News and Views 03-22-2018

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March 22, 2018
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MS Spirit Week

Sunday March 25th -
Thursday March 29th


MS Principal's Coffee Morning

Wednesday March 28th
10:00 am - MS 115


 Spring Break

Friday March 30th
Monday April 9th







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March 28  



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Dear Parents,


Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the Middle School News and Views. First and foremost we say “Mabrouk" to the PTO for sponsoring last Friday’s International Festival. It was a great festival and a wonderful celebration of our diverse community. It was great to see so many people attending the festival. Thanks to Kourtney Le Gisse and to all of the parents for their efforts to bring this great event to our community. 


On a different note, in the future, when we have a whole school activity of that magnitude the CAC community should be mindful and lead by example and throw trash in the garbage bin provided. Afterall, we are responsible for our environment. We all want a clean school so let’s do our part to keep our campus clean.


It has been another terrific week of learning, with students preparing to embark on the immigration unit in eighth grade Social Studies. In grade seven Science, students are creating a baby book by using the Periodic Table. In grade six Science, students were dropping their eggs in a self made parachute to see if their capsule were strong enough to prevent the egg from breaking.





I just wanted to give recognition to those staff members involved in this years Girls Get Strong Conference. Beatriz, Gaby, and Fides planned and delivered a salsa dancing activity that was absolutely spectacular. According to the organizer “it was the highlight of the conference and I'm confident it was for many of the girls.” 


​Chelsea Hicks, Ashley Gramolini, Carey Harris, and Samah Kamel facilitated workshops/activities.Stephanie Barker, Claudia Bean, Ereeny Gergess, Engy Rabie, Heba Farouk, Chandra Claussen, Bonnie Greene, Marianne Fahmy, Juana Nolasco, Marla Starr, Jackie Redhage, Tai Torky, Josianne Fitzgerald, and Ashley Parnell all volunteered their time to help throughout the conference, a huge thank you to all. 


On Wednesday during SSR time our entire sixth grade Skype with the author of the book “ When Worry Takes Hold.”  The upcoming Principal Coffee morning will be on a topic we hear about but never really sit down and discuss as a school community. Anxiety is the most common emotional problem in children. Kids can develop crippling worries about many things, from germs to vomiting, to not having any friends. Some anxious kids are painfully shy, and avoid things that other kids enjoy, Some have tantrums and meltdowns, and others develop elaborate rituals, like compulsive hand washing, aimed at diminishing the fear. The Child Mind Institute provides resources, articles and information about the most common anxiety disorders in children, practical advice for parenting anxious children, and the best treatments—both behavioral therapy and medication—for anxiety. We hope you will be able to join us.



Author 2



Author 1


Thanks for your continuous support of the middle school.


In Partnership,
Courtney Bailey

Middle School Principal 

News & Announcements


 MS Student Led Assembly 




SLed 3


SLed 2




This Week's Soaring Eagle Award Winners


SEA 22 3 18




What Is Booster Club?


The CAC Booster Club is a volunteer organization run by CAC parents to assist and encourage both athletics and activities for all CAC students. It's original purpose was to support CAC athletics and increase school spirit. Over the past few years, however, the CAC Booster Club has broadened its goals and now supports CAC students in elementary, middle, and high school. 

In order to provide this support, the Booster Club raises money from the Spirit Store and the Spirit Cafe. Through these profits, Booster Club is able to offer athletic travel scholarships, offer financial support to such campus activities as ISSTA, Girls Get Strong, and the Race to Clean Air. 

Booster Club Executive Board Vacancies

The Booster Club Executive Board is looking to fill two (2)  Executive Board vacancies: President and Vice President. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 11:00 am. Come join us as we strive to support CAC!!

If you are interested in joining Booster Club Executive Board, please email us at





Congratulations to the winners of the

PTO and Booster Club Art Contest



Please claim your prizes at the Spirit Store



Category 4-8

1st Place (100USD) :          Osama El-Baz (3rd grade)

2nd Place (50USD):           Astrid Cedarblad (2nd grade)

3rd Place (25USD):             Evelyn Loveless (1st grade)

Category 9-13

1st Place (100USD) :          Owen Loveless (6th grade)

2nd Place (50USD):           Nayun Kim (3rd grade)

3rd Place (20USD each):   Sofia Ilick  (5th grade), Nour Lokma (4th grade)


Category 14-18

1st Place (100USD) :          Victoria Sokolnikova (9th grade)

2nd Place (50USD):           Seona Kim (11th grade)

3rd Place (25USD):             Paige Allison (10th grade)





Winner (tie, 100USD each):      Margaret Fisher (faculty) and Li Yongmei (parent)


Thank you to all who sent in their entries. Please claim your Certificates of Participation from the Spirit Store.


