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 November 9, 2017

HSHead11 9



November 15th – Principal Coffee 


Please join us on November 15th, at 9:30am, in MS/HS room 115 for a parent coffee morning.  Topics to be presented:  


Week Without Walls 2018

Final Exams Semester 1

IB Program Information and 2018 Course Registration

HS Move Planning Spring 2018



November 22nd and 23rd - Half Day for Students and No School


Please note that November 22nd is a half-day for students, as staff and faculty continue to engage in professional development activities and accreditation. Students will be dismissed at 11:30 am.  In addition, there are no classes on November 23rd for Thanksgiving Celebration.   



Season 2 Athletic and Activity Eligibility


Current grades as of the end of the day November 9 were used to determine athletic and activity eligibility for season 2. As shared previously, students with outstanding work were required to submit before this date.  



Moving on from CAC before the winter break?


To help us prepare your records in time for your departure, please use the link below to let us know if you are withdrawing from CAC this semester.





A few days before your departure, a withdrawal form that includes several signatures must also be completed and turned in to the Admission/Registrar‘s Office to release records. Withdrawal forms can be picked up from the counseling offices or can be downloaded from the same website.


Please note that High School transcripts including this semester's grades will not be available until January 18, 2018.



First Semester Final Exams


Semester 1 final exams begin on December 17 and continue to December 20.  Please do not make travel plans that depart before final exams are finished.  Please see this link for the first semester final exam schedule


The month leading up to examinations can be stressful busy times for students. We have a few suggestions to make in order to help alleviate the stress that most of our students experience as exams approach. 

Your child should be working to make sure his/her class notes and graded assessments are in order and are readily available for study and revision.

He/she should be devoting some time per day to prepare for exams as well as making wise use of Flex times during the school week.

We encourage your child to make an appointment to see his/her teachers for extra help if needed.

Make sure your child is getting proper rest during the days/weeks leading up to exams. One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is getting adequate sleep.

Your child should avoid cramming – almost all academic studies reveal that cramming is not a particularly efficient method of test preparation.  Continually self-test throughout the semester has been shown by cognitive scientists to be one of the most effective ways to prepare for final exams.  Please see the HS twitter feed for suggestions on how to study better.  


Following these suggestions will not ensure a completely stress-free, pre-exam period for your child, but it will help alleviate harmful stress, thus providing for a better outcome.



Off Campus Privileges During Exams


Students are only required to be on campus for their exams during exam week. However, once students arrive we will only allow them to leave campus with your permission.

If your son/daughter is a senior and already has off campus permission, you need not do anything more.  If your son/daughter is an underclassman (grades 9 – 11), he/she needs to collect the off-campus exam permission form that will be available on November 16 and submit it to the office.  




High School Twitter Site


As an additional quick and easy method to experience the daily lives of our CAC high school students, feel-free to follow Dr. Harris’ twitter feed at https://twitter.com/CACHSupdates.  This is not meant to replace Moodle, Google Sites, or any other school communication method.



Upcoming Events


Nov. 8-12              Fall ISST Tournaments

Nov. 9                   Skyward Gradebook Open

Nov. 13-14            Season 2 Sports Sign-ups

Nov. 14                 Fall Age Group Swim Team Awards, 3:15 p.m., Main Gym

Nov. 15                 HS Parent Coffee, 9:30 a.m., MS 115;

                             Sports Season 2 Begins

Nov. 18                 NHS Color Run

Nov. 22                 Early Release Day, All Students Dismissed at 11:30 a.m.

Nov. 23                 Thanksgiving Holiday, No School



Dr. Jared Harris        Jerry Duggan      
        HS Principal             HS Assistant Principal




Counseling Department Announcements


• Seniors, the deadline for University of California applications is Thursday, November 30th.  Please meet with your counselor to review your essays and application prior to submitting.  


• Seniors, the CAC deadline for applications to UCAS is Sunday, November 26th, which means your Document Request Forms must be in by this date.  By this time your personal statement should have been reviewed by your counselor and everything else should be ready to go.  Because we resume school the day before the UCAS deadline, everything must be submitted in advance of final exams and winter break.  Waiting until the last minute might mean you don't have what you need when you need it.


• Seniors, the CAC deadline for any applications with a January deadline is Sunday, November 26th.  Please check with your counselor and turn in your Document Request Forms as soon as possible.


• This week, counselors conducted a Freshman Seminar during Study Hall periods called “Beyond GPA,” focusing on the factors involved in the holistic admissions process for colleges and universities.  For those students who do not have a Study Hall or who were otherwise unable to attend, the makeup session will be held at lunch on Tuesday, November 14th in the Cairo room of the MS/HS Library.





Claudia Bean, Stephanie Barker, Cameron Simon

HS Counseling






Please find below the Athletics/Activities Newsletter.


CAC Athletics/Activities Newsletter


Upcoming Games Schedule



Scott Fitzgerald

Athletics and Activities Diretcor



Age Group Swimming




The Age Group Invitational is coming soon! We will be hosting other schools at CAC on November 10 & 11. This year, 8 and under swimmers will once again have their events on Friday afternoon. They will be joined by those 9 and over swimmers doing 200 and 400 meter events. The remainder of the 9 and over events are on Saturday. All details can be found here.





Age Group Awards will be held Tuesday, November 14 from 3:15-4:30 p.m. in the main Gym. 


 Matt Lautenbach

Aquatics Diretcor




Moving on from CAC before the winter break?

To help us prepare your records in time for your departure, please use the link below to let us know if you are withdrawing from CAC this semester.




A few days before your departure, a withdrawal form that includes several signatures must also be completed and turned in to the Admission/Registrar‘s Office to release records. Withdrawal forms can be picked up from the counseling offices or can be downloaded from the same website.


Please note that High School transcripts including this semester's grades will not be available until January 18, 2018.

Admission/Registrar Office



CAC Tech Cafe


CAC Tech department is launching "Tech Cafes" on Tuesdays from 8 am to 9 am to help parents with any tech related questions and issues, such as access to Parent dashboard, personal device registration, non-receipt of email communication etc. Please visit them if you have any questions or concerns.


Venue: Near Cafe Greco




Santha Kumar

 Director of Information Technology




CAC and ISTA Accepting Applications for the Cairo HS Festival February 2018!


February 1st-3rd, 2018, Cairo American College (a founding member-school of ISTA*) will host five other international schools over three days of exploration and creation with visiting artists from around the world. Ensembles led by the visiting artists will create original performances that will be presented at the end of the festival. The festival participants will take excursions together to sites around Cairo to take inspiration from the history and landscape of Egypt. Students will also take two skill-based workshops in performing arts. This is a wonderful opportunity to get training in the performing arts for students interested but unable to take coursework. It’s also loads of fun. At least two international schools need homestays and we are looking for families who are excited to host our visitors. The fees for CAC students are 220USD/3800EGP and include lunches, workshops, field trips, social dinner, and t-shirts. Visit www.cacegypt.org/ista to apply now. More information about ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) can be found at www.ista.co.uk. For questions about the Cairo Festival, you can inquire with Mr. Orion or Dina Gomaa in the Activities Office.


Apply Now



Oliver Orion

CAC Performing Arts

Stagecraft, Acting, IB Theatre







Please sign up using the links below:

City of the Dead and the Glass Blowing Workshop November 13


Islamic Cairo and Khan el Khalili Shopping Dec 11


Islamic Cairo and Khan el Khalili Shopping Dec 18





This private group is a good way to keep informed of all the PTO activities, see pictures of our events and communicate with fellow PTO members.


You can join the CAC PTO group on Facebook using the following link.  






From the Welcome & Integration Committee



Photography Workshop: November 29th at 1:30pm in MS Room 115 by Amani Ismail.


Amani Ismail is a fine art photographer specializing in babies and families. She is a molecular biologist by profession and a photographer by serendipity! What started as a hobby photographing her two young children quickly morphed into a full time job as the founder of Sweet Pea Photography.  



This short workshop titled 'How to Photograph Your Children' will cover the basic principles of using natural light, optimal camera angles, composition, how to capture emotion, and how to document everyday moments. This workshop does not require the use of a professional camera; a good old phone will do just fine!



Positive Discipline Workshop; Ages 0-6:  December 4th at 8.30 a.m. in the Common room by Amina Diab, Child Psychologist. 


Workshop duration: 2 Hours; Price: 400 L.E

Amina Diab is a child psychologist, parent educator and parent coach. She strives to help families build strong parent-child relationships based on the foundations of respect, love and trust. Amina advocates gentle guidance and positive discipline parenting to help raise competent, responsible and self-reliant children. Amina Diab is currently a doctoral researcher in Education at the university of Bath. After pursuing her masters in child & adolescent psychology, she has been working with a variety children ranging from behavioral issues to developmental abilities to learning disorders. 


Workshop Information


Title: Positive Parenting Level 1: fostering stronger parent-child relationships (Ages 0-6)


During this workshop, we discover the main criteria for implementing positive parenting into our daily routine by empowering parents with proven yet practical tools to apply today. All topics discussed fall under the umbrella of developing strong parent-child relationships based on love, trust and respect. This is the first out of our 3 level positive parenting series; each level builds on previous knowledge and enriches your parenting learning experience further. 


Topics we will explore together:


• Developing an understanding of the different forms of parenting styles; which one do you fall under?

• Understanding your child’s cognitive developmental stage and whether this meets expectations.

• How to better communicate and connect with your child through your method of discipline; why punishments and bribes are not preferred and what to use instead.

• Discover the influence of words you might be using ever day; are they discouraging or empowering your children.

• Proven Strategies and tools that cushion your ever day power struggles during morning and bedtime routines.


Positive Discipline Workshop; Ages 7-12:  December 6th at 8.30am in the Common room by Amina Diab, Child Psychologist.

Workshop duration: 2 Hours; Price: 400 L.E


Parenting your Preteen (Ages: 7-12) 


Preteens have a lot going on and can be difficult to parent. They need your guidance, patience and most importantly a strong relationship to lean on during these rough times for them.

Here are some the topics we will explore in our session together:

• What are preteens years and what should parents expect during this developmental stage.

• Discover the proven strategies that empower you to guide your child to competence and confidence.

• Building stronger parent-preteen relationships by mastering emotional honesty and respect.

• Is your preteen beginning to bend the truth, avoiding confrontations or withdrawing from opening up to you? Find out why and what you can do to encourage self-expression.

• Learn several parenting tools that you can use to guide your child to embrace and looking forward to challenges using ‘Growth Mindset’ thinking.


To sign up, please contact Farida Khamis; fkhamis@orientalweavers.com.



Lost and Found


Part of educating students at CAC is encouraging independence through increasing responsible behaviors. We constantly encourage students to label their items so that they are easily identified and returned back to the owner. It is also important that students know what to do when they lose any of their items.

Here is what we advise students to do when they report a lost item:

1- Look everywhere (lost & found table/class/playground/inside backpacks/home,etc,...)

2- Ask Others (friends/teachers/parents/siblings, etc,..)

3-Ask parents to report to the lost and found link. Upper grade students can do this too.

4- Use the same link to report when item is found.

In order to support our students and community members with the above process, we created the below Lost and Found link to help us keep track of lost and found items.



