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Our Creative Writing elective is a semester-long course which offers our 7th and 8th grade students a framework through which they can grow as writers and create finished pieces for publication. The course will explore short stories and vignettes, poetry, and other works of fiction and non-fiction. Writing will be approached as a process, and students will follow the stages of this process. Creative writing is a journey of self-discovery, and each student will explore his/her own ideas throughout this class. Students will work with others, both to gain writing insights and to help create a writing community where experience and stories are shared. Group exercises and activities will encourage collaboration with sensitivity and wholeness. All reading and writing assignments are age appropriate for middle school students.

Prerequisite: For Grade 7&8 Only


The Middle School Personal Financial Literacy Semester One course will help students build core personal finance skills and learn real-world strategies to manage their finances effectively. Topics include decision making, budgeting, saving, consumer skills, preparing for high school, and more. By the end of this course, students will have a basic understanding of financial literacy topics and a foundation in the skills necessary to successfully navigate the financial responsibilities in life.

Length of Course: Semester
Note: Course can be repeated


In this elective class we are preparing students to participate in the World Scholar's Cup, a challenging and competitive program for students who enjoy being stretched and who are interested in learning more about the world. During class we have been engaging with the curriculum materials of this year's theme - A World on the Margins - and working on developing skills in debate, discussion, and persuasive writing.

Length of Course: Semester


Our Worldviews elective enable younger students (13/14 years old) to explore some of the ways in which we construct our personal and group identities, develop an understanding of the human and natural world, and how this affects our ability to interact with each other. Students will look at how our worldviews are shaped by individual thinkers and also look at how big events can alter the way we think, feel, and understand. Some of the influential thinker students will encounter in this class include Socrates, Ken Robinson, Plato, Edmund Gettier, William James, and Jennifer Nagel.

Prerequisite: Grade 7&8 Only


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