Athletics Newsletter 10-25-2018


Fall season ISST update:
On Nov. 7th the fall ISST teams will travel to participate in the ISST tournaments that will take place at the host schools or locations listed below:

ISST cross country:

  • ACS HILLINGDON-London - Nov. 7-10.

  • Race day on Nov. 9

  • Click here for course map

  • Click here for tournament info


ISST Girls’ Volleyball:

  • ZIS-Zurich- Nov. 7-11

  • Tournament on Nov. 8, 9 and 10

  • Click here for tournament schedule

  • Venue: ZIS gyms

     VG VB

ISST Boys’ Volleyball:

  • ASP-Paris -  Nov. 7-11

  • Tournament on Nov. 8, 9 and 10

  • Click here for tournament schedule

  • Venue: ASP gyms

    VB VB

ISST Girls’ Soccer:

  • AIS Vienna -  Nov. 7-11

  • Tournament on Nov. 8, 9 and 10

  • Click here for tournament schedule

  • Venue: AIS campus fields

    VG SOC

ISST Boys’ Soccer:

  • ISB-Brussels -  Nov. 7-11

  • Tournament on Nov. 8, 9 and 10

  • Click here for tournament schedule

  • Venue: ISB campus fields


Best of luck to all CAC teams in preparing for upcoming end of season ISST and CISSA events!

October 24, 2018. Eight CAC games on in one day!

CAC teams played in eight separate games on October 24, with the water polo team playing 2 games at Hayah, the girls varsity soccer team playing at the International School of Choueifat, the boys varsity soccer team hosting Hayah at CAC, and the MS/JV/varsity boys and girls volleyball teams all playing in the Crowd the Court event at CAC. Special recognition to the following senior volleyball players:

Julia Light

Zeinab El Gammal

Shannan Wood

Hussein Ayad

Quinn Wai Wong

Nathan Vassaur

Sam Rutherford

Sang Won Cho


Game results, October 24, 2018:

Girls varsity soccer, CAC @ ISC-C, 1:1

Boys varsity soccer, Hayah @ CAC, 23

Boys JV vs MS volleyball- 3 friendly games

Girls JV vs MS volleyball- 3 friendly games

Girls varsity volleyball, CAC JV boys @ CAC varsity girls, 1:2

Boys varsity volleyball, Zouhour Club @ CAC, 1:2

Boys Water Polo, @ Hayah, CAC vs. Hayah, 5:17, CAC vs DEO, 6:12


CACMUN, October 18-20 @ CAC

Last weekend, CAC hosted the fortieth annual session of the Cairo American College Model United Nations conference, the oldest THIMUN-affiliated conference in the Middle East. This anniversary session was held under the theme of Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow. H.E. Dr. Moushira Khattab enlightened conference participants with her keynote address at the Opening Ceremony. The conference featured six committees, three of which were General Assembly Commissions (the Disarmament and International Security Commission, the Sustainable Development Commission, and the Human Rights Commission) as well as the Economic and Social Council, the Security Council and the International Court of Justice. Thirteen international schools from around Egypt and beyond attended the conference

ce, with over 300 student participants in attendance.




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Upcoming Fall Athletics & Activities Events







The Hague November 1-4

ISST Junior and Varsity Cross Country

ACS Hillingdon International School

November 7-10


ISST Varsity Girls' Volleyball Zurich International School

        November 7-11       

ISST Varsity Boys' Volleyball

The American School of Paris

November 7-11

ISST Varsity Girls' Soccer

The American School In Vienna

November 7-11

ISST Varsity Boys' Soccer

International School of Brussels

November 7-11

World Scholar's Cup

New York November 14-21


 Kuwait  November 24-26

Fall Athletic Awards

CAC theater

November 27

NESDA Speech & Debate

The Hague

November 29-December 2