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Welcome to the CAC Elementary School Counseling Website! Your elementary school counseling team includes Dana Purpura and Carey Harris. We hope this site gives you a clearer understanding of my role as school counselor and helpful information about our counseling program.

Cairo American College Elementary School Counselor
The CAC Elementary Counselors work in partnership with students, parents, and staff to provide a comprehensive counseling program that aligns with our schools mission and core values. We seek to enhance our student body's desire to contribute to a global world by fostering culturally, socially and environmentally minded, responsible and respectful young adults who have a sense of confidence and aspire to take an active role in creating a brighter future.  

The CAC Counselors are student advocates who believe in each students intrinsic worth. We seek to create a community atmosphere in which all members feel safe, valued, supported and encouraged to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. It is our mission to provide proactive and responsive services to meet the needs of our community. Our program is continually evolving to assist students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and college/career awareness in our ever changing society.

At CAC, the elementary school counselors provide services in the following ways:

  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Small group sessions
  • Individual student support
  • Assists in crisis situations
  • Coordinates efforts with other school professionals in order to help students to be successful
  • Acts as a consultant and referral source between school, parents, and community
  • Helps in the process of admitting and orientating new families to the school
  • Presents parent presentations/workshops

How does a student see the School Counselor?

  • Self-referral
  • Teacher referral
  • Parent referral
  • Administrative referral

There are many reasons for children to seek out their school counselor. The times that we live in can be stressful and difficult. Many personal and school related problems can have a direct impact on a child's ability to learn. School counselors provide a safe and confidential environment for all students to help facilitate their academic and social success.

2017 - 18 ES Back to School Letter



Dear Elementary Families,

We look forward to welcoming you to our  2017-2018 school year which commences on August 16. Faculty and staff have returned to school refreshed and we are busy preparing to welcome returning students, new students and all of our CAC families.  Below, you will find the newstudent/parent orientation schedule, new & returning family optional class visit information, grade level schedule, supply list, and meet-the-teacher information. We wish to support you and your children in making a smooth transition to CAC and for returning families to their next grade.


Your child’s class placement will available on Skyward (accessed through the Parent Dashboard) on August 15 in preparation for the optional class visits from 11:30 -12:15 PM.


Tuesday, August 15   

PreK-12:New Parent & Student Orientation





8:00 am

Welcome New Families!

Pre K-12

Theater (back left corner of campus)

8:30 - 9:25

Elementary New Parent Orientation

Pre K-5 Parents   

ES Hall (staircase to basement by ES Office)

8:30 - 11:30

Gr 2- 5 New Student Orientation

Gr. 2-5 students

(Updated) PreK, Kg, Gr.1 ground floor corridor outside PreK class. Gr 2-5 ground floor corridor outside health office

9:30 - 10:25

Refreshments & Service fair


Middle School Auditorium


ES Parent Technology Session - If you have children in other divisions you only need to attend one tech session. If you are unable to attend please visit the tech office to learn how to access our your CAC accounts.

Pre K -5 Parents     

ES Hall (staircase to basement by ES Office)

11:20 - 11:30

Pick up child from orientation


(Updated) PreK, Kg, Gr.1 ground floor corridor outside PreK class. Gr 2-5 ground floor corridor outside health office.


For new parents who need support on August 15 for their PreK-Grade 1 new student, optional supervision will be available while you are in the orientation. Please drop your child off in the following locations:

  • PreK students in room 48 on the ground floor

  • Kindergarten students in room 57 on the ground floor

  • Grade One students in room 103 on the first floor.

Pick up will be from the same location at 11:20 AM. You will be asked to sign your child in and out of this optional care. If you have siblings please choose which grade you feel would be appropriate for your children if they wish to be together for the session.


Tuesday, August 15

PreK -12 New and Returning Families optional class visit

11:30 - 12:15

Meet your Teacher for Students and Parents (including returning students)

All grades

In classrooms


Wednesday, August 16    First Day of School (for  PreK- Grade 5)

  • 7:30        Front gate open, class lists posted outside the ES Office

  • 7:50        Whistle blows/music, students walk to class, parents are welcome in classes until 8:15 am

  • 11:30         Pre K dismisses

  • 3:05        Dismissal for KG-Grade 5

(Updated announcement)

The first unit of study in PE will be swimming. The following classes will have PE on the first day of school (Wednesday, August 16th).


2K- Ms.Kristoff

3W- Ms.Widding

4F- Ms. Flynn

5K - Ms. Kasal


Please ensure that your child has the following items for swimming on the first day of school:


  • Appropriate swimsuit (No bikinis)

  • Suitably sized towel

  • OWN pair of properly fitted goggles (Not to be shared with a sibling)

  • Easy to take on and off clothes and shoes (crocs are ideal).

  • Swimmers with long hair must either wear a swim cap or have their hair tied back.

  • Jewelry, including rubber and string bands, and watches MUST be removed for all Swimming and PE classes (small stud earrings are okay).


ES Musical parent mandatory information session will be held in the drama room on the ground floor on August 16 from 9-9:30 or 5:30 - 6:00PM. If you wish to learn more about our musical or you wish to sign your child up for the trimester one musical please attend this session. If you have questions please email our drama teacher Ms. Dolly - dshalaby@cacegypt.org


Thursday, August 17

  • 7:50        Whistle blows/music, students walk to class, parents are welcome in classes until 8:00 am

  • 8:00        Instruction begins in all classrooms

  • 11:30        PreK dismisses

  • 3:05        Dismissal for KG-Grade 5

(Updated announcement)

The first unit of study in PE will be swimming. The following classes will have PE on the second day of school (Thursday, August 17th).


