Athletics Newsletter 03-07-2018


Seniors Last Winter Season at CAC


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"Pack The Gym Night" was held last Thursday at CAC to celebrate the last home basketball games of the year for the boys and girls teams. In a great showing of support, a large crowd of CAC community members "packed the gym" to watch all teams play hard and with passion. It was a special night of games for the CAC teams and community. Best of luck to the CAC senior basketball players and swimmers as they move on from CAC next year.

  • Kayla Louise Jacob
  • Athlete De Vaulgrenant
  • Michael Fitzgerald
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Cameron Leftwich
  • Annika Ryer
  • Dawson Burgess
  • Quentin Lawson Parchment
  • Alex Pierce
  • Ahmed Morsi
  • Abdelazim Lokma
  • Malak Elalaily
  • Andrew Park

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ISST basketball and swim teams traveled yesterday to participate in the winter ISST tournaments. Click the links below for more information.

Click here for ISST Girls' Basketball Tournament Schedule (PDF)

Click here for the ISST Boys' Basketball Tournament Schedule (PDF)

Click here for the ISST Swimming Championship Schedule (PDF)

Click here for the ISST boys' basketball tournament games results and LIVE STREAMING LINK

Click here for the ISST girls' basketball tournament results link

The ISST Swimming championship results will be updated on a mobile app Click here to download the app (contact coach Matt: for more instructions)

You can also check swimming results on the BSN website, click here


ISST Boys Schedule                                               ISST Girls Schedule


Good luck to the following athletes that were chosen to represent CAC in the ISST tournaments.
Name: Varsity Girls' Basketball
Tournament: ISST Girls' Basketball Tournament
Host School: International School of the Hague
Location: The Hague
ISST Team:
Ema Ahmed
Nawaal Bhuiyan
Alethe De Vaulgrenant
Annika Ryer
Kayla Jacob
Andriena Fitzgerald
Estelle Campana
Tamara Ahmed
Maylis De Vaulgrenant
Sarah Lewis
Name: Varsity Boys' Basketball
Tournament: ISST Boys' Basketball Tournament
Host School: Frankfurt International School
Location: Frankfurt
ISST Team:
Quinn-Wai Wong
Samuel Rutherford
Cameron Leftwich
Michael Fitzgerald
Nasser Maswood
Jeong Kyu Lee
John Pierce
Dawson Burgess
Mazzin Kamel
Quentin Lawson Parchment

Name: Junior/Varsity Girls and Boys Swim Team

Tournament: ISST Swimming
Host Schools: British School in the Netherlands and the American School of the Hague
Location: The Netherlands
ISST Team:
May Aon                                         Abdelazim Lokma
Salma Shabana                             Ahmed Morsi
Gloria Bosi                                     Andrew Park
Youngjin Wang                               Emily Drape
Youssef El Bably                            Ellie Leonard
Mahdi Daoud                                  Patricia Leonard
Alaa El-Zayat                                 Yasmeen Ibrahim
Taymour Riad                                 Leila Hunwicks
Youssef Fouad                               Leena Lambert 
Youssef Shabana                            Hussein Ayad


The 2nd annual Egyptian schools Championship

In the Montazah Gardens - Alexandria

 Click here to register


Season 3 Signups

Season 3 signups will take place on March 12 and 13 on the HS field at 11:05-11:55. Computers will be available for signups.

Season 3 sports are:

Junior/Varsity Track and Field

Varsity Girls' Softball

JV Girls' Softball

Varsity Boys' Baseball

Varsity Golf

Varsity Dance


MS soccer signups will be announced on the middle school morning announcements.


Girls Get Strong


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CAC's Girls Get Strong (GGS) Conference is March 17! The mission of GGS is simple--to empower girls to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy, strong, and active. Through this organization Girls Get Strong has increased collaboration between community members, students, and coaches to empower girls to be healthy and active. It invites schools in Egypt and outside of Egypt to participate in workshops and activities with the hope that they will take the knowledge and experience back to their schools to empower girls and initiate a Girls Get Strong program themselves. We invite female experts in various fields to conduct the workshops in their areas of expertise. Many of those experts are CAC alumna that have since leaving CAC excelled in so many industries and fields on both the national and international levels. There are various ways to participate. To learn more on how to be part of this year's GGS, please contact 



Upcoming Winter Athletics Tournaments






ISST swimming,

ASH/BSH, The Hague

March 7-10

ISST girls basketball

ISH, The Hague

March 7-11

ISST boys basketball

FIS, Frankfurt

March 7-11

Winter Athletic Awards

CAC theater

March 20





During the first weekend in March, 9 athletes will represent CAC at the ACS Athens Swimming Cup. The swimmers have trained hard and are ready to end their season on a high note competing against schools from around the region. We wish the following swimmers the best as they look to improve their times in 5 events!

Hassan Allam

Omar El Sadek

Selim El Ramlawy

Youssef El Sharkawy

Zein Faheem

Ava Goodall-Riley

Dalia Ibrahim

Hanna Kobs

Nour Ziwar

20 swimmers will go to the Hague to continue the excellent history of CAC swimming at this year’s ISST Championships! We are looking to defend the JV Boys Championship CAC has won the last two years and once again finish in the Top 3 of the Overall Team Championship. The swimmers have been training hard since November and are looking forward to swimming fast! Please wish the following swimmers the best as they look to bring home Cairo Gold!

Varsity Girls

May Aon

Gloria Bosi

Salma Shabana

Varsity Boys

Hussein Ayad

Ahmed Morsi

Abdel Azim Lokma

Andrew Park

Yossef Shabana

JV Girls

Emily Drape

Leila Hunwicks

Yasmeen Ibrahim

Patricia Leonard

Ellie Leonard

Leena Lambert

JV Boys

Mehdi Daoud

Youssef El Bably

Alaa El Zaayet

Yossef Fouad

Taymour Riad

Youngjin Wang