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CAC Middle School Service Learning Program

MSServiceLearningAligned with CAC’s Strategic Plan, the Middle School (MS) at Cairo American College has adopted a service learning program for all students; this service learning program was successfully launched in 2004. The MS works to provide a well-rounded educational program which focuses on CAC Core Values, and providing an academic program that challenges its students to learn and give back to the community. The program offers two models, one is compulsory and the other one is an elective model.

Sixth graders at CAC take a mini course in Community Service as part of their required ‘Wheel’ of courses. The Wheel exposes them to subjects they can later choose as electives. The Service portion of the Wheel lasts for six weeks for each group of students, a group of sixth graders are enrolled in it at all times during the year. This model aims to pave the way for students to learn and develop through organized service learning programs in the local community. The course provides students with structured time in which to plan and reflect on their service experiences. The objective of this program is to increase their knowledge and understanding of Egyptian society as well as developing their sense of social responsibility and efficacy.

Through their Service course, CAC sixth graders have conducted visits to “Awlady Orphanage” in Maadi. The visits enable them to practice an effective and successful service experience. During the visit, CAC students led two activities with the children, in which they had the opportunity to build engagement strategies and enrichment services with the orphans. The visit was followed by a reflection session in the classroom during which the CAC students examined what they have learned and the obstacles they encountered, so they come up with strategies for overcoming these challenges during their next visit.

In grades seven and eight, CAC Middle Schoolers can elect to take a course called “The Power of One.” This course provides various service learning opportunities, empowering the students to make meaningful contributions to their community and to the world more broadly. The students participate in organized activities which help them become proactive citizens and allow them to experience the value of reaching out to those in need. They are guided through this specific model to become responsible global citizens and and to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

It is worth mentioning that all of this is lining up with the strategic vision and the mission statement of the CAC.



1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt

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