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Members of the Tortoise Club feeding the Tortoises during After-school Activities

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the tortoises we have on campus? As exciting as they are to look at and play with, the history of how they got here remains a mystery!

The story of how they came to be on campus goes back years ago, when there was a police raid on a Friday market in Maadi, where they were likely being sold. The details of the event are unclear to this day. All we know is that this raid resulted in the loss of tortoises. A group eventually made a new home in the rooftop of the Middle School building. The exact story of how they got to this new home, is also unknown. One day our ES principal, Julie Jackson-Jin discovered a group of tortoises on the roof of the building. At that point, the turtles were brought down from the rooftop to a specially-made shelter. From then on CAC staff began taking care of them. The house that you can see them in today, was purposely  built to keep them in a safe environment. In addition to finding these tortoises, we have had different community members bringing in their own tortoises to join the club. In cases where families were going back to their country and not being able to take their pets with them, we were always more than happy to adopt!

Mr. Said Ibrahim, a member of CAC Support Staff was delighted to take over responsibility and care of these tortoises. He has been happily taking care of them since, and has even been taking personal courses on tortoises and animal care to provide them with the best possible environment. While he personally oversees the care of them, Mr Said is always eager to share this job with the students.

The tortoises on campus are of two different species: Greek and Egyptian. What no one would have guessed back then was that years and years later, the Egyptian species, would land on the brink of extinction. CAC tortoises today, Egyptian and Greek, are happy and healthy and they all get the kind of care they need to remain healthy and reproduce.

At CAC students have a tortoise club as part of afterschool activities. Students who are in the club get to not only take care of them, but to name the babies as well. Thursdays are the days where the students can play with the tortoises and feed them. Students who are in the club get to not only take care of them, but to name the babies as well. It has become a tradition that every grade in CAC names one of the tortoises. We recently had a new baby of the Egyptian species! This is the first Egyptian baby tortoise to be born in the history of CAC. The baby is perfectly healthy, was named “Jakemoke” by the Tortoise Club members. It is now living in the baby enclosure with two other babies found this summer.

To learn more about the Tortoises, the Tortoises Club and to see more photos go to the below link or scan the QR code below:




1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt

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