Eagle Eye 09-20-2018


Lovely and important messages of peace at our PreK-12 assembly this morning.


This Tuesday instead of Assembly we will have our first house event for the year! The house system brings students from different grade levels together to create a sense of unity across and within grade levels. Monthly house activities are organized during Tuesday assembly time, when students work together in a variety of cooperative games and activities. Students earn house points in a spirit of friendly competition, embodying our core values. All siblings are put in the same house from PreK to Grade 8. Students will also have an opportunity to join the middle school students twice per year. A plaque is awarded to the winning team at the end of the year. We will meet on the ES lawn and house teams will meet their house captains to learn a house cheer before we will have a cheer off.


Each student has received a house shirt. Thank you to the Booster Club for their support in paying for these.

Student Health Records Reminder - Due September 27

Thank you to the parents who have updated their child/children’s health records via your parent dashboard and to Grade 3 parents who have submitted the mandatory paper health records, we appreciate your support. Those who have not updated or submitted health records have until September 27.


After this date your child will not be permitted to attend school until the records are up to date.

Core Values



Aug./Sept. Birthday Lunch          

Teachers in Science PD


Stone Art Session


What's for lunch

Our menu from Richoux for next week is attached here.


Monday, Sept. 24th: Koshari.


Click here for the link:
ES Photos website.

If you would like to share photos that you have taken for ES events, please email them to: esphotos@cacegypt.org.


Click here for the LOST AND FOUND Report LINK



Sept. 22 - ES Production Rehearsal (12:00 pm - 4:00 pm)

Sept. 25 - House Event (7:55 am - 8:25 am)

Sept. 27 - Grade 5 Unity Day & Health records due

Sept. 30 - Oct. 3 - ES Photos

Oct. 2 - ES Assembly - 5G (7:55 am - 8:25 am, ES Hall)


After School Activities Website

Click here for the After School Activities website link.

School Photos - (Sept. 30 - Oct. 3)
It’s time for the Elementary School students to be photographed. We have arranged for a professional photographer to come to school from September 30 - October 3rd, 2018. She will photograph each student individually as well as take a class group photo. Parents will have the option of selecting one of the packages outlined on the envelope that was sent home.

To order photographs, write your child’s name and class code on the envelope and check the package you would like to order. It is necessary to fill out a SEPARATE ENVELOPE FOR EACH CHILD IN YOUR FAMILY. Please include the money in the envelope and send it with your child on the day his/her picture is scheduled. Click here for ES Photo Schedule 18-19

If you would like to take a Sibling photo, this will be after school starting 3:15 pm on Tuesday, October 2nd, or Wednesday, October 3rd ONLY in the Grade 1 Common Room (1st floor). Sign-up sheet will be in the office starting September 23rd.

All orders should be paid in Egyptian currency. No checks are accepted and exact change is required. A make-up day will be scheduled for students who are absent or need to be retaken at a later date.

For those who would like a family photo at an additional cost, you may arrange a separate appointment with the photographer: Kathrin Sombold (0100-566-0979), email: ksombold@gmail.com.

We expect all photos will be returned in time for the winter holidays.


Skyward Directory Parent Email

Dear CAC Parents,

This year, due to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we will no longer print and distribute a hard copy of the CAC Family Directory. We will, however, be making family contact information available through our Student Information System, Skyward. The Skyward directory has some great features: you can search for families by homeroom or by grade level. You can choose which contact information you wish to include and you can print your search results. However, each family which agrees, needs to “opt-in” to the directory; in other words, families need to verify that they would like to make their contact information available to other CAC families. If you choose not to opt-in, your contact details will not be listed in the Skyward directory.

