Eagle Eye 11-22-2017


What a wonderful Kids’ Day! Thank you to all of our parent volunteers and to our students for demonstrating good sportsmanship and positive collaboration. This afternoon, our faculty will be enjoying a Thanksgiving Lunch together and then presenting for one another on a variety of teaching practices, sharing their expertise with others. Tomorrow, we will all be taking the day off of work for American Thanksgiving. We wish you a relaxing weekend together with your families.

To make sure our students get a balance of specialist subjects across a trimester, we sometimes need to change a day’s schedule. We haven’t had enough Thursday schedules, so Sunday, November 26th will be a Thursday schedule. After school activities remain as Sunday.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our trimester one Parent/Teacher conferences are this Monday, November 27. Thank you for signing up through Skyward. Students in Grades 2 through 5 are asked to join the first five minutes of the conference to share their progress toward their goals. There will be no school for Elementary School students. This is such an important time to talk about how things have been going so far and to discuss goals for the rest of the year. We thank parents for their ongoing partnership with us and as a division your conference attendance reflects your support of us as a school. PreK-Grade 1 students do not attend conferences and playground monitors will be available to supervise students when parents are not in conferences.


Trimester 1 Reports (access information has been emailed to you or see further below)

Report cards for Trimester 1, 2017-2018 have now been posted on Skyward. Report cards are an important way we communicate to you about your child’s progress. Research tells us that the best grading practices measure students against specific, grade-appropriate standards. Grades are to give you and your child accurate information about their knowledge and demonstrated skills at this moment in time. Behaviors are not factored into academic grades, but are measured and reported separately. Comments are written to give detailed information about strengths and areas for growth. Please read the grading key carefully to note what each mark means.

Core Values




Math workshop for parents



ES Production Fun!



Kids Day Fun

What's for lunch

Our menu from Richoux for next week is attached here.


Lunch cards only accepted.



Communication channels are important at CAC.

Parent-Teacher Conferences - an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss individual student growth and needs. Students in grades 2 through 5 are expected to attend part of the conference to report on their academic and social goals.

Please note that conferences will not be rescheduled except in the case of a principal-approved family emergency.

Student/Parent Handbook


  • Nov. 22 - ES Report Cards issued

  • Nov. 23 - U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday. No school.

  • Nov. 23 to 26 - CAC Libraries closed

  • Nov. 26 - Thursday schedule. After school activities remain as Sunday.

  • Nov. 26 - ES After School Activities Session 2 Begins

  • Nov. 27 - ES Parent/Teacher Conferences [PreK - Gr. 1]; Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences [Gr. 2 - Gr. 5]  (8:00 am - 4:00 pm). No school for ES students.

  • Nov. 28 - ES Parent/Teacher Conferences [PreK - Gr. 1]; Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences [Gr. 2 - Gr. 5] (3:30 pm - 5:30 pm)

  • Nov. 30 - Prophet’s Day Holiday. No school.

  • Dec. 4 - Early Release Day (All students dismissed at 11:30 am)

  • Dec. 5 - ES Assembly - 5G (7:55 am - 8:25 am, ES Hall)

How to Access Report Cards

1 - Log onto the CAC website.


2 - When you log on to the CAC website, you will find on the top left an icon for “Skyward”, which you will be using for accessing your child’s school information.


3 - When you click on the Skyward icon, you will be directed to another site, where you will need to re-enter the same username & password you used to log on to the CAC site.


4 - As soon as you log on to the Skyward page, on the top left, you can choose your child’s name if you have multiple childs, or you can just leave it as “All Students” and view all your children’s reports at the same time.


5 - Then, click on the “Portfolio” on the bottom left.


6 - There you can find the student’s Progress Reports/Report Cards.


If you need any further assistance regarding Skyward access, please contact



Grade 1 Pyramids Field Trip

Grade 1 visited the Giza Pyramids on Tuesday. The students are learning about the famous buildings in Egypt so visited one of the most ancient buildings of Egypt and learned about its significance as one of the old 7 wonders of the world. The trip is a reinforcement of how the belief in the afterlife led to making luxurious tombs and pyramids that we are learning about in our unit “Pyramid Builders”.


