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What if my IB results are not what I needed for university or I feel an error has been made? 

You have the option to submit a signed permission form and pay the fee for an IB Enquiry Upon Result (EUR). This is a re-mark of externally assessed material for an individual candidate. However, the re-marking does not include multiple-choice components of an examination in a group 4 subject or components for which a mark has been carried over from a previous session. A re-mark cannot be requested for individual components. Based on a re-mark, an IB grade can be raised, left unchanged, OR lowered. You can submit an EUR for any or all of your IB subjects.

Before you decide to request an EUR… wait until component results are released in mid-July, then consult with your teacher and/or the IB Coordinator about how close you may be to a higher mark.

If you decide to submit an EUR… complete, sign, and return the required permission form available on below and pay the fee (125USD per subject for May 2017) to the CAC Cashier. Once the signed permission form and proof of payment are received (scanning is fine), the EUR will be submitted for you. It may take up to three weeks for the EUR to be completed and CAC to be notified of the result of the re-mark.

OPTION #2 – Retakes. These are more complicated and costly than an EUR and are only likely to be a serious option for you if you have not earned the full IB Diploma and are required to have it for university. Retakes can be undertaken in any IB school willing to administer them, and IB schools can set parameters on what they will and won’t do for retakes. At CAC, for example, we only do retakes for examinations—not Internal Assessments or the Extended Essay.

The final IB deadline for an EUR is September 15th. If you wish to request an EUR, please use the Word document available through this link:

 Enquiry Upon Results Request Letter (May 2016 examination session)