Head of School 12-14-2017


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 Head of School's Newsletter - December 14, 2017





Dracula closes tonight! Make it a point to watch this very scary play put on by CAC’s talented thespians. Not recommended for children under 13...it is THAT SCARY!

















In addition to great reading offerings, today as part of the Christmas Market on Thursday, the Spirit Cafe will have a different menu to help celebrate the season, including  hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, chicken tenders, and chili... today 3-6  pm.


At last night’s December Board Meeting, the CAC Board of Trustees approved the 2018-19 calendar. As you may be aware, next school year is unique and especially complicated, in that there is an Eid holiday just about when we usually start the school year (Aug 21-23) and also just about when we usually end our school year (June 5, 6). After much discussion and debate, the Board have decided to push the start of the school year back to Aug 27. This also means that the end of the year is pushed back, and school next year will end June 13th with graduation on June 14th. This was felt to be the best way to balance competing interests, and does mean we will have a much shorter 1st semester than 2nd semester. This ‘push back’ of the start date, it was stated ‘for the record’ is a one year arrangement due to the holidays; for 2019-20, parents can expect a more traditional start and end date for CAC. The full approved calendar can be viewed here.


Think you know what your kids are up to online? You might...the data in this article might adjust your level of confidence that you are aware of your adolescent’s online activities. The good news is: most parents aren’t totally out of touch; the bad news is that kids’ online lives are constantly changing as they migrate (quickly) from the old social media platforms to new ones. Facebook is so 2015! Instagram and SnapChat are where it’s at today (are you ‘friends’ with your kids on these preferred apps?). But that is for now…

Planning to see the new Star Wars movie with your kids this winter break? Star Wars is an incredible set of movies that, while set ‘in a galaxy far, far away’ have aged with us here on earth. The latest movie reflects society today in the same way that the original provides a lens into the society and culture of 1977. Here is an article that gives you some ‘guiding questions’ you may want to consider as conversation starters after you watch the movie with the family.



More CAC seniors found their stockings stuffed with good news from colleges this week! Congratulations to Shivani, who was admitted to Toronto’s Ryerson; Omar M. who was accepted at The American University of Paris; Saif G who gained admission to U. of Leeds; Che, who was admitted to the U. of North Dakota; Youssef H, who may choose now to attend Northeastern (ED); and Sarah L, admitted to Biola U. in Southern California. Way to Go, Seniors!

This just in: Congrats also to senior Patrick, accepted at Lander University in S. Carolina. Go Bearcats!  




Thank you to our Book Fair coordinators, Yara Tatanki, Nina Elshabrawi and Mayrose Doss for all the hard work in making our Book Fair a success. And a big thank you to Soha Daghash for the sponsorship and our lovely set up.


PTO Trip next week:

Islamic Cairo & Khan el Khalili Shopping - Dec. 18. Sign up here: http://whoozin.com/VGX-TY7-QVQF




Planning is underway for the Cairo American College 2018 International Festival on Friday March 16, and we are in need of volunteers!

If you are interested in organizing a booth for your country or volunteering in any other capacity, please contact the International Festival Coordinator, Kourtney LaGesse, at cacinternationalfestival@gmail.com.



Save the date:

The CAC Gala will take place on Friday May 4, 2018.

This year’s gala theme will be ancient Egypt! Ladies, channel your inner Cleopatra and get ready to step back in time in all your glamour!

Gentlemen, don’t worry! We don’t expect you to dress up as a Pharaoh, (unless you really want to!) but we promise you will have a fantastic time!


If you would like to be part of the gala committee which will start meeting early 2018, or if you can support/sponsor this important PTO fundraiser in any way, please send an email to Hengameh Murphy, the CAC Gala Coordinator at murphysaroundtheworld@yahoo.com



This private group is a good way to keep informed of all the PTO activities, see pictures of our events and communicate with fellow PTO members.

You can join the CAC PTO group on Facebook using the following link.  




Winter Celebration Community Service ( Pass the Parcel the Parcel)


The Service Learning Office, in partnership with the ES Student council is proud to announce Pass the Parcel. This year’s recipient organization is Stabl Antar Dreams School. We are collecting warm clothes, gently used toys, wrapping paper, batteries, and zip lock bags . We are still collecting till Wednesday, December 20th, 2017. Elementary school students will have boxes for donations in their classrooms.  Middle and high school students can leave donate in the boxes at Eagle Plaza (The front gate).


Let’s get these boxes filled, make a donation today.


During the ES Winter Celebration, on December 21, 2017, from 10:30-12:00, different stations will be set up to clean, fix, sort and wrap the donated items. Parents are welcomed to help with these stations. You can find the full plan of the day here:  Winter Celebration Community Service Plan. Please follow our announcements and updates on the CACN.

Thank you for your continued support of CAC and for helping others stay warm this winter.