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All applicants to CAC must submit the following:

1) Completed Application for Admission (front and back), signed by parent or guardian and with one photograph of the applicant attached. 

2) Health Office Student Medical Examination Form, to be completed and signed by a physician within 8 months prior to the student's entry in school. 

3) Complete, official school records for the past two years (three years for students applying to Grade 12).  Records must be forwarded by the applicant's previous school(s) directly to CAC.  In the case that the records are not in English, an official English translation must also be submitted. Copies of standardized test results and educational/psychological evaluations should be submitted if available.

4) Confidential recommendation forms to be completed by the student's Teacher and Counselor/Principal. Elementary school (Grades PreK - 5) applicants must submit one from the current classroom teacher; Middle and High school applicants (Grades 6 - 12) must submit one from the Math teacher, one from the English or Social Studies teacher and one from the Counselor/Principal. These documents are school-to-school documents and must arrive at the CAC admissions office directly from either the teacher or the school.

5) A completed and signed release form authorizing CAC to request school records from previous schools

6) Copy of the applicant's passport.

Additionally, a completed and signed "PreK " or "KG Parent Questionnaire" must accompany applications for PreK Kindergarten.

An application fee of $350 must be paid to the cashier at the time of application for admission or re-admission.  This fee is non-refundable.

Applicants of Egyptian citizenship must provide the school with a letter signed and sealed by the Minister of Education authorizing the student's enrollment at CAC.

In addition to reviewing previous records, CAC often administers tests to applicants at all grade levels, to facilitate decisions regarding admission and placement. All of the above documents must be received before a testing appointment can be made.  In the case of students applying for August admission, the counselors are available 7-14 days prior to the opening of school. Families should plan their arrival date accordingly so that students will be ready to enter the first day of school. 

Age Considerations

Admission to Pre-Kindergarten:
Admission to Pre-Kindergarten is determined by age and through assessment of the applicant's readiness to benefit from the CAC Pre-Kindergarten program. To meet the age requirement, applicants must be four years old for Pre-K4 on or before September 30th of the school year for which they wish to enroll. Admission to Pre-Kindergarten does not guarantee continued enrollment at CAC.

Admission to Kindergarten:
Admission to Kindergarten is determined by age and through assessment of the applicant's readiness to benefit from the CAC Kindergarten program. To meet the age requirement, applicants must be five years old on or before September 30th of the school year for which they wish to enroll.

Admission to Grade 1:
Admission to first grade is determined by age and readiness. To meet the age requirement, applicants must be six years old on or before September 30th of the school year for which they wish to enroll and/or have successfully completed the CAC Kindergarten program or its equivalent, as determined by CAC.

Admission to Middle School/High School:
In addition to requirements for admission noted elsewhere in CAC Board policy, applicants to the middle and high school must be able to successfully satisfy CAC graduation requirements before their 20th birthday.
Board approved and issued: April 13, 1993
Revised: June 6, 2000, April 24, 2007


In the event of space constraints, admissions categories and priorities are defined in Policy 8.202

Cairo American College was established primarily to serve American children in Egypt. The following categories guide the admissions process.


All fees for the semester must be paid before students can be admitted to classes. If the sponsoring employer is making payment directly to the school, parents should ensure that their company or institution has made arrangements to pay the fees before each semester begins.

> Tuition Schedule
> Tuition Payment Plan for New Students
> Tuition Payment Plan for Returning Students


A partial list of where CAC students were recently admitted
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Parents & students should be aware of the following policies regarding the school's curricular requirements and guardianship of students:

  • Cairo American College is a private, secular American school.  All students must satisfy the curricular requirements as outlined in the school's policies.  These include participation in health courses (which include sex education), mixed physical education classes with a swimming component and other specific graduation requirements for secondary school students.
  • • Students admitted to Cairo American College must reside with their parents.  Guardianships, in lieu of residing with parents, must have prior approval of the school.
  • • On a space available basis Cairo American College welcomes students wishing to study at CAC for one semester under the legal guardianship of an individual or family living in Egypt subject to guidelines developed by the Administration. Enrollment in the exchange program is limited to one semester.  If the student wishes to extend the period of study he/she would be treated as a regular admission on a retroactive basis. Exchange students will be required to pay the regular tuition for the semester of attendance plus application fees.

Approved: June 4, 1996
Revised: April 10, 2001, November 15, 2005



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