In the Performing Arts student embrace their creativity and take to the stage! Through informal and formal performances students grow as theatre creators. Whether you want to be in the spotlight or behind-the-scenes we have the course and content for you. Performance-based classes offered are Acting Foundations, Comedy and Improvisation, Page To Stage and Musical Drama. For students with more of an interest in design and the behind-the-scenes workings of a theatre production, we offer MS Stagecraft. All grade six students will also get some basic drama experience by rolling through the Drama Wheel exploratory theater course. The emphasis in all these courses is for students to expand their theatrical skills and knowledge while learning, growing and having fun. Join us and explore the magic of middle school drama!


Year-long courses are available for students interested in learning to play a band or string instrument in a Band or String Ensemble. Goals that guide these electives include: • Development of music literacy • Production of a characteristic tone • Technical development on an instrument • Completion of the first year method book • Performance in at least one full-ensemble concert • Development of routine practice habits • Appreciation of group dynamics and performances of others while working collaboratively • Care and maintenance for their instrument • Development of ensemble skills • Development of musical expression • Development of a sense of personal satisfaction from playing an instrument




This course is about laughter and getting people to laugh. Students will learn a variety of different techniques to engage an audience and make them laugh. The units focus on storytelling, improvisation, physical comedy, sketch and stand-up comedy. Students will first develop their improvisational skills through skill-building activities and games. The focus will be on saying yes, accepting and building on offers and learning from our mistakes. Students will be assessed on their energy level throughout the improvised scene, character creation, scene progression and partner interaction. Students will then work to develop an understanding of timing, rhythm, physicality, and wordplay to highlight topics they are interested in exploring. Last, students will perform personal comedic writings, physical theatre performances and work to polish and perform a stand-up comedy routine. The emphasis of this course is placed on students developing their stage presence, listening and reacting skills and ultimately finding their comedic voice.

Length of Course: Semester


This course focuses on Musical Theatre. By admission to the course, you will have the opportunity to be in the school musical or in a musical cabaret performance. Students will learn how to prepare for an audition and perform in a musical. Being in this course guarantees students a place in a musical performance and they will have a minor or major role depending on their interest or preference. This course will have an after-school component to it of 1-2 rehearsals per week leading up to the production, more or less time will be required depending on the students role in the musical performance. The course will focus on analyzing, staging, and performing in a school selected musical for the semester and could be a formal or informal type of performance.

Length of Course: Semester



In this course, student learn the basic foundational skills of an actor. Students learn to work creatively in collaborative group settings and individually to research, develop and perform: Scripted monologues, scenes and a one-act play. All students perform a monologue at the beginning of the course, followed by the performance of a scene and finally a one-act play. Through the process of getting these performances ready students work to develop the skills required to create fully formed characters using their voice, movement, gesture and interaction with their fellow performers and the audience.

Length of course: Semester



This class is designed to introduce students to technical theater and the design process. Students will be exposed to all aspects of theater production including backstage, front of house, and production management. Students master the safe operation of some of the equipment in the theatre and complete a design process, working towards a public performance (Showcase or MS Play or the MS or ES Musical). Students will also be required to work behind the scenes on a major school production.

Length of Course: Semester



This course focuses on the process required to create original plays and theatre performance pieces. Students take stimuli and ideas and use them to produce a performance for an audience. Students learn techniques for devising original theatre pieces such as playwriting, acting and directing. Students collaborate in small groups and as a class to develop comedic and serious short plays and performance pieces based on middle school life, issues and concerns. The culmination of the course will be a class created performance. Much modern theatre is created through ensemble work and this class focuses on developing and cultivating these 21st-century creative skills.

Length of Course: Semester


Beginning Band is a music course designed to teach musical concepts to students who would like to learn a band instrument through instruction on woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments. Students may choose from one of the following instruments to play: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone (limited spaces based on tryout of instrument), trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone or percussion.


All instruction is done in a group setting with mixed instruments. This course starts at the very beginning; students do not have to know how to read music or how to play a band instrument to join this class. Students will be expected to practice daily, and will also be expected to perform in public.


Some musical instruments (flutes, clarinets, percussion kits, trombones, alto saxophones, trumpets) may be leased from the school on a 2-year “lease-to-buy” plan. Others are rented to the student for a yearly fee (tuba, baritone, tenor saxophones, oboes, bassoon). Instruments can be leased one year at a time. Prices of instruments vary depending upon the type and condition of the instrument. After 2 years, the instrument belongs to the student.


Length of Course: One Year

Note: Guitar, piano, and string instruments are not taught in this course.



Concert Band is a music course designed to teach musical concepts to students through instruction on woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments. All instruction is done in a group setting with mixed instruments. All students in this class should have at least one year of instruction on their instrument as a prerequisite. The emphasis for this course will be to continue to develop ensemble, rehearsal and musicianship skills. Students will enhance independence in reading skills, sight-reading, and music theory while becoming more self directed in the preparation of music through various styles of repertoire. This course is a performance course and all students will be expected to practice daily and participate in several public concerts during the year. Most students will already own their instruments; however, some musical instruments may be leased or rented from the school. More information is available from the instructor.

Prerequisites: One Year of previous study on the instrument.
Length of Course: One Year (may be repeated in subsequent years)
Note: Guitar, piano, and string instruments are not taught in this course.



This class is open to boys and girls in Grades 6, 7, and 8 regardless of musical experience or singing ability. Members of this choir will be introduced to 2-part and 3-part choral music. Singers will also learn rehearsal skills, how to read music and how to perform. Music reading is facilitated through work in the computer lab and the students record their work over the course of the year. Singers are required to bring a bottle of water to each rehearsal. The Mixed Choir will appear in a performances at various times during the school year.
Prerequisites: None Length of Course: One Year



This course is designed for music students who have at least one year of experience playing a string instrument (violin, viola, cello or contra-bass) and have a desire to improve their musical skills. This course enables students to progress by focusing on more advanced bowing and vibrato methods, expression, intonation, sight-reading and repertoire. The course will enhance students' knowledge of classical music, encourage the value of self-motivation and create practical opportunities for local public performances. This course is performance based and all students will be expected to participate in several public concerts during the year. Enrollment in one of the string ensemble electives is required to audition for the Association for Music in International School's International Honor Orchestra. Students are expected to provide their own instrument, but some sources are available for instruments. Contact the music teacher for help with obtaining an instrument.
Prerequisites: One year or more of previous study on a string instrument or permission of the teacher.
Length of course: One Year
Note: Guitar and piano are not part of this course



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