To opt-in to the directory, please log into Skyward Family Access:

1- Click on the “My Account” link at the top:

2- In the School Directory section, Tick the “Add family” checkbox if you wish to be listed in the online directory and select the information to be included:

3- Click on the “Save” button at the top right:

4- The contact information you agreed to publish will be listed in the online directory shared with CAC parents:

I hope you have had a chance to review your contact information on Skyward Family Access, in order to make sure that the data we have on record is accurate. Please go to the Account settings to check the accuracy of the information:

If you need any technical help with  Skyward’s Family Access, the Technology department will be available to support you if you drop in to the Technology Center (ground floor of the Middle School Building) on Tuesday, September 25th between 8:00 am and 10:00 am, or between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm


Please understand that if you do choose to print the data to have it easily accessible at home, that it is confidential and should be destroyed when you no longer need it.

With kind regards,


Danya Amin




Counseling Corner

Great Resource: Social Media

We are all influenced by the images that we see on the web, in magazines and on television. One way that we can help support our children in debunking the images that they see in magazines, commercials and on the internet is to help them determine the the purpose behind what they are seeing.  An Australian based parent website has a great article about how to teach children the different advertising strategies and how to make a game of determining which is being used. The more they know, the more they won’t be swayed by what they see. Check it out. raising children.net

Guidance Update: “Are you looking for blame or are you looking for solutions?”

In guidance students are reviewing the Problem Solving Steps we use to solve conflicts respectfully.  Click the song link to view a fun, short video on all 4 of the problem solving steps. Problem Solving Song

The 1st step in the process is to Say the Problem Without Blame. Students are learning to stay away from blaming words, such as, always, never, because of you and it's’ all your fault. Instead, we are using words such as, we, both, want, need and feel. Stating a problem without blaming someone is not an easy thing to do, especially when emotions are high. Using non-blaming language, such as “we both want,” takes the focus away from blaming a person and puts the focus on solving the problem instead. Here are some examples of blaming versus non-blaming problem statements.

Blaming Problem Statement
“He is always hogging the swing”

“He never lets me finish my turn!”

Non-Blaming Problem Statement
“We both want to use the swing at the same time.”

“She’s cheating! She got tagged and she is it!”

“She’s lying! I wasn’t tagged!”

We disagree about who is “it”.

We’ve included a flowchart of the problem solving steps via the link below. This chart is user friendly for all sorts of problems, at home and school. We hope you find it useful.

Problem Solving Flow Chart

Dana Purpura

School Counselor

Guidance Teacher Gr. K-3


Carey Harris
Guidance Teacher
Gr. 4 & 5



After School Activities

Our first week went very smooth, thanks to all parents who shared the ASA schedules with their children every day.


Starting next week, students in grades 1-5 will be going to their ASAs independently. Please remind your child to come to the ES Activities office (located next to Greco) if they are not sure where to go.


Please note that students must attend the activities that they signed up for.


Students who miss 2 unexcused ASA classes without prior notification, may risk being removed from that activity and parents will be notified. They may not join other activities in the same session.

If your child has to miss an ASA class for any reason, or decides to cancel an activity, please click here > Form

We need to know that information asap so we can enroll other students who are in the waiting lists. Waiting lists will expire by October 7th.

To know more about ASA Attendance, please click here > Attendance & Commitment


Repeated Announcements

Important Attendance Information

Dear Parents,

In order to check your child’s detailed attendance report, please follow these steps:

1- Login to www.cacegypt.org

2- CAC Dashboard

3- Skyward icon

4- Go to family icon

5- Click on attendance and you will see your child’s total attendance for the year.

Information about the Attendance Policy can be found in the handbook link available on the CAC website: www.cacegypt.org > Learning > Elementary School >Elementary Handbook

Click here for the 2018-2019 handbook link : Elementary Handbook  (Pages 50 - 51)

Attendance Timeline Information 2018 - 2019



Trimester 1

Aug. 27 - Nov. 8

Trimester 2

Nov. 11 - Feb. 20

Trimester 3

Feb. 24 - June 12

School days





15 % of Trimester

8 days

8 days

10 days

Absence more than 15% of Trimester

Students receive only comments on report cards, no grades  

Recently admitted students

Students who were here at least 50% of the trimester will receive grades and comments.

Students who were here less than 50% of the trimester will only receive comments.

