, please use the Word document available through this link:

     Enquiry Upon Results Request Letter (May 2016 examination session)


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  • IB Exam Leave Policy Open or Close

    IB Exam Study Leave – MAY 2018 Examination Session

    Attendance Policy – Study Leave Before/During Exams

    • Full IB Diploma candidates (seniors) only – April 30-May 18 will be optional attendance during the weeks of IB Exams.  Prior to April 30th attendance in classes with exams still pending is required for all students. 

    • IB Course, IB Anticipated & AP Students – All non-Diploma students will be expected to attend year 2 IB classes up until the first day of exams, April 30.  All non-IB classes and year 1 IB classes will continue and attendance is required. Students will be excused from all classes on days when taking a year 2 IB exam. Students are still responsible for all content missed in their regular classes.  Excused absences on the day of an AP exam only applies to students enrolled in and examining for AP U.S. History at CAC.

    • All IB Art and Theatre students will be required to attend class until exams commence on April 30th.


    Once the exams for an IB class are finished, non-Diploma IB students are not required to return to that class.  Non-Diploma IB students are released from class but not school, providing an extra flex. Similar to semester exams, parents can decide whether off-campus privilege should be allowed and permission with signatures is required for sophomores, juniors and any senior who does not already have off-campus privileges.  Any students remaining on campus will have to remain quiet and respectful among three designated areas (outside tables, library, student lounge) and parents will be called with subsequent disciplinary action if there are issues.  

    Questions? Please contact Mr. Russ Kupperstein in the IB Office.


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