Science Department


We believe that science is a way of making sense of the universe through careful observation. Science is a dynamic process that relies on healthy skepticism and curiosity, where assumptions can be modified or abandoned when new evidence is discovered. Students will develop confidence in science, an appreciation of scientific discovery, and a sense of awe and wonder of the world around them. Students will use active inquiry, hands-on activities, field studies, individual research and experimentation to transfer their knowledge and skills to new situations. Students will solve problems, attain a high degree of scientific literacy and appreciate the importance of becoming responsible caretakers of our planet.



The following standards are process-oriented standards that the high school science department feels all of our students need to achieve.  In addition to these standards we also have content-oriented standards and benchmarks for each course.

  • Students will be able to develop effective strategies for problem solving.
  • Students will be able to further their own knowledge of science through critical analysis of a wide range of media.
  • Students will become competent in handling a wide assortment of laboratory equipment.
  • Students will be aware of, sensitive to, and evaluate current socio-scientific issues.>
  • Students will develop an awareness of how their behavior and choices affect their own well-being and that of others.
  • Students will communicate a broad knowledge of the sciences.

Program of Studies 2018-19