Dismissal Card - New System

Dismissal cards allow a designated adult to pick-up your child. By you giving the card to the designated pick-up person you are authorizing that adult to pick up your child. The card would then be shown to security in order for the student to be allowed off campus. The card allows for pick-up at the front or back gate only, not campus access. Examples, a driver, nanny or arranged playdate adult would show your child’s dismissal card at the gate in order for your child to be allowed off campus. Cards can be ordered from the Parent Dashboard the first week of October.


In the meantime, please send an email to your child’s teacher detailing the full names of the designated adult, your child and date before 1:00 pm on the day. This allows time for the school to inform security and ES office.


We ask that playdates be arranged ahead of time. Parents can give a dismissal card to allow pick-up.



MAP Assessment Information - Grades 3, 4 and 5

Please click the link for further information and see grade level blog for class schedule information coming soon.


Niall Williams  nwilliams@cacegypt.org

Curriculum/IB/AP Coordinator


Food Services in the School

The School contracts with food service vendors to provide opportunities to purchase food items on campus. Hot lunch is catered for KG-Grade 5. The menu was created from parents’ and students’ recommendations. NOTE: The PTO organizes pizza bi-weekly on Mondays.

Check the Eagle Eye for weekly lunch menu. Payment is made at CAC’s cashier in our Welcome Center. Minimum payment of 500 LE per student is required. Your Skyward secure online food service tab is part of your Skyward account and the link can be found on your parent dashboard. This system will support if you have more than one child in our division as each child has a personalized bracelet which will register who, when and cost of each hot lunch purchased. Parents, you can view this on their Skyward account.


Health/Photo Permission Updates

Skyward is our student information system which hosts all the important data such as emergency contact, health information and other information related to students. It is important that this data is current so that we can use this data for the school-related travel and for emergencies. Kindly check that the information we have for your child is accurate. If not, please log in to your Skyward parent account and update the information. Also, parents are required to provide medical authorization at the beginning of the year, which can now be done through Skyward. We no longer send paper copies home. However, new students and students in grades 3 will still need to hand in a doctor's physical examination by Sept. 27, 2018.

Kindly update this information by Sept. 27, 2018. Students whose health records are not updated will not be permitted to attend school after Sept. 27, 2018.

Our intention is to minimize the number of emails sent to parents to collect student information for various activities. In order to achieve that, the student information on Skyward must be current. Kindly help us by keeping your information current on Skyward Family Access.


If you have questions about this information, please reply to this address: skumar@cacegypt.org.

If you have technical questions, please direct them to technology@cacegypt.org.


Thanks and regards,

Santha Kumar

Director of Information Services

Booster Cafe

Visit the Cafe after school on Thursdays for your long-time favorites, hot dogs and taco-in-a-bag! We are also offering great new healthy options: fresh fruit and veggies, and homemade spring rolls. Run don't walk to get them while supplies last!


Spirit Store

The store has new youth and adult sweatshirts in stock. Get ready for Fall and your chilly WWW trips! What better way to show off your CAC spirit than with a cozy logo hoodie?

We are in desperately in need of small change! Do you have Egyptian LE coins or 5-pound bills to spare? Please bring them in to the store and we will gladly change them for larger bills!

A car key was found outside the store; please visit during open hours to claim it.

Fly Like an Eagle!

We want your summer and WWW shots! Take a great photo that clearly shows you wearing a CAC logo, and you may win some serious Spirit swag! Watch for the upload link soon.

The next Booster Club meeting with be in the library on Monday, October 22nd. Please join us!


Degla Dash - Friday, September 28th

Dedicated to Mr. Mike Ross - former physical education teacher and coach of Cairo American College who passed away after a short battle with cancer on October 23, 1995.

In appreciation for his wisdom and friendship to CAC and its community, all funds raised will be donated to The National Cancer Institute.

If anyone would like to donate without taking part in the race, your donation is more than welcome.

The Degla Dash online registration link is open now. Click here to register

Degla Dash Poster Announcement


From the PTO

What a great first Parent Trip exploring the hidden gems and highlights of Maadi!  See below for more great events, including the New Families Felucca Sail on Oct. 4th!


