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Julie Klimentos

Julie Klimentos

Visual Arts Faculty

Julie Klimentos earned a B.A (Hons) in Textile/Fine Art from Goldsmiths University, London, UK. Her first career was with retail design and architecture. A move to Saudi Arabia brought about a career change and the opportunity to discover the world of education. Julie has since been an art educator for nearly 20 years now.
Julie has taught Elementary and Junior High at Dhahran Academy, Al Kobar, and is currently teaching Middle School Art at CAC.
Through the combination of her corporate experience, blended with her educational experience, she focuses on nurturing a student’s life long skills and knowledge.
“Art aesthetics are an integral component of our daily life. Technology is becoming more and more integrated with the creative process as the distinctions between different disciplines blur and merge. Julie believes that creativity can be expressed in many different ways; the Middle School years are fundamental in learning to believe in your own capabilities, and her goal is always to help students recognize, and build, on their own unique creativity.”
Julie loves painting, horse riding, and spending time with her family.