Eagle Eye 11-23-2016

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November 23, 2016
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Important Dates

Important Dates

Nov. 23 - ES report cards. See below for access info.

Nov. 23 - Half day. School closes 11:30am

Nov. 24 - Holiday. No school

Nov. 27 - Parent/Teacher conferences. Not a regular school day. 

Dec. 4-7 - Book Fair

  What's For Lunch?

The menu for the week starting 28 Nov. is here.

Monday is koshary day.

hot bowl

Principals' Note


In the last week many more fun, engaging events have been happening in and around the ES - field trips, art displays, general services appreciation lunch, celebrations of learning, reflections and goal setting, ES production auditions, and of course one of our favorites...Kids Day!


Next week’s assembly will be led by 4F. Parents are welcome to attend.

PreK Indoor Field Trip
SNAP! Our youngest CAC students had an experience they won’t soon forget when visiting with a crocodile and a donkey as part of their indoor Egypt Culture field trip. Check out the ES Fun Photos on the parent dashboard for more photos recording this special event.


Trimester 1 Reports (access information has been emailed to you)
Report cards for Trimester 1, 2016-2017 have now been posted on Skyward. Report cards are an important way we communicate to you about your child’s progress. Research tells us that the best grading practices measure students against specific, grade-appropriate standards. Grades are to give you and your child accurate information about their knowledge and demonstrated skills at this moment in time. Behaviors are not factored into academic grades, but are measured and reported separately. Comments are written to give detailed information about strengths and areas for growth. Please read the grading key carefully to note what each mark means.

Please access the report by following the steps below:

1-     Log onto theCAC website.

2-     When you log on to the CAC web site, you will find on the top left an icon for “Skyward”, which you will be using for accessing your child’s school information.

3-     When you click on the Skyward icon, you will be directed to another site, where you will need to re-enter the same username & password you used to log on to the CAC site.

4-     As soon as you log on to the Skyward page, on the top left, you can choose your child’s name if you have multiple childs, or you can just leave it as “All Students” and view all your children’s reports at the same time.

5-     Then, click on the “Portfolio” on the bottom left.

6-     There you can find the student’s Progress Reports/Report Cards.

If you need any further assistance regarding Skyward access, please contact felduweini@g-cacegypt.org

Trimester 1 Conferences
Our trimester one conferences are this Sunday, November 27. Thank you for signing up through Skyward. Students in Grades 2 through 5 are asked to join the first five minutes of the conference to share their progress toward their goals. There will be no school for Elementary School students on Sunday, November 27. This is such an important time to talk about how things have been going so far and to discuss goals for the rest of the year. We thank parents for their ongoing partnership with us and as a division your conference attendance reflects your support of us as a school. PreK-Grade 1 students do not attend conferences and playground monitors will be available to supervise students when parents are not in conferences.

Snacks available to buy at recess
Goodcals will be providing snacks to purchase during morning recess for LE 10 (The juice cards to be used to buy this). The snacks will start on Monday November 28th.
Includes: one Snack box (either fruits or veggies) plus a banana. 

CAC Core Values

We are delighted to be sharing a set of core value cards with each family - the youngest child will take them home. Teachers will give them out at the Parent/Teacher conferences on Sunday. Please see Mr Rutherford’s Superintendent’s newsletter for more information about these cards.






ES Panel Art

We are very proud to display the work that our students have been doing in art classes. Recent additions to admire are now along the walkway.



CAC Elementary Counseling Corner

Core Value
Compassion- One of our favorite core values is in  the spotlight for the month of November! They say that we become caring people by doing caring things… Share moments that someone showed you that they care and ask your child to share as well.

Interesting Article

Positive Discipline- Natural Consequences

Children usually feel bad or guilty when they make a mistake. Piggy backing lessens the learning that can occur from experiencing a natural consequence because the child stops processing the experience and focuses on absorbing or defending against the blame, shame, and pain.

Carey Harris                           Dana Purpura
Guidance Counselor                School Counselor
charris@g-cacegypt.org           dpurpura@g-cacegypt.org        












From the ES library

21st Century Libraries for Parents
We had a lively discussion about social media Monday at our November session of the 21st Century Libraries for Parents. Thanks to those who attended and contributed to our discussion.

Click here for the slideshow we shared. It has basic information about the most popular social apps among CAC students and links to resources.
The 21st Century Libraries for Parents will continue next year with sessions on blogging and podcasting. Do join us!

