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CAC Athletics & Activities News January, 2018
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Athletics to upgrade the Main Gym

During the winter break, with support from the administration and many CAC community members, CAC has accomplished an extensive update to the main gym equipment. Working with the CAC maintenance department and Schelde/Sportex Dubai, CAC has installed 6 new and up to date basketball baskets, replacing the old baskets. A new format of lines has been painted on a newly sanded and refinished floor- including a main basketball court, 2 small side basketball courts, a main volleyball court, 2 side volleyball courts, and 5 badminton courts. The upgrade work also included a new center dividing curtain and upgraded floor mount volleyball t-stand connections for all 3 volleyball courts. It is exciting to have the up to date equipment in the CAC gym to join the new bleachers installed in August.

New basketball baskets have also been installed on the CAC outdoor basketball court. Quality Schelde portable baskets replace the main baskets, and 4 side baskets to upgrade the outdoor court in line with the new court surface installed in August.

Many thanks to all contributors to this project.

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CAC Wrestlers hit the mats

After 3 plus weeks of winter break, the wrestlers are returning back to their wrestling mats.

With only 3 weeks left before travel to their tournament in Abu Dhabi, they have a lot to accomplish and they are working very hard in preparing themselves for this big challenge. The wrestlers have started right away with drills to fine tune the moves they learned, enhancing their fitness level and live wrestling skills. They will move at a fast pace to be ready be prepared for the time of the tournament. Wishing them all the best of luck!













The Hague

January 26- February 2


ISTA HS Festival


February 1-3


HS GISS group mini summit


March 3


MS Math Counts


February 8-10


AMIS HS Honor Choir


February 28-March 4



Winter athletics tournaments/events






Wrestling invitational tournament

GEMS American Academy in Abu Dhabi

February 1-4

CISSA JV boys and girls basketball

Girls @MES


February 16

CISSA Varsity girls and boys basketball

Girls @ CAC

Boys @ AISE

February 17

Athens Cup invitational swim meet

ACS Athens

March 1-4

ISST swimming,

ASH/BSH, The Hague

March 7-10

ISST girls basketball

ISH, The Hague

March 7-11

ISST boys basketball

FIS, Frankfurt

March 7-11

Winter Athletic Awards

CAC theater

March 20