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 Head of School's Newsletter - October 04, 2018

School on Sunday

As announced in this newsletter last week, this coming Sunday 7th October is not a CAC holiday: CAC will be in session, and all activities and programs will continue as scheduled. Given our much shorter first semester this year, it is important that we maximize class time to the extent possible. Thank you for your understanding.


Sports League Situation update

Interested parents joined Mr. Rutherford and Mr. Fitzgerald on Sunday morning for an overview and conversation about CAC’s sports league situation. You can review the presentation here.


Briefly, CAC’s ability to continue to belong to the ISST group had been put to question by a motion from some schools to change membership criteria (requiring schools to be based in Europe). Despite our concerted efforts to campaign against this motion, it did pass this week, 12-6, with all ISST full member schools voting. As of this moment, CAC is out of ISST starting June 2019. We have filed an appeal with the Heads of ISST schools and await a response.


Given what we saw as the vote’s likely outcome, we have been working to find the best option for CAC. That investigation has boiled down to two options:

  1. reconstitute a European league with the schools who voted ‘no’ and other former Sports Member (not full member) ISST schools, or

  2. join a different league: MESAC, the Middle East South Asian Conference.


Both have pros and cons; we are working towards a recommendation to the Board of which we feel is most beneficial and advantageous to our students and community in to the future.


While this is a tough blow, we are working with the belief that there can be an even better possibility down a new road. ISST has been great for CAC’s varsity teams, but has been only a varsity league. Other leagues overseas often offer performing arts festivals, speech and drama tournaments, academic games, and other meaningful interactions between member schools. Maybe that is what is next for CAC….we’ll see!

Thanks to these CAC parents and alumni who came out today in their full regalia to show their support for CAC athletics! Pictured below, proud members of the classes of 1990, 2000, 2003, 1999 and a Former student  from 1993/94.



CAC Community Cats

What is a community cat?

The term” community cat” refers to a cat who lives in an outdoor community without a particular owner. Community cats often live in groups called a cat colony. CAC currently has 9 identified community cats which live on campus. The CAC community cats can live happy and healthy lives with the help of the entire CAC community and the support of EVAC (Egyptian Vets for Animal Care).


How does EVAC (Egyptian Vets for Animal Care) help?

In an effort to manage and care for our CAC community cats, CAC is working in partnership with EVAC. Veterinarians from EVAC come to CAC on the first Saturday of every month to monitor the general health of the cats and,  sometimes, to trap cats for immunizations and additional care. All of our CAC identified community cats have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated against rabies, and ear-tipped for identification.


Why do our community cats have a clipped ear?

All CAC community cats have their ears clipped, which is the international symbol for a cat that has been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. This is done while the cat is anesthetized (given medicine to sleep) and healing is rapid.It is difficult to get close to these cats. Therefore the identification must be visible from a distance. The ear clip helps CAC community to quickly identify that a cat has been vaccinated.


Can someone adopt the cats?

Community cats do not make happy or suitable house pets. Although some community cats may tolerate human contact, most are fearful and cannot be adopted. As long as they are cared for, they are happy in their outdoor community with their cat colony.

Why not relocate the cats?

Attempts at relocation (moving the cats to a different area) also do not work because cats have strong homing instincts. The definition of homing is an animal's innate ability to return to its territory after traveling away from it.” Once removed, the cats may get hurt trying to find their way back to the CAC campus they call home.

Additionally, we know from experience that removing the cats from campus just creates a ‘void’ that other, unvaccinated cats come in to fill. The amount of food on campus is an attractor, and we will always have cats coming to campus. The best means of protecting all from disease is to have cats we know and care for on our campus.


Why do we want to care for the cats on our campus?

The cats on campus are an important part of our ecosystem. Their presence keeps the rodent and insect population down. Also, cats are naturally territorial. Our CAC community cats keep other cats from entering the campus. When the current cats are removed from an area, other stray cats simply move in to replace them.


Can I touch the cats?

Please do not attempt to touch or pet the cats. Community cats are not usually comfortable with human touch. Their heart rates increase when touched, causing stress to their system. They are unpredictable and may react by scratching and hissing in order to protect themselves.


Can I feed the CAC cats?

We strongly encourage everyone NOT to feed the cats. The CAC cats are fed daily at our community cat feeding stations, which are kept clean and partly hidden from high-traffic areas. This is important for two reasons:

  1. The cats can have allergic reactions to human food. They need to eat the cat food provided to them in the feeding stations in order to ensure they receive adequate minerals/vitamins on a daily basis.  

  2. Monitoring and vaccination efforts depend on the cats being at a certain place at a certain time. The feeding station provides a regular place to monitor the cats for optimal health.


How YOU Can Help


  • Observe the cats without trying to touch them.  

  • Keep food and trash picked up so the cats do not eat it.

  • Watch from a distance when cats are eating at the feeding stations

  • Contact us if  you see a cat that is harmed or in need of medical care.

  • Contact us if you see a cat on campus that does not have the “clipped” ear or if the cat is not one of our identified CAC community cats.


For More Information

If you want to see which cats are CAC community cats, check out the bulletin board across from the Health Clinic. There are photos of each of our CAC cats.


