News and Views 12-08-2016

 December 08, 2016
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Prophet's Birthday Holiday

Sunday, December 11th

Battle of the Books - Sign ups

Monday, December 12th
Tuesday, December 13th
Lunch Time

House Mannequin Challenge

Tuesday, December 13th
During Advisory

MS House Day

Thursday, December 15th

Winter Break

Friday, December 16th
School resumes on Sunday, January 8th




December 11



December 12



December 13



December 14



December 15



Dear Parents,

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the Middle School News and Views. It has been another successful week of learning in the Middle School, as our students have been busy completing projects and assessments in advance of the Winter Break - which is now only one week away. We had our Winter Wonderland Social last night, which was a nice, good and clean fun for those in attendance. It is always good to see our students dress up. The mannequin challenge was a big hit last night.

On Monday, December 12, we will have a special guest on campus speaking to our grade six students during Science. Dr. Farouk El-Baz is an Egyptian-American Space scientist, who worked with NASA, assisting in the planning of scientific exploration of the Moon; which included the selection of landing sites for the Apollo Missions. On Tuesday, December 13th our Grade Six students will be going on a field trip to the Cairo Museum. Taking the learning outside the traditional class has proved to be a great experience for our students to learn about Egyptology.

Next week, on the last day before the Winter Break - Thursday, December 15th, we have made plans for an Elementary/Middle School House “field event”; where students will engage in friendly competitions with each other throughout the morning. The afternoon will involve a free pizza lunch courtesy of the PTO, and some friendly sports’ competitions between houses. It should be a beautiful day and a great way to wind down the first half of the school year.

We would like to remind parents, that if you are planning to take your child out of school before the scheduled break commences at the end of next week, a written note must be sent to the Middle School Office. This note should indicate the student’s name, dates of absence/s, and the reason for the absence. Students then need to collect the Notification of Student Absence form from the office and see their teachers to receive any work to be missed during the absence. Ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete missed work. While we will not assign homework over the break, other than reading, students who do leave early may miss work from classes being held next week. Thank you for your cooperation with this. A link to the form can also be accessed below:

Thank you for reading this week news and views.

In Partnership,




To help us prepare your records in time for your departure, please use the link below to let us know if you are withdrawing from CAC this semester.

A few days before your departure, a withdrawal form that includes several signatures must also be completed and turned in to the Admission/Registrar‘s Office to release records. Withdrawal forms can be picked up from the counseling offices or can be downloaded from the same website.

Please note that High School transcripts including this semester's grades will not be available until January 22, 2017.

Soaring Eagle Award Winners


Battle Of The Books



Winter Wonderland Social










HOUSE MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE! Tuesday, December 13th during Advisory

Houses will meet during advisory and have 20 minutes to devise their Mannequin Challenge. Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes. Videos will be judged on creativity and show of most house spirit! Each video will be shown on Thursday to the entire MS and winners will be announced. Talk to your House Leaders if you have ideas!

MS HOUSE DAY! - Thursday, December 15th

Thursday, December 15th is a full school day but there will be no regular classes. In the morning we will be doing a joint house event with the Elementary School. Students will be in mixed groups with students from KG to 8th grade and move through three activities. Respect, Responsibility and Collaboration will be key! After our House event with Elementary, we will be doing other events throughout the day. The schedule will be shared soon. If you are going to be absent on this day, let your advisor know!

CAC Ski Trip

Dear Middle School Students,

CAC is again organizing Ski trip for the Spring break, 2017. This year the trip is taking place in Passo Tonale, Italy. This is a full week trip in beautiful Italian Alps. If you are interested please submit your application using below link. We have a limited number of spaces.

Semi-Annual Clothing Drive
for the Benevolence Committee

From November 30 th - December 13th there will be a collection box near the front entrance of the school for the Benevolence Committee clothing drive. The Benevolence Committee is a group of women from the community that work all year to support 80+ charitable organizations (orphanages, homes for the elderly, schools for the disabled, etc.). Twice a year they collect and distribute gently used household items, clothes, toys as well as rice. Thank you for any contribution you are able to make!


PTO Logo

Hope everybody enjoyed the PTO BOOK FAIR!
A big thank you to our organizers, Sarah Salmawy, Rana Harouny and Sandrine Kachour. Their dedication and hard work made the Book Fair possible.
We would also like to thank the Booster Club for the delicious treats. 
We are grateful for the support of Soha Daghash and Farida Khamis, our main sponsors. Without the tents and carpets, the Book Fair would not have been as successful.

PTO Meetings 
We need your help! 
Not many parents attend our PTO meetings! The meetings currently take place on the first Tuesday of every month at the PTO room on the second floor of the old admin building at 1:30 pm.
In order to maximize parent participation in the PTO, we would like to know when is the most convenient time for most parents to attend. Please take the quick survey on our Facebook page and choose the option that suits you best.
Starting in January through the end of this school year, we plan to rotate the time of PTO monthly meetings between 8am, 1:30 pm and 6 pm to see if we can get more parents to attend. Parent turnout during the next semester will help us determine the best time for these meetings in the next school year.
Below is the link to our PTO Facebook page:

PTO Parent Trip December 12 Khan el Khalili:

Get your holiday shopping done in style while learning to haggle with the best! We will guide you to our favorite shops in the Khan, stopping to absorb the history of this medieval market. Cap the day with a delicious lunch at Naguib Mahfouz! All trips need at least 10 people to operate. The cost is 100LE, which covers transportation, security, and tour guide.

Entrance fees, meals, refreshments, and any shopping is the participant’s responsibility.
We meet at 8:30 a.m. at the back gate of CAC and return no later than 2:00 p.m.
We will be accompanied by a professional tour guide and a security guide from CAC.

You can sign up via the link below. Please be sure to leave us your phone number when you sign up.
Dec 12:


Three Cheers to Marisa and Amy for the launching of the Battle of the Books.
Three Cheers to Lamia Hassanein who donated the new cushions for the sofas in the common area.
Three Cheers to the following parents; Rana Harouny, Sarah Salmawy, Nevine El Shabrawy, Eman Al Anani, Dina Shehata, Maha Shoukry, Jean Lee, Azza Khattab, Heather Mercer, Bev Ryver, Salma Adly, Cindy Chen, Manal Aboudaoud, Mai Abdelmequid, Nada Doraid, Yasmeen Guindy, Kerri Guerin, Elham Elanani, Gailan Fahim, Nevin El-Tabaa, and Keli Oldham for their time and efforts during the PTO book Fair.
Three Cheers to Soha and Daghash Tents for providing the tents decoration of the Book Fair.
Three Cheers to Maadi Community Theater Production team; Mr. Zerr-Smith, Ms. Bowditch, Mr. Dunham, Ms. S. Knox, Ms. Ibrahim, Ms. Harris, Ms. Rutherford, MS. Siddiqi.
Three Cheers to Andy, Amy, Julie and Rosanna for chaperoning the Winter Social.