From the ES Library

Library Hours during the Thanksgiving Break

Please note that CAC libraries will be closed for the Thanksgiving break. We re-open on Sunday, November 26.

Borrowing Playaways

The ES library has lots of Playaways for check out. These are little media players that have an audiobook recorded in them. They are all issued with a rechargeable AAA battery. Please be sure to return that same battery, even if you used a different one. The replacement cost of a battery is 50 LE.

21C Libraries for Parents: Social Media - December 6

Join us on December 6 for a session on the most popular social media apps among teens. We’ll cover the main features and the privacy settings. MS/HS library.


After School Activities

After School Activities begin NEXT WEEK!

First days of the activities: Sunday, November 26, Monday, December 11, Wednesday, November 29 & Thursday, December 14.


Monday, November 27 is Parent/Teacher Conferences and Monday, December 4 is ERD (NO ASA on both days).


Confirmed schedules were sent to parents on Tuesday, November 2​1.  If you will cancel any of the activities, kindly click this Form so we can enroll other students.


The session will begin on the week of November 26.


Click here for the ASA Website


General Services Staff Appreciation Lunch

Monday, November 20, 2017



Thank you to all parents who contributed to make this event a successful one. It was great to see students, faculty & staff from all divisions enjoying their time.


To enjoy more photos from the event, please click here: GS Appreciation Lunch Photos

We thank you for your continued support and for giving thanks to all of those who help make CAC the place to be!


ES/MS/HS Student Leadership Teams


Report Cards & Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences - repeated announcement

Trimester One report cards will be issued on November 22 via Skyward (on the parent dashboard). Teachers will be working hard to create informative summaries of how each child is doing. The reports will be followed by parent/teacher conferences on November 27 (all day Monday) and November 28 (Tuesday after school). Students in grades 2 through 5 are asked to join the first five minutes of the conference to share their progress toward their goals. There will be no school for Elementary School students on Monday, November 27. Parent sign-ups for the conference day begin Thursday, November 16 and run through Wednesday, November 22, giving you the opportunity to select your own time slots to meet with teachers. Sign-ups will be done on SKYWARD. See the letter for further important information.


Tri1 Reports & Parent/Teacher Conferences Letter

Maadi Community Theatre Season 3 is here!

Wonderful creations begin with the passion of ideas. We have developed a groundwork we wish to burgeon and weave into the Maadi community, and hopefully, the greater area of Cairo. The Maadi Community Theatre will continue with it's 3rd Audition Call December 1 and 2. We hope to continue to create a theatre society that will capture the attention, and also earn the dedication and support from our community, as this company will reflect the quality and potential within Maadi.

If you are interested, please sign up with the link below:

Link to Sign up for MCT

Our mandate is simple: develop a piece of theatre, fundraise, and charitably donate these funds at our discretion. 80% of all proceeds will go to the cause highlighted below, and 20% of the proceeds will go back into M.C.T. to fund future productions.

Who Benefits?
There will be one main cause that we will be charitably donating to. The Fard Foundation has been doing excellent work over the years helping refugees in need. Given the current global climate they have been focusing on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. We will also be adding on another charity this year to continue giving to the maadi community.

Check us out on Facebook


From the Welcome & Integration Committee


Photography Workshop

November 29th at 1:30pm in MS Room 115 by Amani Ismail


Amani Ismail is a fine art photographer specialising in babies and families. She is a molecular biologist by profession and a photographer by serendipity! What started as a hobby photographing her two young children quickly morphed into a full time job as the founder of Sweet Pea Photography.  


This short workshop titled 'How to Photograph Your Children' will cover the basic principles of  using natural light, optimal camera angles, composition, how to capture emotion, and how to document everyday moments. This workshop does not require the use of a professional camera; a good old phone will do just fine!


To sign up for this workshop please email :

Heba Elsamni - hebaelsamni@gmail.com or

Farida Khamis - fkhamis@orientalweavers.com 


Positive Discipline Workshop (Ages 0-6)

December 4th at 8:30 am in the Common room by Amina Diab, Child Psychologist

Workshop duration: 2 Hours; Price: 400 L.E.

