Head of School 11-01-2018



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 Head of School's Newsletter - November 01, 2018

League Latest

Thank you to the three parents who showed up for the presentation by MESAC Athletic Director Kenny McCauley this week. While the turnout was surprisingly low, I hope that the parents who attended found the presentation to be illuminating. Mr. McCauley spoke to the Board’s Trustee Committee, to parents, and had a meeting scheduled for students, but no students attended. He shared the MESAC league make=up, seasons, and several of the strengths of this established league. MESAC would offer JV competition, an Arts Festival, Academic Games, as well as high-caliber varsity competition in all of CAC’s current sports plus badminton. The MESAC league welcomes CAC’s application, which we would have to submit before November 27th. We will continue to discuss via our faculty committee what is the best path for CAC’s future, a decision that will ultimately be made by the Board of Trustees.


CAC Runners Take on Alexandria 10K

A big shout out to four CAC runners as three of them completed the 10k and one tackled the (accidental) half marathon. Murad Barakat took 3rd place in the U18 division for 10k, Ben Korte finished 6th and Niccolò Bonfini 9th, and both gained PR’s in their performances. Special shout to Daniel for unofficially being the top U18 runner in the half marathon. Congrats and Thanks to the Alex Runners for a great race. --Coach D. Brown


Big Sports Weekend; Big Sports Week

CAC athletes finish Season 1 this coming week with a flurry of activity. CAC will host CISSA Girls’ Soccer on Friday from 8am to 4pm, and CISSA Girls Volleyball from 8am to 2pm, while boys’ Varsity Teams will play CISSA tournaments at other schools. Next week, our varsity X-Country, Volleyball, and Soccer teams travel for the ISST tournaments across Europe. Boys Volleyball is in Paris, Girls’ Soccer is in Vienna, Boys’ Soccer is in Brussels, Girls Volleyball is in Zurich, and the XCountry team will be running in London. Good luck to all Eagles. Let our the ISST schools remember: we went out with Class.

More Early College Admits--Go Seniors!!

Congratulations to two CAC seniors on their early admissions to schools in the US and UK: Hussein F. received  conditional admissions to U. of Warwick, in the UK. And Senior Kiya O. has been admitted to Belmont

University, in the USA.



Quotations of the Week:

I ran across these two compelling (even arresting) quotations this week, both in Thomas Friedman’s book Thanks for Being Late. I pass them on as food for thought.


It is vital that we teach digital civics to young people, starting from kindergarten onward. The lesson can be very simple but should be pounded into every young person: the Internet is an open sewer of untreated, unfiltered information where they need to bring skepticism and critical thinking to everything they read and basic civic decency to everything they write.”


In 2016, on his visit to Hiroshima, President Obama said:

"Science allows us to communicate across the seas and fly above the clouds, to cure disease and understand the cosmos, but those same discoveries can be turned into ever more efficient killing machines. The wars of the modern age teach us this truth. Hiroshima teaches this truth. Technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us. The scientific revolution that led to the splitting of the atom requires a moral revolution as well."


Little Free Library # 21035

“Take a book. Share a book.” That’s the motto of the worldwide Little Free Library movement. We have our own officially registered Little Free Library here at CAC. Our charter number is 21035.


Our LFL was first opened four years ago by the previous librarian Amy Coquillard and current library teaching assistant Enas Thabet. The LFL is mostly maintained by the CAC libraries staff, with donations from the community. Children’s books are very popular and rarely last very long on the shelves.


The Little Free Library movement was started by Todd Bol, who passed away recently in Wisconsin. Mr. Bol started out with a small library of his own he made from scrap wood. He was inspired by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who in the early 20th century, donated funds to build a great many libraries in the US. Mr. Bol, in turn, inspired many other private citizens and libraries around the world to put up small book repositories where books can be shared within the community. Read a moving obituary from the New York Times here.  Thanks to CAC parent, Eva Turtletaub, for passing on the link.


The CAC LFL will soon be getting a face lift with fresh paint and a new sign. Join us in keeping the shelves fresh and help us stock the Little Free Library.  As you consider which books to share, please choose ones that resonate with you, ones that you’d like to share with a friend and with the children of your friends. Be a part of creating the reading community at CAC. “Take a book. Share a book,” from our Little Free Library.


Booster News:

Spirit Cafe: We all scream for ice cream! Yes, it’s true, you can now get a soft-serve ice cream cone every Thursday after school at the Spirit Cafe! Come try one (they are legitimately delicious), and spread the word!

