High School


CAC is a testing center for both the SAT & ACT.  It is recommended that students wait to take these tests until the spring of 11th grade as research indicates that for a majority of students, the more exposure they have to math, English and writing coursework, the higher their scores will be. Registration for both tests is to be completed on-line:
CollegeBoard - The same site as listed in the College Planning section. Online registration for the SAT I & II exams. In addition, this site provides valuable information about the SAT questions, advice on selecting colleges, careers, financial aid and more.
The ACT - In addition to registering for the ACT exam, the site provides sample questions and test-taking tips.
Fair Test - The National Center for Fair and Open Testing provides a list of over 850 colleges/universities that are SAT/ACT optional

If you are an international student (non-native English speaker) seeking admission to an English language university program, it is likely that you will be required to take an english language proficiency exam.
TOEFL - This is the Test of English as a Foreign Language.  There are only a couple of Test center locations in Cairo and registration for the TOEFL is to be completed on-line.  Additionally, the site offers some test practice questions.
IELTS - International English Language Testing System

Number2 - Free on-line test preparation for SAT & ACT
Free Rice - Practice for the SAT and feed the hungry
Khan Academcy - standardized test prep and more!