Amina Diab is a child psychologist, parent educator and parent coach. She strives to help families build strong parent-child relationships based on the foundations of respect, love and trust. Amina advocates gentle guidance and positive discipline parenting to help raise competent, responsible and self-reliant children. Amina Diab is currently a doctoral researcher in Education at the university of Bath. After pursuing her masters in child & adolescent psychology, she has been working with a variety children ranging from behavioral issues to developmental abilities to learning disorders.

Workshop Information

Title: Positive Parenting Level 1: fostering stronger parent-child relationships (Ages 0-6)

During this workshop, we discover the main criteria for implementing positive parenting into our daily routine by empowering parents with proven yet practical tools to apply today. All topics discussed fall under the umbrella of developing strong parent-child relationships based on love, trust and respect. This is the first out of our 3 level positive parenting series; each level builds on previous knowledge and enriches your parenting learning experience further.

Topics we will explore together:

• Developing an understanding of the different forms of parenting styles; which one do you fall under?

• Understanding your child’s cognitive developmental stage and whether this meets expectations.

• How to better communicate and connect with your child through your method of discipline; why punishments and bribes are not preferred and what to use instead.

• Discover the influence of words you might be using everyday; are they discouraging or empowering your children.

• Proven Strategies and tools that cushion your everyday power struggles during morning and bedtime routines.

To sign up for this workshop please email:

Heba Elsamni - hebaelsamni@gmail.com or

Farida Khamis - fkhamis@orientalweavers.com


Positive Discipline Workshop

Ages 7-12:  December 6th at 8:30 am in the Common room by Amina Diab, Child Psychologist

Workshop duration: 2 Hours; Price: 400 L.E.

Parenting your Preteen (Ages: 7-12)

Preteens have a lot going on and can be difficult to parent. They need your guidance, patience and most importantly a strong relationship to lean on during these rough times for them.

Here are some the topics we will explore in our session together:

• What are preteens years and what should parents expect during this developmental stage.

• Discover the proven strategies that empower you to guide your child to competence and confidence.

• Building stronger parent-preteen relationships by mastering emotional honesty and respect.

• Is your preteen beginning to bend the truth, avoiding confrontations or withdrawing from opening up to you? Find out why and what you can do to encourage self-expression.

• Learn several parenting tools that you can use to guide your child to embrace and looking forward to challenges using ‘Growth Mindset’ thinking.

To sign up for this workshop please email:

Heba Elsamni - hebaelsamni@gmail.com or

Farida Khamis - fkhamis@orientalweavers.com


From the PTO

The PTO would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving weekend! We are grateful to be part of this wonderful CAC community.   

Next PTO Meeting

The next monthly PTO meeting will be on Tuesday, December 5th at 1:30 pm at the PTO Room (#626A) which is located on the second floor of the admin building near the front entrance. All parents are welcome!

PTO meetings generally take place on the first Tuesday of every month.

Book Fair

We are looking forward to the annual PTO Book Fair that will take place December 10-14.

Upcoming PTO Parent Trips

Spaces are limited. Please sign up using the links below:

Islamic Cairo & Khan el Khalili Shopping - Dec. 11


Islamic Cairo & Khan el Khalili Shopping - Dec. 18


International Festival

Planning is underway for the Cairo American College’s 2018 International Festival on Friday, March 16, and we are in need of volunteers!

If you are interested in organizing a booth for your country or volunteering in any other capacity, please contact the International Festival Coordinator, Kourtney LaGesse, at cacinternationalfestival@gmail.com.


Save the date:

The CAC Gala will take place on Friday, May 4, 2018.

This year’s gala theme will be ancient Egypt! Ladies, channel your inner Cleopatra and get ready to step back in time in all your glamour!

Gentlemen, don’t worry! We don’t expect you to dress up as a Pharaoh, (unless you really want to!) but we promise you will have a fantastic time!

If you would like to be part of the gala committee which will start meeting early 2018, or if you can support/sponsor this important PTO fundraiser in any way, please send an email to Hengameh Murphy, the CAC Gala Coordinator at murphysaroundtheworld@yahoo.com

PTO Facebook Group

This private group is a good way to keep informed of all the PTO activities, see pictures of our events and communicate with fellow PTO members.

You can join the CAC PTO group on Facebook using the following link: