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Tia Fikry, CAC Student Wins Prestigious NESA Award

Tia Fikry, CAC HS student, won the prestigious Haas/ Hansen Award by NESA. This award is given to those students who model specific traits such as perseverance, willingness to take risks, commitment to the welfare of others etc. 

Tia was nominated by her teachers, and when she was told that she had been nominated for the Haas/Hansen Award, she was ecstatic. Fikry is not the only CAC student to have been nominated this year. Mary Millward and Hoda Abou Ghali are two other CAC nominees, of whom we are very proud. By exemplifying our core values, these three students were able to be considered for this award. Our Core values are: Courage, Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Creativity and Perseverance. 

Tia worked hard on her submission, which entailed a portfolio of the community work she does at school, a piece of art, as well as a detailed essay that included videos and illustrations of her charity work. Ms. Morris, her writing teacher, was a great help as well as she helped her with her writing. 

The student expressed her gratitude for CAC for allowing her this opportunity, and for the teachers who worked hard with her on her submission. “ I couldn’t have done this without CAC. The reason I won this award is because of my school, my community and my upbringing.”

“Just the fact that I was considered to be nominated is an honor, the fact that the teachers thought of me when they thought about the award is what makes this award so meaningful,” added Fikry. 

We are very proud of Tia, and we encourage all of our students to work hard so they can see the results of all their hard work.



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Cairo, Egypt


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