Board Elections

The Board of Trustees will hold annual elections to elect Community Representatives to the Board. The elections will be conducted in such a way as to encourage broad representation from the parents/guardians of the CAC student body.

The election process will be clearly defined in a procedure developed by an Election Committee chaired by a Trustee appointed annually by the Trustee Committee. The Election Committee will report to the Trustee Committee for guidance and will consist of a PTO representative, the Head of School, and a representative from the audit firm under contract with the school.

The board may have up to four (4) elected members who are CAC parents/guardians and not employed by CAC. The representative must be a CAC parent/guardian throughout his/her term. CAC parents/guardians will be considered eligible so long as they are tuition payers.  Relatives of CAC employees are not eligible.

Elected representatives will be elected for two-year terms. (Where professional circumstances make a one year term unavoidable,  candidates will be accepted on that basis). Should an elected representative not fulfill his/her term, the School Board may choose to replace the member by: a) holding a special election; (b) appointing an individual with the next largest amount of votes; or c) appointing an individual to serve the remaining term.

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