Eagle Eye 02-08-2018

Thank you to parents and teachers for organising and having fun at the Family Math Night! The night was a true reminder of how lucky we are to have such supportive, engaged parents and students who love to learn math. Students and parents are welcome to check these games out of our ES library. All the games from the Family Math Night will be there. Enjoy!

Emergency Contact Updates

In the event we need to quickly get in touch with families, please make sure your emergency contact is up to date. You can do this via Skyward. Directions here. Thank you!

Core Values



3C Field Trip to the Egyptian Museum


Grade 5 Science Fair



ES Family Picnic

What's for lunch

Our menu from Richoux for next week is attached here.


Lunch cards only accepted.


Monday, Feb. 12: Pizza.
Cash only.

1 Slice (LE 20), 2 Slices (LE 25), 3 Slices (LE 30)

Prices include juice and a cookie.

ES Photos Live Website

Click here for the link:ES Photos website.

This is a live link and we will always continue to add to it. If you would like to share photos that you have taken for ES events, please send to esphotos@cacegypt.org. Hope you enjoy them.



Feb. 13 - ES Assembly - 2R (7:55 am - 8:25 am, ES Hall)

Feb. 13 -
ES Spelling Bee Semi Finals (3:30 pm - 4:30 pm, ES Hall)

Feb. 18 -
1M Music Informance (11:30 am - 12:10 pm)

Feb. 19 - 1C Music Informance (11:30 am - 12:10 pm)

Feb. 20 - ES Assembly - 1M (7:55 am - 8:25 am, ES Hall)

Feb. 20 - ES Spelling Bee Finals (8:30 am - 9:30 am, ES Hall)

Feb. 21 - 1S Music Informance (11:30 am - 12:10 pm)

Feb. 22 - ES Trimester 2 Ends

Feb. 22 - ES After School Activities Session 2 Ends

Feb. 25 - ES Trimester 3 Begins

Feb. 27 - ES Assembly - 3D (7:55 am - 8:25 am, ES Hall)

From the Handbook

Bikes and scooters are not generally allowed on the campus. The exception is weekends and school holidays, when the path around ES is open to youngsters interested in learning to bike/scooter. Students are welcome to come, with a parent, to try biking/scootering at school. The following rules will apply:

See more on page 61
Please help to make sure our campus is safe. No riding in the corridors or the ramps.
Student/Parent Handbook



From the Elementary Music Department: Elementary Choir  


The fourth and fifth grade Elementary Choir will be offered as an After-School Activity beginning Wednesday, February 28, meeting every Sunday and Wednesday from 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm in ES 42 (across from the Music room). The students will be learning and applying appropriate singing technique using children’s choral literature in preparation for their performances. This class will conclude Sunday, May 13, and the Elementary Choir will perform in the Grade 4-5 May15 concerts.

Applications are being sent with the children to take home for parents to complete and return to me. Here is the Registration Form.


In addition, you are required to register notice of your child’s enrollment with the After-School Activities program. For the next session, please log into your dashboard and use the ASA sign up link to register your child for choir.​ Thank you!


Reminder to after-school swimmers: You will need to sign up to swim on Mondays and Thursdays if you want to sing and swim after school. If you have any questions, please send an email to <rnerenhausen@cacegypt.org>


Rebecca Nerenhausen

Elementary Music Specialist


On the Trail of King Tut - Grade 3 Field Trip

Grade 3 students investigated the King Tut collection at the Egyptian Museum this week. During Egypt Culture classes, each student has been researching one of the many pieces of the collection and had a chance to a share their expertise with the class.


Grade 5 Science Demo Fair

Grade 5 research learning groups shared their findings at a culminating demo fair this week based on the overarching understanding that over time, living things change/adapt in order to survive. As the environment of living things change, animals and plants adapt, relocate or become extinct.

The research process used is also important, and for this unit the Big6 research model taught, and modelled, structures for the learning groups to work within. Learn more here.


