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Bess Parnell

9th Grade Student’s Face Masks project, Honoring Autism

“I spent the last summer with my Grandmother, who is really into sowing. I learned to sow from her, and discovered that I have a passion for it,” said CAC 9th grade student, Bess Parnell.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, people were always looking for good quality face masks. It was at this point that Parnell came up with the idea to start making her own face masks. She first made them for her family members, and when they told her how good they were, she decided to start making them as a project to raise funds for a good cause. 

Bess’ mother, a CAC LSS teacher, works closely with students with special learning conditions. It is for this reason that Bess has been around many autistic students before, and has grown to love the cause so much. 

In light of April being #Autismawarenessmonth, Bess chose Alexandria-based  “MEEM'' Foundation for autism to donate the funds to. It is a project that our student has done with passion, for a cause that she is also passionate about.  Approximately 7,000 EGP were raised so far. With the help of our Service Learning department, the funds raised will be donated to the foundation. Teachers, parents and family members are very proud of CAC students, as they grow, and especially proud as they begin to demonstrate the CAC Core Values. For more information about this amazing initiative, please visit: https://sites.google.com/view/cacfacemaskscommunity/home



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Cairo, Egypt


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