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Lee Paul

Lee Paul

Physical Education Faculty

Lee Paul has a Bachelor’s of Sport’s Science and Education. He is currently studying a Masters in Education. He has worked as a teacher (Physical Education, Health, and Tutor) for 9 years. He has worked at Purbrook Park School (England), St Charles High School, Chicago (USA), and, now, at CAC (Egypt). He believes that developing life skills in Students is just as important as developing strong students academically, He promotes a challenging yet caring environment in classes and holds high expectations for himself and those around him. Before life as a teacher Lee was a professional soccer player, this led to his passion of coaching the sport of Football (soccer). He has coached at various professional football clubs including elite teams from USA and England that have assisted him in his first season of varsity soccer at CAC, where the team won Gold in the ISST tournament in Athens.
Along side Football Lee is a lover of Health and Fitness, and spends a lot of time in the nearest fitness clubs.
Lee has travelled to over 40 countries in the world and is hoping this will continue to increase as he also has a huge love of travelling.