Counseling Corner

Positive Discipline

A hot topic among psychologist, educators and parents revolves around the possible effects of technology on children and adults. While we want to make sure that our children are keeping up with technology we also want to make sure that their interpersonal skills are developing appropriately. Positive Discipline has included some very practical ideas on how to  support a balance between technology and healthy interpersonal growth.


Limit Screen Time

Technology Intervention Clip


Core Value

This month’s Core Value is Creativity.  The elementary school defines creativity as, “being inspired to imagine and explore”.  A lot of the time we think of creativity as relating to the  arts, however, creativity is more complex and fascinating.  In elementary, we will be spending the month exploring the idea of creativity with students.  You can help support our efforts at home by investigating the concept with your child.  

How do you define creativity?  Are there things that hinder creative thinking?  

Attached is a thought-provoking article from the New York Times about developing creativity. Take a look and let us know what you think.

How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off

Carey Harris
Guidance Counselor  
Dana Purpura
School Counselor


After School Activities - Repeated

Important Dates

  • The current after school activities will continue until the week of Feb.18- Feb.22.
  • There will be no ASA on the week of Feb. 26 except for ES Choir
  • There will be no ASA on the week of March 4 and March 11
  • Sign up link will open on the ASA website during the week of March 4-10 (open for ​7​​​ days​ including a weekend​)
  • Schedules will be sent by email to parents on Wednesday, March 14
  • Session begins on the week of March 18 - May 17
  • Session 2 Feedback : A few more weeks! before we end this current session of activities. We love to hear your feedback so we can always improve this program. Please click on this quick  Feedback
  • Click here for theASA Website
  • Excuse Form :If for any reason students cannot attend their ASA on a specific day, parents need to submit this Form.

Girls Get Strong
Girls Get Strong will host its third Health and Fitness Conference on Saturday, March 17th.  The theme of this year’s conference is Girls Get Strong: In Action.  We are looking for students, parents, and community members who have a strong desire to empower girls with the knowledge, confidence, strength, inspiration, and/or leadership skills to be socially, emotionally, and physically healthy. If you are interested in facilitating a workshop or leading a fitness class   please email Ms. Riddle at rriddle@cacegypt.org.




2018 Theme: "CAC in Egypt"

Extended Deadline: 4:00 pm, Thursday, March 15, 2018


  • There will be first, second and third in each of three age categories for students and one grand prize for the CAC community category.
  • Age categories are 4-8, 9-13, and 14-18 and CAC Community Adults
  • The following prizes will be awarded in cash in 4-8 and 9-13, 14-18 age categories.
    1st - $100, 2nd - $50, 3rd - $25.
  • CAC Adult Community member grand prize is $200 in cash.


  • All CAC students, alumni, teachers, staff and parents are eligible to participate.

Artwork Specifications

  • Artwork must address the given theme.
  • Only flat media will be accepted.
  • Any medium (pastel, watercolor, oil, pencil, crayon, digital art, etc.) is acceptable.
  • Submissions must be entirely or essentially the artist’s original work.
  • Found material such as bits of wallpaper, photographs or printed matter may be used, e.g., in a collage, but must be presented in an original way in the context of an essentially new composition.
  • Dimensions of submitted work should be minimum 13.4" x 14.2" or 34 cmx 38 cm and maximum 21.65" x 27.5" or 55 cm x 70 cm Portrait dimensions


Use of Artwork

  • Artwork will become the property of CAC/PTO/Booster Club and will not be returned to artist.
  • CAC may use submitted artwork in CAC-related publicity or products and retains the right to sell the artwork for fundraising purposes.

Submitting Artwork

  • All entries, including digital artwork, MUST be dropped off at the Spirit Store.
  • For digital artwork, please include both a printed and the digital version.
  • Artwork must ARRIVE by the stated deadline of March 15, 2018.
  • A completed Entry Form MUST accompany the artwork and be attached to the back of the submission.

Entry forms available at the Spirit store. Artwork and Entry Forms must be dropped off at the Spirit Store by 4:00 pm on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

Click here for: Art Contest Entry Form