CAC News 01-24-2018

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Supporting the Home/School Partnership

Thank you to the many parents who made the effort to come out to several different events at CAC in support of the all-important Home/School partnership.

The Elementary School
hosted a Math Morning today, in which ES teachers shared some background research and the philosophy of the CAC ES approach to Math teaching and learning. Parents also got to try their hands at a few sample Math problems...a bit of head scratching may have been going on!

In the Middle School,
Mr. Bailey held a parent coffee today and addressed the sometimes difficult issue of our students’ behavior online. He presented data about teen ‘sexting’ in the US, and parents shared tips and ideas for working with your children on responsible and safe digital citizenship. Also discussed was a new ‘app’ called ‘Sarahah’ which, though it means ‘honesty’ in Arabic, is an app that allows for totally anonymous postings. Unfortunately, for many humans, the ability to be totally anonymous doesn’t bring out our most constructive feedback, but rather allows people to be cruel, vulgar, and hurtful online. Yet another new tech development to ask your kids about.




The playground is about to change! Thank you to the parents who helped choose the new playground last year. We will be installing the new playground soon. We hope this will not take more than 5 weeks. While it

MSHead01 24ms news & views
Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the News and Views. We have had a productive week of learning with students engaged in a variety of learning experiences. For example Students in Improvisation class are learning to think as quickly as p
HSHead01 24HS Highro Glyphics
Course registration for the 2018-2019 academic year begins January 29 with grade 9-11 student assemblies. Seniors are excited to use this time to start planning for the 2018 commencement ceremony.
Around the school:   


Revolution/ Police Day Holiday

1/26 - 2/2:
THIMUN Conference - The Hague

12.10 - 12.50 pm: Gr. 5 Spelling Bee Written Test - ES Library

7.55 - 8.25 am: ES Assembly - ES Hall
8.30 am - 12.30 pm: Open House for PreK-KG
12.10 - 12.50 pm: Gr. 3 Spelling Bee Written Test - ES Library

12.10 - 12.50 pm: Gr. 4 Spelling Bee Written Test - ES Library
6 - 7.30 pm: Board Meeting

8:00 am: Board Information Session - Room 115

2/1 - 3:
HS ISTA Festival - Hosted

2/1 - 4:
Wrestling Invitational - Abu Dhabi