Astrid Cedarblad


Chao Yao

Troie Kalliope

Ranya Bazir

Madeline Harris

Eshal Ahmed

Evelyn Loveless

Natalie Salama

Osama El-Baz

Silvana Ragaban

Moaiz Jadoon

Shin Soeun

Nour Lokma

Nayun Kim

Alois Beelen

Eunseo Choi

Shahnaz Islam

Margaret Fish

Sofia Ilick

Mae Greene

Radu Lesiak

Anna Logan

Kate Greene

Owen Loveless

Grace Stephen

Yamma Elshabrawy

Ali Hefzy

Ziad Elmokadem

Chiara Burini

Federica Burini

Kim Jae Yoon

Paige Allison

Seona Kim

Shi Bai Quian

Tracy Macdonald

Victoria Sokolnikova




CAC Service Learning and Fundraising News



Dayertna GSS Tutoring Project is calling for Volunteers:

(February 17th- May 12)

Dayertna is a HS Global Issues Service club project that works towards creating a circle of knowledge among CAC Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents and General Support Staff (GSS) by providing educational classes in English, Arabic, and Computer. To know more details about our project please press this Link 


If you are a parent, Faculty, Staff or Alumni Sign up here:

If you a current CAC Student, Sign up here:



If you need more information, please contact Ms. Mariam Hassan, the Service Learning Coordinator on




Lost and Found


Part of educating students at CAC is encouraging independence through increasing responsible behaviors. We constantly encourage students to label their items so that they are easily identified and returned back to the owner. It is also important that students know what to do when they lose any of their items.


Here is what we advise students to do when they report a lost item:

1- Look everywhere (lost & found table/class/playground/inside backpacks/home ,etc,...)
2- Ask Others (friends/teachers/parents/siblings,etc,..)
3-Ask parents to report to the lost and found link. Upper grade students can do this too.
4- Use the same link to report when item is found.


In order to support our students and community members with the above process, we created the below Lost and Found link to help us track of lost and found items.



CoreValuesWeb Web




From the PTO   

The International Festival:

The PTO would like to thank all our country representatives and the volunteers for an amazing International Festival, without their time, effort and generosity, it would not have been possible. A special thanks to Kourtney LaGesse (Festival coordinator), Cindy Avery (Raffle coordinator), Ken Oldham (Parade coordinator) and Johnny Meyer (MC ) 

Thanks to all our sponsors for their generous donations.

And a big thank you to our amazing CAC community.


March PTO Parent Trip

We regret that the PTO Parent Trip for March 27th is cancelled. 

We have been advised not to schedule any outside activities due to potential security concerns surrounding the presidential elections. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and will be sending out info regarding the April parent trip soon.


CAC Gala

Tickets will be going on sale soon!

The CAC Gala is one of our major fundraising events
for all our activities throughout the year.

This year’s Gala theme will be ANCIENT EGYPT

Ladies, channel your inner Cleopatra and get ready to step back
in time in all your (Egyptian inspired) glamour!

Gentlemen, don’t worry! We don’t expect you to dress up as a Pharaoh,
(unless you really want to!) but we promise that you will have a fantastic time!





There will be many vacancies for the 2018-19 PTO Executive Board. If you are interested in running for any of these positions (all positions except for Middle School CAF Rep will be open) please send an email to

Being part of the executive committee of the PTO is a very worthwhile and gratifying way to volunteer your time for the well being of the school and our children! Please consider running!




Three Cheers to Ms. Spencer and Mrs. Medina for their efforts in organizing the student led assembly.


Three Cheers to Marie, Mick, Selena and Marisa, for chaperoning the Foot + Loose musical on Thursday night.


Three Cheers to Ms. Riddle for the Girls Get Strong Conference last weekend. 


Three Cheers to Mr. Johnson, Mr. Orion, Mr. McCuaig, Ms.Shalaby, Ms. Jeong and Mr. Khalifa for their contributions to the Foot + Loose performance.


Three Cheers to Fides and Fadi for their efforts with the Master schedule for 2018-19.


Three Cheers to Ms. Medina for organizing the Skype conversation with the author of “When Worry Takes Hold” for the entire grade six class. 



Come out this Friday to support your MS Volleyball teams. Both teams will be in action to solidify the best Cairo! Good luck Eagles!!



 Boys: CAC1, CAC2, HAYAH, Schutz.  Red Schedule

Girls: CAC1, Hayah1, HAYAH2, Schutz. Blue Schedule


Main Gym Court


Elementary Gym Court




CAC vs. Hayah1 BLUE


Hayah2 vs. Schutz BLUE

Hayah vs. Schutz RED


CAC2 vs. Hayah RED

Hayah1 vs. Schutz BLUE


CAC vs. Hayah2 BLUE

CAC1 vs. Schutz RED


CAC2 vs. Schutz RED

Hayah1 vs. Hayah2 BLUE


CAC vs. Schutz BLUE

CAC1 vs. Hayah RED


Boys- #1 vs. # 2 for 1st RED

Boys #3 vs. #4 for 3rd RED


Girls- #1 vs. # 2 for 1st BLUE

Girls- #3 vs. #4 for 3rd BLUE


Awards Presentation

Awards Presentation