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 Head of School's Newsletter - October 25, 2018

PTO Halloween Spooktacular, TODAY!!

CAC Halloween Spooktacular is Today,

Thursday, October 25 - 3:30-6:30 pm

All ES, MS, and HS students invited!

Games and haunted house for all students!

Trick or treat lane for elementary students!

200LE for a ticket

(punch card includes entry and 12 punches for games,

haunted house, and trick or treat)

You can buy your tickets in the CAC entrance every day before or after school until October 25. All CAC ID holders may purchase tickets. Please fill out the campus access form on the Dashboard if you would like to bring guests to the carnival.


"In light of Halloween, our CAC alumna Najla Rizk '85 and owner of the gelato ice cream shop Rigoletto on Road 233, has generously provided vouchers for free ice cream for all our CAC students. Wishing you a "spooktacular" Halloween"




CAC MUN Celebrates 40 Years with Class and Style

Congratulations to all CAC student delegates, volunteers and teacher advisors for a highly successful CAC MUN this past weekend. CAC recognized the 40th anniversary of CAC-MUN with many special moments, historical displays, and classy memorabilia. The group welcomed Keynote Speaker H.E. Dr. Moushira Khattab, a former Egyptian diplomat, and human rights activist. (See this link for a short bio from the CACMUN website.) She delivered a keynote address that was relevant to this year's conference theme: "Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow." A wonderful show by all contributors; a huge effort by many volunteers; and a really proud moment for CAC. Thanks to all!



Crowd the Court

Congratulations to CAC’s Volleyball program and to the Athletics and Activities Office for yet another great event--Wednesday was extremely busy at CAC after school. Not only did the Water Polo team travel to Hayah to play two matches, not only did the Boys’ Soccer team host a game on our field, not only did Girls varsity soccer travel for a match, but the Volleyball Teams held their ‘Crowd the Court’ event and played four matches. It was great to have a quality turnout for this event.. Congratulations to CAC Senior athletes who are wrapping up their final volleyball season at CAC. Thanks much to the Booster Club for their support of the event. (above, CAC Senior Boys and their coaches)


Parent Confs

We had a great turnout for MS and HS Parent Teacher conferences on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone for their engagement and flexibility. The home/school partnership is critical for educational success, and the relationships between teachers and parents, built on the best interests of each learner, are a foundation for future success.






Parenting Thoughts

As we reflect on the home/school relationship and student academic and social success in school, there is much to contemplate from our vantage point in 2018. In a recent //www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/oct18/vol76/num02/Grit-and-the-Greater-Good
" style="text-decoration-line: none;">Educational Leadership interview by Sarah McKibben, “grit guru” Angela Duckworth (University of Pennsylvania) stated “I am horrified at the idea that my daughters would grow up to be unkind and unempathetic people,” says Duckworth. “It’s important for my kids to be good before it’s important for me that they are great.” This statement, to me, captures such an important aspect of our parenting and schooling pressures today. So much time and attention is paid to ‘great’ test scores, ‘great’ college admissions, and ‘great’ grades, that not enough time is dedicated to ensuring that our students are, first and foremost, good people. Most of us look forward to a future with grandkids in the picture...but do we take the time to think about what kind of parents our children--the children we are raising--will be? Will they be patient? Will they be firm but fair? Will they spend the time necessary with your grandkids to ensure that they, too, become good people and become grandkids you are happy to have in your home? Happy to take to a restaurant?


In the book Reclaiming Conversation, author Sherry Turkle sites several recent studies of parenting in the age of the smartphone. It is a bit shocking to realize that merely 10 years ago, the most natural thing for a parent of a baby was to spend time talking to, cooing to, making faces at your baby...all of which stimulated important brain development and laid the neural pathways for fluent social understanding. Today, sadly, the most natural thing for many parents of infants is to be on their phone...even when their baby is right there in the stroller in front of them. Perhaps you have observed this yourself---I have, here in Maadi: baby in stroller, looking right at their parent in hopes of some some feedback; parent gazing into screen. Turkle cites one study in which 55 parents were observed in a restaurant in the US….every one of them spent time on their phone, instead of interacting with their child. The sum of time we don’t spend in direct, face-to-face interaction with our infants and children, plus the time we use the screen as a babysitter, is time that just a few short years ago, would have been spent differently, and probably in a more human way. Turkle’s research shows that young adults in our world have, to a significant extent, lost the compassion and empathy that is so critical to meaningful relationships. Solutions? No phones at dinner. Not even a little bit of texting under the table. Make conversation a priority. Make dinner time important family time. ‘No device’ days on weekends and no device holidays for the family. In Turkle’s conversations with young people, a recurring theme: I want to be a better parent than my parents are being today...meaning: “I will put down my phone and pay attention to my child.” Sobering, but important thoughts.


