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Naglaa Genidy

Naglaa Genidy

Art Faculty

Naglaa Genidywas educated in Oman, and then earned her Bachelor's degree from the American University in Cairo, and the University of Cairo. She has a wealth of experience working at CAC, with both High School and Middle School students.
Naglaa believes it is her role as the art teacher to provide a curriculum that builds a strong foundation in art knowledge and art skills. She believes it is essential to design lessons that develop deeper thinking habits that will help students to think creatively and solve problems independently, stimulating the discovery of multiple connections with the real world. Naglaa believes that students need a positive learning environment that allows them to explore ideas and take risks without the fear of failure. But above all, she believes that learning comes from the joy of making art.
Naglaa loves to travel. She enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and making art.