Counseling and Special Services Department


Credit Recovery courses are required when a student fails a semester in a required course, or has not attained the full 25 credits required for graduation.  In such cases, the student is required to select and register for an approved course through an external, accredited institution.  This course must be completed in addition to the student’s full schedule, so most of the work will need to transpire during the summer and winter holidays.  The required credit(s) and the date by which the course(s) need to be completed will be outlined by the student’s counselor.  Most credit recovery courses need to be successfully completed by the first day of the following school year.  The institution, course name and credit attained would be added to the CAC transcript.  As with any courses completed outside of CAC, the grade will not be included on the CAC transcript.



If a student is transferring to Cairo American College, prerequisites are used as a guideline for appropriate placement into courses.  Counselors will work with transfer students on an individual basis. Up to eight credits from a former school can be transferred to the CAC transcript, but grades do not transfer nor are they calculated into the overall grade point average.


Program of Studies 2018-19