Our other popular offerings are still going strong. Bakers, if you want to contribute your skills to a great cause, we would love for you to drop off your baked goods for us to sell. Please bring them any Thursday to the Spirit Store during opening hours or to the cafe after school. All proceeds go to boosting athletics and activity offerings for CAC kids.

Spirit Store:Headed to ISSTs? We are cheering for you! And we want you to look great in CAC Spirit wear, so drop by the store to pick up some of our new sweatshirts and sweatpants at great prices.


From the PTO:

Volunteer!!!  Sign up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0944aaab29a3f94-cachalloween

We need volunteers for ticket sales ahead of time and day of, decorating before the event, and to help Trick or Treating! Contact Jennifer Tyler at jennifertyler07@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Upcoming PTO Events:

We’re here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance. Our email is cacpto@cacegypt.org

Help Plan!! CAC Gala Committee meeting, the upcoming Sunday 4th of November, at 2:30 in Cafe Greco, besides ES building. Questions? Please contact Marcela Clavel at marcelaclavel@yahoo.com.ar or by sending her a message at 0127-5243232. The Gala is Feb 1st.

The next big PTO event is the Book Fair Dec 9th-13th. It will include a holiday market! To volunteer or for questions, email Andi Simiskey at simiskey1@aol.com.

Our next parent trip is on Nov 12th to Heliopolis. If you are currently signed up, but now cannot attend, please follow the link and change your RSVP to open up slots for other parents. http://whoozin.com/HUY-NYG-DK6H.  If you are not signed up, but want to go, regularly check the link for openings.


Monthly Meeting:

Next Meeting on Tues, Nov 6. 1:30 pm Location: PTO room #626, on the second floor of the admin building, near the main gate. We look forward to seeing you there! Come hear about our events and learn how you can help! All parents are automatically PTO members.


New on Facebook!

Every Monday we will be having Merchant Monday! Facebook members can comment on the post with their own business, a local business recommendation, or an invite to an event they are involved with. Visit our Facebook page every Monday for more information and to see everyone’s businesses.


Upcoming PTO Events:

Sun, Nov 4th—CAC Gala Planning meeting. 2:30 at Cafe Greco.

Tues, Nov 6th—Child Development Book Club meeting will be at 10 am at Osana Family Wellness in Maadi. The book is The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel, Tina Payne. To find the books please call Diwan Bookstore to pre-order. All titles are also available on Audible.com digital and audio books. This is an informal book club, having read the book is not an attendance requirement. Come have coffee. Led by Nada Doraid. Questions? ndoraid@gmail.com

Tues, Nov 6th—PTO Meeting, 1:30 pm

Mon, Nov 12th—Parent Trip: Heliopolis! For more info and to sign up: http://whoozin.com/HUY-NYG-DK6H

Dec 9-13—Book Fair with holiday market on Dec 13th. Email Andi Simiskey at simiskey1@aol.com to volunteer.

Friday, February 1st—CAC PTO’s annual Gala, THE GREAT BIG BOLLYWOOD BASH at Sofitel Nile El Gezirah. This is one of our main fundraising events of the year and as every year, we promise you a great party! Help plan the gala— Please contact Marcela Clavel at marcelaclavel@yahoo.com.ar or by sending her a message at 0127-5243232

April 5th—The International Festival is one of our community’s favorite events and one of our main PTO fundraising events of the year. It celebrates the diversity of our CAC community. Kourtney LaGesse is organizing again this year. To help, please email her at cacinternationalfestival@gmail.com.

Pizza Days

*Help with pizza day distribution and sales (11:45-12:45ish on alternating Mondays)—contact Sandy Kachour at +20 122 241 0241.


Heliopolis Parent Trip-Monday Nov 12th 8:15am-2 pm

We will first stop by the Unknown Soldier Memorial , and the tomb of President Anwar Sadaat, We will continue onto the  Baron Palace, built by the Belgian-born industrialist, Baron-General Edwuard Louis Joseph Empain (1852-1929) who also founded the modern Heliopolis area in 1907.

We will walk through the beautiful El Korba section, a quaint shopping district that boasts original architecture, fascinating cultural sites as well as some of Cairo’s finest cafés and restaurants. We will walk in the European style commercial streets, and try to see the Basilique church, Adly Madgar Jewish synagogue, Hippodrome square, Maryland park, El Tahra palace, and Saray el Qubbah. If there is time, we may stop at a cafe for coffee or lunch.

The trip is currently full. However, slots open as parents drop out. Check back regularly as the date gets closer to sign up at http://whoozin.com/HUY-NYG-DK6H.  Questions? Contact Jean Wood at jeanwood261@icloud.com.