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The MUN club provides a challenging

and enriching forum for students to discuss current international issues and to view those issues from different perspectives. Members are chosen and trained in the Spring semester and may have the opportunity to attend a conference prior to the end of that school year. Tryouts are held during the latter half of the Spring Semester for the following year. Additionally there is another tryout session at the start of the year for new students to CAC. The club meets every Tuesday evening from 5:15 - 7:00 pm to practice debate procedures, resolution writing and to learn about their assigned countries and issues. CAC also hosts an international conference for three days each October (CACMUN) which features five forums and a Plenary experience: The Disarmament Forum, Human Rights and Environment Forum, The Security Council, The Disarmament and Economic Security Forum, and the International Court of Justice. Students from schools in Egypt as well as International School in other countries participate. A team of student officers, and committees from the club membership, assist in the organization of the conference. CACMUN is affiliated with The Hague International Model United Nations, the largest high school MUN in the world. CAC is a valued participant in the five day THIMUN conference each January. A team of the most highly qualified MUN delegates is chosen to take part in THIMUN. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in NHSMUN New York, the MUN conference hosted each year by National High School. During this conference students will perform at the actual UN Headquarters building.

For information about registration for CACMUN please see our CACMUN facebook page.

Directors: Ms. Duggan & Mr. Zerr-Smith
Offical CACMUN Conference website: facebook.com/CACMUN

Tuesdays at 3:30 pm



1 Midan Digla, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt


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