New on the Visual Tab - Sound and light resources for grade 3
The grade 3s are now studying light and sound in their science classes. We have lots of resources on the topic on the Visual Tab. Visit the library blog for instructions on how to access them.

As you may know, the Visual Tab houses a large collection of links to support CAC ES students studies. If you missed our beginning of the year orientation, or you’d like a refresher, please contact me.

Stop by on Sunday!
Parent Teacher Conferences are on Sunday. Feel free to stop by the library to check out some books and chat with the ES librarian, Mrs. Fitzgerald. This is a great time to come in for a demo of all the great resources in the library.

Wishing everybody a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving Weekend. Today we gave every ES Student a vanilla Muffin to cheer them up after Kids Day Activities. Thank you to Marny's for the lovely Treats.

Just a  reminder about our upcoming Events

Book Fair 4-7 December
Get ready for a very festive CAC Book Fair! This year, it will take place from December 4 to December 7 at the MS back courtyard, from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm! So leave your afternoons open and come attend some of the events we have in store for you from 3:20 pm onwards: Rania Hussein Amin, the author of the popular Farhana series will be hosting a book talk and signing; the MS/HS String Ensemble will provide us with a fabulous holiday-themed musical performance; as well as a live performance by Danny Malak, a talented local musician; Dr. Nigel Fletcher-Jones will read How I Became a Mummyby Leena Pekkalainen, and many more surprises! To add to the fun, everyday from 3:00-5:00 pm, there will be arts and crafts, as well as yummy snacks and treats provided by the Booster Club’s Spirit Café. Look for our posters to see the detailed program of activities.

This year the book fair is all about the holiday season and our theme is to “Give the Gift of Reading,” so please send in books if you’d like to donate to schools in need and it’s also the perfect opportunity to do some holiday gift shopping for yourself as well.

Teachers, please bring your CAC IDs with you to receive a special 5% discount from all the vendors.

Parents, we really need volunteers, so if you’d like to volunteer to help out, please sign up in the following Google doc (the schedule of ES class visits to the book fair is included in the sign-up sheet): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mnqzX1o4S93_x0s82aImZ0-zq_hH5hCYRGTA-tqbkhc/edit?usp=sharing.   

CAC International Festival 2017
Preparations are underway and we’d like to extend this invitation to invite anyone who would like to host or co-host a country specific booth at this year’s International Festival on Friday, March 17th to contact Sara Torosian at cacinternationalfestival@gmail.com.

Our first meeting for Country Representatives and those looking for more information will be held Monday December 5th at 8:15am in the Elementary School Library Front Classroom.

PTO Trips:
Our two most exciting Trips are coming up in December, a shopping trip to Khan Khalili.
Please sign up on this link or email Henagmah  Murphy, murphysaroundtheworld@yahoo.com
December 7th Trip http://whoozin.com/FM6-3TA-NDFV
December 12th Trip http://whoozin.com/RQT-FKU-VWTV

Parent Yoga

Check our Facebook page CAC PTO for more information about our trips and other activities.

Carmen Awn
PTO Chair

Announcing the Upper School Winter Music Concert
You are cordially invited to attend the Winter Night of Music featuring all of the performing groups in the upper school including Concert Bands, Orchestras, and Choirs. Admission is by Donation with proceeds going toward the relief efforts in Ras Ghareb MAAKOM school. Mark the date of November 30th showtime 6pm.

Ian McCuaig

 ES Student Leadership Team

Core Values Final ES.jpgComing up! Food Drive

November 23- November 27


We decided to have a food drive so that we can donate it to those who are less fortunate.
We have chosen the date as mentioned above, however, your support in deciding the charity locations is highly appreciated.
We will be collecting these nonperishable items:
Rice, Pasta, Beans and Lentils. We will announce more details in the coming newsletters.
If you know of a trusted, reliable place that deserve these donations.
Please fill inthis link

Thank you for your support
ES Student Leadership Team

 Ski Week in Italy, April 15 - 22, 2017

Details here.

Ski Trip Leader
Dino Bajagilovic

Moving on from CAC at the end of the semester?
To help us prepare your records in time for your departure, please use the link below to let us know if you are withdrawing from CAC this semester.http://www.cacegypt.org/about/withdraw14.php

A few days before your departure, a withdrawal form that includes several signatures must also be completed and turned in to the Admission/Registrar‘s Office to release records. Withdrawal forms can be picked up from the counseling offices or can be downloaded from the same website.

Please note that High School transcripts including this semester's grades will not be available until January 22, 2017