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IB Exam Leave Policy

IB Exam Study Leave – MAY 2018 Examination Session

Attendance Policy – Study Leave Before/During Exams

  • Full IB Diploma candidates (seniors) only – April 30-May 18 will be optional attendance during the weeks of IB Exams.  Prior to April 30th attendance in classes with exams still pending is required for all students. 

  • IB Course, IB Anticipated & AP Students – All non-Diploma students will be expected to attend year 2 IB classes up until the first day of exams, April 30.  All non-IB classes and year 1 IB classes will continue and attendance is required. Students will be excused from all classes on days when taking a year 2 IB exam. Students are still responsible for all content missed in their regular classes.  Excused absences on the day of an AP exam only applies to students enrolled in and examining for AP U.S. History at CAC.

  • All IB Art and Theatre students will be required to attend class until exams commence on April 30th.


Once the exams for an IB class are finished, non-Diploma IB students are not required to return to that class.  Non-Diploma IB students are released from class but not school, providing an extra flex. Similar to semester exams, parents can decide whether off-campus privilege should be allowed and permission with signatures is required for sophomores, juniors and any senior who does not already have off-campus privileges.  Any students remaining on campus will have to remain quiet and respectful among three designated areas (outside tables, library, student lounge) and parents will be called with subsequent disciplinary action if there are issues.  

Questions? Please contact Mr. Russ Kupperstein in the IB Office.


  • Please be advised this study leave is reviewed and approved each year by faculty and can change from year to year depending on the calendar and experience of the prior year’s leaves.

    Expectations for Teachers:

    • Advise/recommend students who should attend optional revision days.

    • Publish in advance for students a plan for what will be reviewed each revision day for better preparation and planning by students.

    • Complete the course before the first exam is taken (see below for Art, Theatre).

    Expectations for Students:

    • Respect the teachers’ time - Teachers are available during already-scheduled class periods. It would be inappropriate for a student to miss an optional revision day and expect the teacher to provide the revision later. 

    • Full Diploma candidates should seriously consider the advice of a teacher who recommends attendance during optional revision days.



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