Click here for the LOST AND FOUND Report LINK




CAC Parents - 
Due to an unexpected injury of one of our travelers for the Passo Tonale Italy Ski Trip (15 - 22 April), we have one spot open for any last minute interest. 
If you are interested please contact Mr. Dino ASAP at abajagilovic@g-cacegypt.org to book this opportunity. Happy Skiing!
PTO Nespresso Capsule Collection:
In support of Earth Day and CAC's relationship with A.P.E., PTO will be holding a school-wide collection of the much- loved Nespresso capsules... After collection, CAC will deliver the empty capsules to A.P.E., who use them to create fun jewelry. We also look forward to a visit from A.P.E. in the future as another way to support their efforts in raising money. 
What to do: after use, empty out the capsules and start a collection bag. Drop off boxes will be on campus starting April 2. 
Start saving those capsules!!!  Let’s see how much we can collect for A.P.E!!!
Calling all artists and business owners in the CAC Community! We are less than two months away from the PTO Gala and we need your help! We would love to feature your art work or business services in our raffle and silent auctions raising funds for our children. 
Please let us know if you can donate any original artwork or offer services that your businesses provide.
We also need more cash donations and business sponsors! And our raffle can use any new gift items that you may have around the house and do not need. Please contact Hengameh Murphy (murphysaroundtheworld@yahoo.com) or Carmen Awn (carmenawn@gmail.com) with questions or contributions.
Walking Tour of Heliopolis, Monday, April 24, 2017
*Please note that due to a national holiday the date of this trip has been changed from April 25 to April 26.
We will stop by the Baron Palace, built by the Belgian-born industrialist, Baron-General Eduard Louis Joseph Empain (1852-1929) who also founded the modern Heliopolis area in 1907.
We will walk through the beautiful El Korba section, a quaint shopping district that boasts original architecture, fascinating cultural sites as well as some of Cairo’s finest cafés and restaurants. We will walk in the European style commercial streets, and try to see the Basilique church, Adly Madgar Jewish synagogue, Hippodrome square, Maryland park, El Tahra palace, and Saray el Qubbah. If there is time, we may stop at a cafe for coffee or lunch.
Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
You can sign up using the link below: http://whoozin.com/KVC-3DD-PW9P
The Citadel, The Sultan Hassan Mosque & Madrasa, Al-Rifa’i Mosque
Monday May 22, 2017
The Saladin Citadel of Cairo is a medieval Islamic fort, on Mokattam hill near the center of Cairo. The Citadel was once famous for its fresh breeze and grand views of the city.
The comp
lex includes the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, which dominates the skyline of Cairo with its beautiful alabaster dome, the Mosque of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad, the Mosque of Sulayman Pasha, Gawhara Palace; and several museums.
Afterwards we will visit the nearby Sultan Hassan Mosque & Madrasa, and Al-Rifa’i Mosque.
*Please cover shoulders and knees, wear loose pants or a long skirt, and bring a scarf.*
You can sign up using the link below: http://whoozin.com/HTE-ACK-CFDF
All PTO trips cost 100LE per person for transportation, a professional tour guide and security when necessary.Entrance fees, meals, refreshments, and any shopping are the participants responsibility. We meet at 8:15 a.m. at the back gate of CAC and the bus will leave promptly at 8:30 a.m. We will return to school by 2:00 p.m. Please be sure to leave a mobile phone number when you register. Minimum of 10 participants required. 
Spring is here!!
Join us on April 5th from 1:00 - 3:00pm on the Elementary field for a special Flower arranging workshop in the outdoor setting around our beautiful Elementary school tree!
Malak Taher, with the support of her niece Ingy Taher, will provide step-by-step instructions for stunning yet simple floral projects and equip you with the skills to customize arrangements at home; Whether hosting a party, helping out with a friend's wedding, or wishing to incorporate the beauty of flowers into everyday life, this will allow you to do so!
Malak will cover everything from texture and color to foliage and containers, providing an overall approach to living and working with flowers, with an eye toward fresh, local, wild, seasonally influenced floral design.Malak Taher is the founder & CEO of Flower Power, Egypt’s first floral design house renowned for its flowers and creative displays. With over 30 years of market expertise and a full-fledged team working across Egypt, the one-stop design house offers styling for weddings, themed events and corporate functions as well as merchandise displays and creative flowers for prestigious hotels and fashion brands.
Date: Wednesday April 5t
Time: 1:00-3:00pm Location: ES Field Fee: LE 200 per person 
* You will each get to take your flower arrangements home to add a touch of spring to your homes!! 
* We will be collecting payment in advance as the flowers will be pre-bought for each enrolled participant;
 Please drop off an envelope with our name on it at the ES office! Deadline to pay:  April 2nd 
Please note the event will be limited to 20 people, so if you are interested please sign up quick!! (The first 20 to sign up will be confirmed)
To sign up, please email Farida Khamis: fkhamis@orientalweavers.com