KGS - Ms.Sadek

1M - Ms. Morales

2S - Ms.Salama

3D - Ms.Dranca

5O -  Mr. O'Sullivan


Sunday, August 20 (Regular week commences for all students)

  • 7:50        Whistle blows/music, students walk to class

  • 7:55        Instruction begins in all classrooms

  • 1:00        PreK dismisses and after care program begins for those who register

  • 3:05        Dismissal for KG-Grade 5



General school supplies are provided by CAC.  Students do need to bring the following, with their name clearly marked on all items:


  • A large backpack

  • Healthy, nutritional, waste-free lunch in a lunchbox

  • Separate healthy snack for morning recess

  • A refillable water bottle is highly recommended

  • PE uniforms will be available at the Booster Club (updated announcement)

    • Unfortunately our new PE uniform delivery will not arrive in Cairo for the beginning of the school year. Therefore, returning students can wear our old PE uniform and new students are asked to wear shorts and a t-shirt for their PE class.

    • House shirts will be available for purchase in September and more information will provided by our house team coordinator, Mr. Greene.

  • Library Bags are available  Booster Club or students can bring a similar bag from home. These will be used to carry library books and they will be needed for the first week of school

  • A hat for sun protection


Grade Level/Specialist Blogs (updated announcement)

Each Sunday, we publish everything you need to know about life in the grades for the week. We do want to be sure everyone is getting this important information. The first blog posts will be next Sunday, 13 August after 4pm.

Go to your grade level blog:

Pre-K Blog link: http://cacesprek.blogspot.com.eg/

KG Blog link: http://caceskg.blogspot.com.eg/

Grade 1 Blog link:http://cacesg1.blogspot.com.eg/

Grade 2 Blog link: http://cacesg2.blogspot.com.eg/

Grade 3 Blog link: http://cacesg3.blogspot.com.eg/

Grade 4 Blog link: http://cacesg4.blogspot.com.eg/

Grade 5 Blog link: http://cacesg5.blogspot.com.eg/


Please take a moment to subscribe, if you haven't already. On the upper left-hand side of the blog, you will see a box that says "Subscribe by Email." Simply enter your preferred email and press "subscribe." You will be taken to another page that asks you to enter the verification message. Once you do that, press "complete subscription request." Finally, you will receive an email asking you to click on the link to activate the subscription.


Once you have subscribed, you will receive an email each time we add a new post to our blog. The email will have the current post, and if you click on the heading in the email, "CAC Grade __", it will take you straight to your grade level’s blog, where you can view attachments to help with homework, check the calendar, etc. Thank you!


Our technology department is available to help you if needed. They are located in room 135 on the first floor or you can email them.

Hebba Harroun hharoun@cacegypt.org

Sherif Nabawy snabawy@cacegypt.org

CAC’S School Store is Being Taken Over By The Booster Club!

CAC’s Booster Club is pleased to announce the NEW  Booster Spirit Store.  This will be THE place to get your new PE uniforms, school supplies, and CAC spirit wear. Located behind Café Greco, you will find a new and larger store with parent volunteers happy to assist you in finding what you need for a fresh new start to school 2017-18!

August Store Hours:  Aug 13, 14 & 15  8:00 AM - 12 noon

                                     Aug 16 - 30  7:45 AM - 12 noon; 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM  (no weekends)

Expect great new things from the NEW Booster Club Spirit Store next school year!  (Wanna be a volunteer? Find a link in your school newsletter!)


As we are in a year of transitioning over to our new Physical Education uniforms both will be able to be worn for classes this school year.


Richoux our new HOT LUNCH vendor

We are very excited to welcome Richoux to serve our elementary students a nutritious hot lunch four days a week in the ES Lunchroom from Sunday to Thursday for LE 38 & fresh juice LE 7 except for MONDAYS.Mondays  alternate  between Koshari and juice for LE 25 and Pizza  1 slice 20 LE, 2 slices 25LE, 3 SLICES 30 LE WITH JUICE AND COOKIE. Koshari will commence August 21. Hot lunch will commence on the first day of school, Aug. 16 and lunch cards will be on sale for new families at our service fair and before school outside the cafeteria. Cash only on Mondays, other days lunch cards must be purchased.


Meeting the Teacher

It is important that parents have an opportunity to meet their child’s teacher. We provide the following opportunities:





Aug. 15

11:30- Noon

PreK- Gr. 5 parents/students invited to an informal “meet the teacher” in the classrooms (optional)

Aug. 16-17

7:50 am & 3:05 pm


All ES parents welcome to drop off & pick up children from classrooms

PreK dismiss at 11:30

Aug. 20

7:50 am & 3:05 pm

PreK-Gr. 1 parents may continue to drop off  & pick up from classrooms; Gr. 2-5 parents may walk to class, pick up on the ES Lawn

Aug. 27

7:50 am & 3:05 pm

Gr. 1-5 will drop off & pick up from the ES Lawn

Aug. 22


Back to School Night for all parents to meet the ES team and learn more about the curriculum and activities for the year.  

Sept. 27

ES Parent Day (No School for Students) - Throughout the day

15-minute Parent/Teacher Discussions – Every year, these meetings are held to give parents the opportunity to let the teacher know more about their child’s strengths, challenges, interests, talents, learning style and parents wishes for the year. A questionnaire will be sent home in advance to help guide the discussion.


Here is our 2016-2017 end of assembly slideshow for you to enjoy. A heartfelt “thank you” to our parents, Shereefa and Ragia who took our photos and for coordinating the slideshow.

Our revised parent/student handbook will be online beginning August. The handbook has been updated and it is the place to go to if you have a question and if you cannot find the answer then please contact the ES Office at 2755 5202 or 2755 5203, or email our executive assistant: mgreiss@cacegypt.org




1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt


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