Maker Day 1718CAC Middle School (MS) is always committed to host every year three Maker Day events. The objective of this initiative is to expand on and complement the strong design technology culture among the MS students. Maker Education or Maker Movement was initially originated in the US, and it focuses on enhancing the students’ thinking and problem-solving skills through encouraging them to develop creative ideas, collaborate with other students and engage in hands-on making experiences.

On CAC Maker Days, regular classes are replaced by a wide variety of makerspaces and workshops for the students, each of which is equipped with different materials and tools for them to bring their ideas into reality. The students are asked during the day to come up with pieces applying the design cycle that helps them do their work by following certain steps (create, evaluate, investigate and design). Usually, students always participate with great enthusiasm and they produce a wide range of creative, interesting and useful products.

Various kind of activities and workshops were offered for the students on this Maker Day including sessions for recycled sports, custom scarves, cardboard Arcade, top chef, 3-person puppets, rubbish instrument rock-out , pin buttons making, rockets, string constructions, cake decorating, laser cut designs and toy making. At the end of the day, students have the opportunity to share with their colleagues their work, reflections about their products, and what they would do differently if they could do it all over again.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Elhamy Naguib, parent of former CAC alumnus hosted one of the Maker Day workshops. "I had a great time working with these bright young minds. I was planning to use only hand tools but their positive attitude helped me in deciding to also use machines. They were careful and considerate of each other, which encouraged me to ask the fast kids to help the slower ones. Some of the kids insisted on coloring the xylophones and I let them because it made them happier. I am pleased with the division of work. Looking forward for the next session of Maker Day. Thank you.". Mr. Elhamy Naguib is an internationally renowned artist that has travelled the world learning and teaching art and creative thinking to children and adults. To honor his late wife (an alumni teacher from 1975 to 1987), he provided a mosaic art piece "Paradise Before Sin" that is placed at the theatre entrance.

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