We’re here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance. Our email is cacpto@cacegypt.org.

Upcoming PTO Events

Tuesday, September 25th — Book Club meeting at Osana Family Wellness at 10:00 am (note the correct time). Our first book is "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids will Talk" by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish. To find the books please call Diwan Bookstores to pre-order & check availability. All are also available on audio books. Non CAC parents are welcome as well. This is an informal book club, having read the book is not an attendance requirement. Questions? Contact Nada Doraid at ndoraid@gmail.com.

Tuesday, October 2nd at 1:30 pm — PTO Meeting, open to all parents


Thursday, October 4th — Felucca Sail for New Families—see more info below and at http://whoozin.com/TQY-QHY-HR4W


Monday, Nov. 12th — Parent Trip: Heliopolis! For more info and to sign up: http://whoozin.com/HUY-NYG-DK6H


Thursday, October 25th — Halloween Carnival 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Come for the Elementary School Parade and stay for the carnival!  This event is designed for elementary aged students and their families.


Friday, February 1st — CAC PTO’s annual Gala, THE GREAT BIG BOLLYWOOD BASH at Sofitel Nile El Gezirah.



*It's time for the Halloween Spooktacular! We need all the candy you can donate to make this event a success! Candy donations will be accepted from Sunday, September 23-Thursday, October 11 at a table next to the Elementary School lawn.


Stay tuned for more information to come! Contact Jennifer Tyler at jennifertyler07@gmail.com with questions or to volunteer.


*The International Festival is one of our community’s favorite events and one of our main PTO fundraising events of the year. The International Festival takes place in the spring and celebrates the diversity of our CAC community. We are still in need of volunteers to lead the organizing committee for the International Festival on April 5th. Email us at cacpto@cacegypt.org for more information.


*Help with pizza day distribution and sales (11:45 am - 12:45 pm on alternating Mondays)—contact Sandy Kachour at +20 122 241 0241.


*Help plan the book fair in December—contact Andi Simiskey at simiskey1@aol.com.

*Help plan the gala on Feb 1st — This is one of our main fundraising events of the year and as every year, we promise you a great party! If you’d like to volunteer in the gala committee, please contact Marcela Clavel at marcelaclavel@yahoo.com.ar or sending her a message at 0127-5243232.

Newcomers Felucca Sail

Welcome New Parents!

You are invited to the New Parent-PTO Felucca Brunch.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Meet at CAC back gate at 10:30 am (returning by 1:30 pm).


Join other new parents and the PTO on a relaxing felucca (sailboat) ride on the Nile. Don't worry about the heat; it's breezy and cooler on the water, and we'll be under shade. The outing is Free -- all you need to do is to reserve your place byMonday, October 1 at this link (please include your mobile number when you sign up: http://whoozin.com/TQY-QHY-HR4W



*Meet at CAC's back gate at 10:30 am

*Arrive at the Nile Corniche and board the feluccas by 11:00 am

*Introductions to PTO members and each other; brunch* and conversation on the Nile

*Return to dock at 1:00 pm to board the buses

*Return to CAC’s front gate by 1:30 pm


*Menu to be determined; we usually try to highlight restaurants/caterers with CAC connections, and always provide vegetarian options.


We look forward to seeing you on this annual tradition :)


Ken & Keli Oldham,

PTO Welcome Committee


PTO Facebook Page

Join the CAC PTO Facebook page for updates, photos, and information about school and PTO events! Tell all your CAC parent friends!


Monthly Meeting

All parents and teachers are members of the PTO and we would love to see many of you at our meetings and activities. With rare exceptions, our monthly meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 1:30 pm, at the PTO room #626, on the second floor of the admin building, near the main gate.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 2nd. We look forward to seeing you there!

Pizza Days!

Pizza days in October are the 1st, 15th, and 29th. 1 slice for 30 LE, 2 for 40 LE, 3 for 50 LE. Includes juice or milk + cookie. Extra cookie, juice, or slice is 7 LE. Kids use their bracelet to purchase. Prices increased this year due to vendor costs doubling.