Head of School 11-9-2017


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 Head of School's Newsletter - November 9, 2017

The ES Play


This coming Thursday, November 16th at 5:30 is the first performance for this year’s ES Production, Madagascar Jr. There are also 2 performances on Friday, November 17th, 1pm and 3:30pm. Tickets are on sale after school, at the Front Gate. They are 50 EGP each. T-shirts are also on sale, at the Front Gate,  for 100 EGP each. We hope to see you all there, as 115 ES performers take you on a musical adventure to Madagascar!

The ES Production Team






2017 Color Run

Join the National Honor Society at the Color Run on November 18th from 3-5:30 pm.  Get splashed with Holi Powder as you run laps to raise money for the Assiut Burn Hospital. The 2017 Color Run will include a Battle of the Bands between Riad Khawam (last year's HS talent show winner) and The Baladi Dogs (the rock sensation led by Wayne Rutherford.) The National Honor Society looks forward to seeing the community come out to support the Assiut Burns Hospital!


CAC and ISTA Accepting Applications

for the Cairo HS ISTA Festival February 2018!





February 1st-3rd, 2018, Cairo American College (a founding member-school of ISTA*) will host five other international schools over three days of exploration and creation with visiting artists from around the world. Ensembles led by the visiting artists will create original performances that will be presented at the end of the festival. The festival participants will take excursions together to sites around Cairo to take inspiration from the history and landscape of Egypt. Students will also take two skill-based workshops in performing arts. This is a wonderful opportunity to get training in the performing arts for students interested but unable to take coursework. It’s also loads of fun. At least two international schools need homestays and we are looking for families who are excited to host our visitors. The fees for CAC students are 220USD/3800EGP and include lunches, workshops, field trips, social dinner, and t-shirts. Visit www.cacegypt.org/ista to apply now. More information about ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) can be found at www.ista.co.uk. For questions about the Cairo Festival, you can inquire with Mr. Orion or Dina Gomaa in the Activities Office.              Apply Now

From the CAC Libraries

Kenn Nesbitt’s Visit to CAC

This week poet, Kenn Nesbitt, from Spokane, Washington, visited with Pre-K - grade 8 students.  Kenn’s dramatic readings of his poems were very entertaining for all. Please ask your ES and MS students about his visit.  

Extended Essay for Grade 11

This week all full IB grade 11 students attended a cohort meeting to begin to understand the Extended Essay requirements and criteria. The students will attend four sessions that will help them understand formulating a research question, using resources and creating an annotated bibliography and how to write reflections.   

Busy Sports Weekend for CAC Teams

You can read about the Sports events this weekend, follow our teams, and even watch some games live streamed. For more information, see the Sports and Activities Newsletter here.




Please sign up using the links below:

City of the Dead and the Glass Blowing Workshop November 13


Islamic Cairo and Khan el Khalili Shopping Dec 11


Islamic Cairo and Khan el Khalili Shopping Dec 18




This private group is a good way to keep informed of all the PTO activities, see pictures of our events and communicate with fellow PTO members.

You can join the CAC PTO group on Facebook using the following link.  



From the Welcome & Integration Committee

Photography Workshop: November 29th at 1:30pm in MS Room 115 by Amani Ismail.

Amani Ismail is a fine art photographer specializing in babies and families. She is a molecular biologist by profession and a photographer by serendipity! What started as a hobby photographing her two young children quickly morphed into a full time job as the founder of Sweet Pea Photography.  


This short workshop titled 'How to Photograph Your Children' will cover the basic principles of using natural light, optimal camera angles, composition, how to capture emotion, and how to document everyday moments. This workshop does not require the use of a professional camera; a good old phone will do just fine!


Positive Discipline Workshop; Ages 0-6:  December 4th at 8.30 a.m. in the Common room by Amina Diab, Child Psychologist.

Workshop duration: 2 Hours; Price: 400 L.E

Amina Diab is a child psychologist, parent educator and parent coach. She strives to help families build strong parent-child relationships based on the foundations of respect, love and trust. Amina advocates gentle guidance and positive discipline parenting to help raise competent, responsible and self-reliant children. Amina Diab is currently a doctoral researcher in Education at the university of Bath. After pursuing her masters in child & adolescent psychology, she has been working with a variety children ranging from behavioral issues to developmental abilities to learning disorders.


Workshop Information


Title: Positive Parenting Level 1: fostering stronger parent-child relationships (Ages 0-6)

During this workshop, we discover the main criteria for implementing positive parenting into our daily routine by empowering parents with proven yet practical tools to apply today. All topics discussed fall under the umbrella of developing strong parent-child relationships based on love, trust and respect. This is the first out of our 3 level positive parenting series; each level builds on previous knowledge and enriches your parenting learning experience further.

Topics we will explore together:

• Developing an understanding of the different forms of parenting styles; which one do you fall under?

• Understanding your child’s cognitive developmental stage and whether this meets expectations.

• How to better communicate and connect with your child through your method of discipline; why punishments and bribes are not preferred and what to use instead.

• Discover the influence of words you might be using every day; are they discouraging or empowering your children.

• Proven Strategies and tools that cushion your every day power struggles during morning and bedtime routines.


Positive Discipline Workshop; Ages 7-12:  December 6th at 8.30am in the Common room by Amina Diab, Child Psychologist.

Workshop duration: 2 Hours; Price: 400 L.E


Parenting your Preteen (Ages: 7-12)

Preteens have a lot going on and can be difficult to parent. They need your guidance, patience and most importantly a strong relationship to lean on during these rough times for them.

Here are some the topics we will explore in our session together:

• What are preteens years and what should parents expect during this developmental stage.

• Discover the proven strategies that empower you to guide your child to competence and confidence.

• Building stronger parent-preteen relationships by mastering emotional honesty and respect.

• Is your preteen beginning to bend the truth, avoiding confrontations or withdrawing from opening up to you? Find out why and what you can do to encourage self-expression.

• Learn several parenting tools that you can use to guide your child to embrace and looking forward to challenges using ‘Growth Mindset’ thinking.

To sign up, please contact Farida Khamis; fkhamis@orientalweavers.com.