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CAC moving into the green

CAC ended last year’s academic year with many students, faculty and parents asking why CAC could not move in a more meaningful “green” way? Go Clean was invited to present to Grade 7 students, some faculty members pushed for better recycling, a Girl Scout troop presented an idea for a recycling awareness campaign, and HS students were actively for most of the year collecting plastics turning them into bracelets, and earning cash for needy families.

Alongside these ideas and initiatives, ES Principal Julie Jackson-Jin was actively exploring the possibility of planting green walls at CAC. Increasing the green Spaces on campus will benefit the community especially during the months of dense thick air which Cairo can frequently have in the winter. Living Blocks, a visionary company whose mission is to help private and public businesses convert dead space (walls and partitions) into garden oases.

Both of these two projects, new trash bins and green walls, were funded by the PTO’s 2018-2019 fundraising drives. A big thanks to everyone who supported their efforts during last year’s events. CAC is going green!



1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt

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