League Latest

Mr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Harris attended a meeting of European schools on October 17 to discuss the possibility of creating a new league which would include CAC, AIS Israel, and other schools that were left out by the new ISST league membership criteria. 15 schools attended the meeting, though it is unlikely that all would be in the final league. There was a very positive intention among all schools present to be inclusive and to be more comprehensive than the former ISST. While some details were discussed, there is still a long way for this potential league to go. Joining this as-yet-to-be-formulated league is one of CAC’s options.

CAC’s other option is to join the MESAC league. Kenny MacCaulay, the Athletic Director at ACS Abu Dhabi, and Chair of MESAC (Middle East South Asia Conference, an athletic and academic conference), will visit CAC on October 28 and 29 to present MESAC to the CAC community. He will have a meeting open to parents on Sunday, and also meet with Students on Monday.

  • Sunday, October 28, 5:45-6:30, Open Parent Meeting, MS 115

  • Monday, October 29, 11:15-11:45, Open Student Meeting, MS115

We look forward to welcoming Mr. MacCaulay back to CAC, where he worked as Activities and Athletic Director a decade ago.


First CAC College Admission! Whoop, Whoop!!!

Congratulations to CAC Senior Alex Burney, our first college admissions from the Class of ‘19!!! Alex found out this week that she’s been admitted to the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!!

HUGE College Fair at CAC Today!

CAC hosted a very large college fair this morning. The event featured over 50 universities from more than a dozen countries. This was a  super event brought to us by our CAC HS Counseling Department. You can review a list of the colleges who attended

style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Raleway; color: #1155cc; background-color: transparent; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">here.


From the PTO:

Volunteer!!!  Sign up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0944aaab29a3f94-cachalloween

We need volunteers for ticket sales ahead of time and day of, decorating before the event, and to help Trick or Treating! Contact Jennifer Tyler at jennifertyler07@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Upcoming PTO Events:

Tues, Nov 6th—Child Development Book Club meeting will be at 10 am at Osana Family Wellness in Maadi. The book is The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel, Tina Payne. To find the books please call Diwan Bookstore to pre-order. All titles are also available on Audible.com digital and audio books. This is an informal book club, having read the book is not an attendance requirement. Come have coffee. Led by Nada Doraid.

Tues, Nov 6th—PTO Meeting, 1:30 pm

Mon, Nov 12th—Parent Trip: Heliopolis! For more info and to sign up: http://whoozin.com/HUY-NYG-DK6H

Dec 9-13—Book Fair with holiday market on Dec 13th

January Bookclub—The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children can Succeed by Jessica Lahey. Recommended by Mr Bailey. Book Club led by Nada Doraid. Date TBA.

Friday, February 1st—CAC PTO’s annual Gala, THE GREAT BIG BOLLYWOOD BASH at Sofitel Nile El Gezirah



*The International Festival is one of our community’s favorite events and one of our main PTO fundraising events of the year. The International Festival takes place in the spring and celebrates the diversity of our CAC community. We are still in need of volunteers to lead the organizing committee for the International Festival on April 5th. Email us at cacpto@cacegypt.org for more information.


*Help with pizza day distribution and sales (11:45-12:45ish on alternating Mondays)—contact Sandy Kachour at +20 122 241 0241.


*Help plan the book fair (Dec 9-13)—contact Andi Simiskey at simiskey1@aol.com.


*Help plan the gala on Feb 1st—This is one of our main fundraising events of the year and as every year, we promise you a great party! If you’d like to volunteer in the gala committee, please contact Marcela Clavel at marcelaclavel@yahoo.com.ar or sending her a message at 0127-5243232


Heliopolis Parent Trip-Monday Nov 12th 8:15am-2 pm

We will first stop by the Unknown Soldier Memorial , and the tomb of President Anwar Sadat, We will continue onto the  Baron Palace, built by the Belgian-born industrialist, Baron-General Eduard Louis Joseph Empain (1852-1929) who also founded the modern Heliopolis area in 1907.


We will walk through the beautiful El Korba section, a quaint shopping district that boasts original architecture, fascinating cultural sites as well as some of Cairo’s finest cafés and restaurants. We will walk in the European style commercial streets, and try to see the Basilique church, Adly Madgar Jewish synagogue, Hippodrome square, Maryland park, El Tahra palace, and Saray el Qubbah. If there is time, we may stop at a cafe for coffee or lunch.


The trip is currently full. However, slots open as parents drop out. Check back regularly as the date gets closer to sign up at http://whoozin.com/HUY-NYG-DK6H.  Questions? Contact Jean Wood at jeanwood261@icloud.com.


PTO Facebook Page:

Join the CAC PTO Facebook page for updates, photos, and information about school and PTO events! Tell all your CAC parent friends!

Monthly Meeting:

Next Meeting on Tues, Nov 6. Location: PTO room #626, on the second floor of the admin building, near the main gate. We look forward to seeing you there! Come hear about our events and learn how you can help! All parents are automatically PTO members.


Parting Shots: Our Team of Tortoise Tenders