If you are interested in learning more about EVAC’s work, you can find them on the CAC campus the 1st Saturday of every month. They are open and willing to ask any questions you may have. EVAC’s next visit will be:  Saturday, Oct. 6th

To make a suggestion, ask a question or report a cat in need of care please email one of our CAC Community Cats team members:


Ralucca Dranca - rdranca@cacegypt.org

Dana Purpura - dpurpura@cacegypt.org                 

Carey Harris - charris@cacegypt.org

Booster Club News:

The Spirit Store and Spirit Cafe are open for business as usual during WWW/Prime Trips. Stop by and stock up!


Don’t forget to capture your best travel moments during WWW to enter in this year’s Fly Like an Eagle contest! Upload links coming soon.


From the PTO:

We hope all the new families enjoyed the felucca sail!

We’re here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance. Our email is cacpto@cacegypt.org


Upcoming PTO Events:

Mon, Nov 12th—Parent Trip: Heliopolis! For more info and to sign up: http://whoozin.com/HUY-NYG-DK6H


Thurs, Oct 25th—Halloween Carnival 3:30-6:30 pm. Come for the Elementary School Parade and stay for the carnival!  This event is for all ages and grades!


Dec 9-13—Book Fair with holiday market on Dec 13th


Friday, February 1st—CAC PTO’s annual Gala, THE GREAT BIG BOLLYWOOD BASH at Sofitel Nile El Gezirah



From the Welcome & Integration Committee

Relax, Rejuvenate & Revitalise! Hatha Flow Yoga Class focusing on breathing and postural alignment. It is open to all levels!

Date: Sunday, October 14th at 8:00 am in the Grade 1/2 Common Room, First floor of ES building (please bring your own yoga mat). Admission is by donation. The money will go to Baby Wash - an organization many CAC parents volunteer with.

Vanessa Moar is a yoga teacher - RYT 200 and a registered physiotherapist - McGill University from Canada. Her family moved to Egypt just over two years ago after living in Kenya and various parts of Canada. Her passion for yoga has grown steadily over the past 20 years as she noticed how much it helped her and her patients stay limber, more relaxed, breathe better and recover quicker from minor and major injuries.

To sign up please email Luna Abou Daoud luna_aboudaoud@yahoo.com Or Farida Khamis fkhamis@orientalweavers.com



CAC Halloween Spooktacular

Thursday, October 25

3:30-6:30 pm


All ES, MS, and HS students invited!

Games and haunted house for all students!

Trick or treat lane for elementary students!

200LE for a ticket (punch card includes entry and 12 punches for games, haunted house, and trick or treat)


We need all the candy you can donate to make this event a success! Candy donations will be accepted from Sunday, September 23-Thursday, October 11 in the ES, MS, and HS offices


Volunteer!!!  Sign up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0944aaab29a3f94-cachalloween

We need volunteers for ticket sales ahead of time and day of, decorating before the event, and to help Trick or Treating! Contact Jennifer Tyler at jennifertyler07@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Heliopolis Parent Trip-Monday Nov 12th 8:15am-2 pm

We will first stop by the Unknown Soldier Memorial , and the tomb of President Anwar Sadaat, We will continue on to the  Baron Palace, built by the Belgian-born industrialist, Baron-General Eduard Louis Joseph Empain (1852-1929) who also founded the modern Heliopolis area in 1907.

We will walk through the beautiful El Korba section, a quaint shopping district that boasts original architecture, fascinating cultural sites as well as some of Cairo’s finest cafés and restaurants. We will walk in the European style commercial streets, and try to see the Basilique church, Adly Madgar Jewish synagogue, Hippodrome square, Maryland park, El Tahra palace, and Saray el Qubbah. If there is time, we may stop at a cafe for coffee or lunch.


For more information and to RSVP: http://whoozin.com/HUY-NYG-DK6H.  Questions? Contact Jean Wood at jeanwood261@icloud.com.



*The International Festival is one of our community’s favorite events and one of our main PTO fundraising events of the year. The International Festival takes place in the spring and celebrates the diversity of our CAC community. We are still in need of volunteers to lead the organizing committee for the International Festival on April 5th. Email us at cacpto@cacegypt.org for more information.


*Help with pizza day distribution and sales (11:45-12:45ish on alternating Mondays)—contact Sandy Kachour at +20 122 241 0241.


*Help plan the book fair (Dec 9-13)—contact Andi Simiskey at simiskey1@aol.com.


*Help plan the gala on Feb 1st—This is one of our main fundraising events of the year and as every year, we promise you a great party! If you’d like to volunteer in the gala committee, please contact Marcela Clavel at marcelaclavel@yahoo.com.ar or sending her a message at 0127-5243232


Elementary Parents

Please check out the email for the new Pick Up Card and order them on the dashboard


PTO Facebook Page:

Join the CAC PTO Facebook page for updates, photos, and information about school and PTO events! Tell all your CAC parent friends!


Monthly Meeting:

Next Meeting on Tues, Nov 6. Location: PTO room #626, on the second floor of the admin building, near the main gate. We look forward to seeing you there! Come hear about our events and learn how you can help! All parents are automatically PTO members.